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Adam Perkins’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Adam Perkins

Eye Color


Place Of Birth

Maine, USA


24 years old (died on November 04, 2021)

Birth Date

March 17, 1997

Star Sign


Adam Perkins Facts

Child Star?



Viner, singer, Instagram star

Net Worth

$1 million

Current Partner

Slammy Dunkin


Lars Perkins


"Patrick Perkins "


1.8m (5'8"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Ox

About Adam Perkins

Adam Perkins was a renowned social media celebrity, who was born on March 17, 1997, and sadly passed away at the age of 24, in 2021.

Adam Perkins was widely recognized for his Vine videos, along with his skills in music and comedy. After becoming a viral sensation, he launched his music career, to much success.

He used to create comedic videos and made millions laugh with his content. His social media journey commenced in early 2014, when he created his first video. At the time he already had thousands of followers on his Vine channel. The Vine app is not being used anymore, but he earned his fame through the Vines and content he published at the time.

Furthermore, all of his social media platforms surpassed thousands of followers. His Instagram account gained over 58,000 followers.

Adam Perkins was an identical twin, his brother is named Patrick Perkins.

Keep reading to learn more about the life and career of Adam Perkins.

Adam Perkins Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Adam Perkins’ net worth?

Adam Perkins had an estimated net worth of $1 million at the time of his death.

How much did Adam Perkins earn per year?

There is no information available about the exact annual income that Adam Perkins made, but it can be assumed that he earned from endorsements and social media engagement.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Adam Perkins?

Adam Perkins was 5 ft 8 in (172 cm) tall.

How old was Adam Perkins?

Adam Perkins was born on March 17, 1997, in Boston, Massachusetts, and passed away on April 11, 2021, at the age of 24.

Childhood And Education

Adam Perkins was born on March 17, 1997, in Boston, Massachusetts, on the same day as his twin brother, Patrick Perkins, also a Vine star. The twin siblings were very close growing up and remained close throughout their lives. They grew up together, as the only two children of their parents, Susan and Lars Perkins. Adam Perkins attended New York University, where he graduated with his college degree.

Adam Perkins was a former Vine star, and a talented creator and musician. He went viral online overnight, after posting a video to his Vine account of himself walking into his bathroom and saying 'Hi Welcome to Chili's' in the mirror. After this video, he became a social media star, with increasing numbers of followers and fans. Many people have since remade this viral video and it is still a fan favorite.


Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Adam Perkins dating?

Adam Perkins was in a relationship at the time of his death, with his girlfriend, Slammy Dunkin.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Adam Perkins was best known for his Vine content, especially his viral video, 'Welcome to Chili's'. He was also a talented musician and composer, who had written and recorded a number of songs prior to his death. His brother later released Adam's debut album, 'Latch Relay', on vinyl, as a tribute to him. The album had first been released in 2018.

What awards did Adam Perkins win?

Adam Perkins did not win any awards during his life.

Adam Perkins’ Hobbies And Interests

Adam Perkins was a famous Vine and Instagram star and social media celebrity. As such, he had a keen interest in creating new posts and composing music for his fans.

Other Interesting Adam Perkins Facts And Trivia

  • Adam Perkins was born on March 17, 1997, in Boston, Massachusetts, and passed away on April 11, 2021, at the age of 24, in Los Angeles, California. His brother, Patrick, announced his death on social media.
  • Adam Perkins also worked as a model and posted some of his modeling photos to his Instagram account, where he received over a thousand likes for each post. He often did modeling shoots with his identical twin brother.
  • Adam Perkins had over 58,000 followers on his Instagram account and over 40,000 fans on his TikTok account.
  • He was also a fashion lover and loved to wear branded footwear.
  • His favorite travel destinations were Japan and Israel. 
  • Adam Perkins was a big fan of actor, Tony Garza.
  • He was close to his twin brother, Patrick, and the two often referred to the other as their best friend. 
  • His unfortunate and sudden death brought a huge uproar on social media. Myriad of his fans paid homage to him. They streamed his music and sent warm messages to his family. He was an internet celebrity who left his mark and influenced many.
  • After his death, his heartbroken brother released his debut album, 'Latch Relay', on vinyl, as a tribute to him.

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