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Adedeji Adeleke Birthday & Fun Facts

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Adedeji Adeleke Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
, Nigeria
66 years old
Birth Date
March 6 1957

Adedeji Adeleke Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Victoria Adeleke
Adewale Adeleke, David Adeleke Davido, Sharon
Chief Adebayo Adeleke,Esther Nnenna Adeleke
Isiaka Adeleke,Ademola Adeleke

About Adedeji Adeleke

Adedeji Adeleke is a Nigerian billionaire, entrepreneur, and business mogul currently serving as the president and co-founder of Adeleke University and chief executive officer of Pacific Holdings Ltd.

On March 6, 1957, Adedeji Adeleke was born in Ede. Adeleke went to Western Kentucky University and earned an MBA, and Pacific Columbia University earned a doctorate in international business.

While securing college admission abroad, Adedeji Adeleke worked for a brief period at the Ministry of Finance. He returned to his country after getting the best education to serve his people by participating in the National Youth Service Corps Scheme. Following this, Adeleke went on to establish the company Pacific Holdings. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Holdings and is the partner and co-founder of Adeleke University, located in his hometown in Ede Osun State. Adeleke was also the chairman of the board of directors of the Pacific Merchant Bank Limited.

Adeleke is often identified as one of the wealthiest business magnates and successful businessmen who owned two private jets, luxury cars, and many lands in Nigeria. He also comes from a family of high-achieving people, where both of his brothers held the highest elected political office in the Osun State. In addition to being a successful business tycoon, Adeleke has done philanthropic work, including establishing a nonprofit organization named Springtime Development Foundation. As a person who values education and business, Adedeji Adeleke enrolled in another doctorate program in business studies at the University of Phoenix Adedeji Adeleke is considered the wealthiest person in the Osun State and of the richest men in Nigeria. His company, Pacific Holdings Ltd, with its headquarter in Lagos, became a conglomerate, spreading across different sectors, such as providing financial services, energy and power, manufacturing, trading, agriculture, freight services, civil engineering, gas, and real estate. Today, Adeleke is one of Nigeria's most thriving businessmen and influential figures, with his company and university running smoothly.

Adedeji Adeleke Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Adedeji Adeleke’s net worth?

Adedeji owns several business enterprises in Lagos and made several investments in various sectors such as securities, banking, entertainment industry, finance, real estate, education, and many more. His most prized properties include two private jets worth $35 million and $62 million, respectively. Adedeji Adeleke has amassed a net worth of approximately $700 million.

How much does Adedeji Adeleke earn per year?

Adedeji Adeleke has not disclosed how much he makes in a year, although he has multiple sources of income.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Adedeji Adeleke?

Adedeji Adeleke's height is unknown.

How old is Adedeji Adeleke?

Born on March 6, 1957, Adedeji Adeleke is 65 years old.

Childhood And Education

Adedeji Tajudeen Adeleke was born to Chief Adebayo Adeleke, architect and Engineer, and Esther Adeleke in Ede, Enugu State. He has a younger brother Ademola Adeleke, the present Governor-elect of the Osun State, and an older brother, the late Isiaka Adeleke, who was the former Governor of the Osun State. Ademola Adeleke belongs to the People's Democratic Party.

Concerning Adeleke's childhood and education, Adedeji Adeleke resided in Enugu State with maternal grandmother but have to relocate to Lagos for his primary education. Adeleke studied at the Ansar-Ud-Deen Primary School from 1965-1970. Following his graduation from the Ansar Ud-Deen Primary School, Adeleke was relocated to his state of Origin, Osun state, and went to the Seventh-Day Adventist Grammar School to receive his secondary education.

 In 1975, Adedeji Adekele received his West African School Certificate (WASC). Then, after two years, he enrolled at the Western Kentucky University, Kentucky, United States. Adeleke received admission to this University while working temporarily under the Federal Ministry of Education. In 1979, Adedeji Adekele earned a bachelor's degree in Finance and then pursued a master's degree in business administration from the same university, where he earned his MBA in 1981. After getting his MBA, Adekele earned his doctorate in international business at the Pacific Columbia University in California.

