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Aeko Brown Birthday & Fun Facts

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Aeko Brown Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Aeko Catori Brown
Place Of Birth
Tarzana, USA
4 years old
Birth Date
November 20 2019

Aeko Brown Facts

Child Star?
Celebrity Kid
Education & Qualifications
Chris Brown, Ammika Karris
Royalty Brown

About Aeko Catori Brown

Aeko Catori Brown was born on November 20, 2019, in Tarzana, California, United States of America.

His parents are Chris Brown and Ammika Harris. They started dating in 2015 but are no longer together.

His father is a pop singer, and his mother is a model. Aeko Catori Brown has a half-sister Royalty Brown whose mother is Nia Guzman. Aeko Catori Brown is a celebrity kid and was also featured in People magazine. Aeko Catori Brown regularly appears on the Instagram account of his parents. His picture posted on Instagram in December 2019 went viral.

His father, Christopher Maurice Brown, is rated as one of the leading R&B singers in the USA. Apart from being among the leading singers of the modern generation, he is also a talented actor, dancer, and songwriter. Christopher Maurice Brown has often been rated by his contemporaries as the king of R&B. The music style of Christopher Maurice Brown is specified as polyhedric, and his music style draws influence from pop music and hip hop. Christopher Maurice Brown has managed to garner a dedicated fan following across the world, and his presence on the stage is often compared to that of Michael Jackson.

Aeko Catori Brown Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Aeko Catori Brown’s net worth?

There are no details available about the net worth of Aeko Catori Brown. Though, his father enjoys an impressive net worth of around $50 million.

How much does Aeko Catori Brown earn per year?

Aeko Catori Brown does not earn anything yet as he is still a baby boy.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Aeko Catori Brown?

There are no details available about the height of Aeko Catori Brown.

How old is Aeko Catori Brown?

Aeko Catori Brown is three years old as of 2022. He was born on November 20, 2019.

Childhood And Education

Aeko Catori Brown was born on November 20, 2019. His birthplace is Tarzana, California, in the United States. He is the son of Chris Brown and Ammika Harris. Chris Brown is a pop singer, and Ammika Harris is a model. Aeko Brown has a half-sister named Royalty Brown. He frequently appears on his parents' Instagram and other social media accounts. Baby Aeko is extremely cute, and his picture posted on Instagram went viral. He has done fashion shoots for Fashion Nova and appeared in People's magazine.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Aeko Catori Brown’s partner?

Aeko Catori Brown is just three years old as of 2022 and is too young for any relationship.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Aeko Catori Brown is best known for being a celebrity family member and being the son of American rapper and pop singer Chris Brown and Ammika Harris.

Other Interesting Aeko Catori Brown Facts And Trivia

  • Aeko Catori Brown is a celebrity kid born to his father, Chris Brown, and mother Ammika Harris.
  • Aeko Catori Brown was born on November 20, 2019.
  • He was born in Tarzana, California, in the United States.
  • His zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • His father, Chris Brown, is an American rapper and pop singer, while his mother, Ammika Harris, is an American model.
  • His parents started dating in 2015. Chris and Ammika are no longer together.
  • He lives with his mother in Germany.
  • He has a half-sister Royalty Brown. She is the daughter of Nia Guzman and Chris Brown.
  • He was featured in Peoples magazine.
  • He has also done fashion shoots for Fashion Nova.
  • He regularly appears with his parents on his Instagram and other social media accounts.
  • In December 2019, his picture, which was posted on Instagram, went viral.
  • He rose to fame just after being born.
  • He has a striking resemblance to his father.
  • His eye color is dark brown. His hair color is light brown.
  • Chris Brown is the founder of the famous record label ‘Chris Brown Entertainment’ or ‘Culture Beyond Evolution’. The record label CBE operates under Interscope Records.
  • Chris Brown has often collaborated with multiple performers such as Sabrina Antoinette, Kevin McCall, Sevyn Streeter, rock group U.G.L.Y., and Joelle James.
  • Since 2014, Chris Brown’s label has begun signing Chris Brown’s works exclusively.
  • Chris Brown is also a successful entrepreneur with over 14 Burger King restaurants to his name. He is also the owner of the popular streetwear clothing brand ‘Black Pyramid’. This was a collaboration with the founders of the clothing brand ‘Pink + Dolphin’.

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