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Adam Granofsky Birthday & Fun Facts

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Adam Granofsky Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Adam Granofsky
Place Of Birth
Dover, USA
44 years old
Birth Date
February 15 1979

Adam Granofsky Facts

Child Star?
Singer, Guitarist
Education & Qualifications
Dickinson College
Net Worth
Current Partner
Kryten Ritter
Julian Knight Granofsky
Mark Granofsky, Paula Granofsky

About Adam Granofsky 

Adam Granduciel was born on February 15, 1979, in the city of Dover, a discreet town located almost 20 mi (32 km) southwest of Boston city.

The singer is the second-born child to father Mark Granofsky, who is a first-generation American national, and mother Paula Granofsky. Adam completed his schooling at Roxbury Latin School in Boston, Massachusetts, and went on to secure a degree in Painting and Photography from Dickinson College.

Adam's journey into the magical world of music began when he was gifted an electric guitar at the age of 13. With no prior experience in musical instruments, Adam Granduciel began learning the tricks of the trade all by himself. The singer had confessed that he was largely influenced by his mother's love for country music and indie rock by famed artists like Roy Orbison and George Harrison.

The years spent in college helped young Adam to improve his musical skills as he met several like-minded friends who shared a common love for rock music. He used to participate in jam sessions and small gigs with the group in an effort to perfect his guitar skills.

Eventually, upon graduating from Dickinson College, Adam Granduciel set out in search of a career in music which brought him to the bountiful city of California. Here, he used to work as a waiter during the day and practise his guitar at night.

However, Adam's big break came when he traveled to Philadelphia and met Kurt Vile at a party, where the duo became friends over drinks and their common love for Bob Dylan. The two struggling artists decided to join hands, which resulted in the creation of their first indie rock band, The Violators. Later, the duo went on to create another rock band, The War On Drugs, which laid the foundation for their success in the world of indie rock. Their debut EP titled 'Barrel Of Batteries' received a fantastic response from music lovers, which encouraged the artists to release their debut studio albums 'Wagonwheel Blues' in June 2008.

The album received widespread acclaim from both music lovers and critics alike. However, post the success of this venture, the band members decided to go their separate ways. The year 2010 eventually saw the band regroup for a sophomore EP 'Future Weather', followed by the release of an album titled 'Slave Ambient' in 2011. The comeback turned out to be a roaring success, with the album breaking several records in various music charts and lists.

Apart from collaborating with different band groups, the singer has also acquired the tag of a music producer with his 2013 album 'Water On Mars'.

Adam Granofsky Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Adam Granofsky’s net worth?

Adam Granduciel is believed to possess a net worth of approximately $1-5 million.

How much does Adam Granofsky earn per year?

Adam Granduciel has built a solid career in the world of indie pop. Hence most of his earnings are generated from music tours and stage appearances. However, a precise estimate of his annual earnings is currently unavailable.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Adam Granofsky?

The American guitarist, singer, and songwriter stands at an imposing height of 6 ft (183 cm).

How old is Adam Granofsky?

As of 2022, Adam Granduciel is 43 years of age.

Childhood And Education

Adam Granduciel completed his schooling at Roxbury Latin School, which is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

He later graduated from Dickinson College with a bachelor's degree in Painting and Photography.

Who is Adam Granofsky dating?

This former member of the band The Violators had dated actress Krysten Ritter. The couple welcomed their first child Julian Knight Granofsky in June 2019.

However, Adam Granduciel and Krysten Ritter broke up in 2021, and since then, the musician is reportedly single.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Adam Granduciel is renowned for making indie pop, a blockbuster hit genre among the masses in the early ’00s.

His studio albums 'Wagonwheel Blues' and 'Lost In The Dream' turned out to be runaway hits, with the latter taking the 26th spot on the Billboard 200 chart and being declared a universally acclaimed album.

What awards has Adam Granofsky won?

Adam's band War On Drugs was awarded the Best Rock Album for their song 'A Deeper Understanding' at the 60th Annual GRAMMY awards in 2018.

Other Interesting Adam Granofsky Facts And Trivia

  • Adam Granofsky is a talented singer/songwriter and record producer from Los Angeles.
  • His stage name 'Granduciel' originates from his French teacher's literal translation of Gran-of-sky, which translates as Gran-du-Ciel in the French language.
  • Adam's former partner Krysten Ritter starred in the popular TV series 'Breaking Bad'.

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