After equipping himself with some of the best quality and standard of education abroad, Adedeji Adekele returned to Nigeria and participated in the Nigerian National Youth Service Corps Scheme. Then he established the diversified conglomerate Pacific Holdings (one of its branches is named Pacific Energy Limited) in December 1983. Although he founded one of the giant conglomerates in Nigeria and had already run a successful business, Adedeji Adeleke did not stop the pursuit of education. In 2007, Adedeji Adeleke enrolled at the University of Phoenix in Arizona to earn another doctorate in Business Administration and earned the degree in 2010.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Adedeji Adeleke’s partner?

Adedeji Adeleke's partner was Dr. Veronica Adeleke, who passed in 2003. He and his wife had three children, Adewale Adeleke, David Adeleke Davido, and Sharon. Adeleke has many grandchildren, of which the famous ones include Hailey Adeleke, Imade Adeleke, and Ifeanyi Adeleke, who are the children of his son Davido.

His son David Adedeji Adeleke (Davido), is a Nigerian musician, singer, and record producer, and Adewale Adeleke served as the chairman of HKN.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Adedeji Adeleke is best recognized as the business magnate and billionaire who is the CEO of the conglomerate Pacific Holdings.

Adedeji Adeleke established Pacific Holdings from the Pacific Drilling Company Limited, which specializes in water treatment, geographical surveys, drilling of boreholes, and several other activities. The Pacific Drilling Company Ltd was then merged from a Limited Liability Company on December 28, 1990.

Pacific Holdings is now divided into Pacific Energy & Power generation and Freight services. It also deals with financial services, agriculture, manufacturing, trading, real estate, and many more sectors, thus marking it a giant company worth millions, located in the economic hub of Nigeria, Lagos.

In addition to being the CEO of Pacific Energy & Power and other branches, Adedeji Adeleke founded and served as the chairman of the Pacific Merchant Bank Ltd's board of directors. The bank would later become of the legacy financial institutions of Unity Bank Plc, a commercial bank in Nigeria.

Adedeji Adekele is also famous for being a private jet owner; he is the actual owner of the private jet Bombardier Global Express 6000. The Private jet costs a staggering amount of $62 million. In 2018, many social media stories and news posts appeared stating that his son Davido had also bought a new private jet for himself, like Adeleke. He uploaded pictures of the jet to persuade the public on his social media accounts. However, in most cases, Davido uses his father's private jet mainly to travel to other places for his work.

Charity Work

Adedeji Adeleke, apart from being a thriving businessperson, has done a lot of philanthropic work and ethical business. He founded a nonprofit organization called Springtime Development Foundation (SDF) to improve the dynamism of numerous Nigerians through education as someone who loves pursuing education. In March 2011, Adeleke was given the national license to run the university he co-founded, called the Adeleke University in Ede, Osun State. In 2014, he built and handed over a mega auditorium in Ikeja to his church, The Seventh Days Adventist. Apart from doing philanthropic work on a colossal scale, Adedeji Adeleke has helped those individuals who require some assistance. The famous skit creator, Debo Adebayo, popularly recognized as Mr. Macaroni, disclosed that Adeleke was the one who bought him his first laptop. He also paid school fees for over 2000 students who were unable to pay them.

What awards has Adedeji Adeleke won?

Adedeji Adeleke, because of his philanthropic work, was awarded the Sun Award in 2020.

Other Interesting Adedeji Adeleke Facts And Trivia

  • Adedeji Adeleke is on the list of elite celebrities and Richest People in Nigeria.
  • Adeleke's sun sign is Pisces, and his Chinese zodiac sign is the Year of the Rooster.
  • Adeleke celebrates his birthday on March 6 every year.
  • He is notorious in Nigeria for owning private jets and many luxury cars.
  • Adeleke has been spotted in public in numerous luxury cars, of which the most expensive cars he constantly drives in public are the Rolls Royce Phantom and the 2017 Bentley Mulsanne.
  • Known for being a private jet owner, Adedeji Adeleke owns two private jets, including Bombardier Challenger 605 Business jet and the Bombardier Global Express 6000.
  • Adeleke's father, Chief Adebayo Adeleke, is credited for being the brain behind the development of Banana Island in Lagos, the most affluent neighborhood in Nigeria and in Africa.
  • Adedeji Adeleke owns several properties across Nigeria and many countries as a famous billionaire and business mogul. To commemorate his 60th birthday, Adeleke bought a mansion in Atlanta, USA, and Nigeria. The billionaire has properties and estates spread across Banana Island, Osun State, Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lagos, and urban sites in Lagos State and other adjacent states.
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