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Alex Niedbalski Birthday & Fun Facts

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Alex Niedbalski Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
, France
149 years old
Birth Date
February 19 1874

Alex Niedbalski Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
ISEG Paris
Net Worth
Current Partner
Wanda Sykes
Olivia Lou Skyes, Lucas Claude Skyes

About Alex Niedbalski

Alex Niedbalski, commonly known as Alex Sykes, is a businesswoman and gained popularity after her relationship with Wanda Sykes, an actress, writer, and comedian.

Alex Niedbalski is working as a Senior vice president for the sales department at Polycor. After dating for two years, Alex Niedbalski married Wanda Sykes in 2008.

Wanda Sykes, the partner of Alex Niedbalski, has appeared in more notable roles like 'Evan Almighty', 'Over The Hedge', 'Ice Age' and 'Bad Moms' to name a few. Even though Alex Niedbalski is gaining popularity day by day, there is still more information regarding Alex that is unknown to the media industry and to the public.

Alex Niedbalski prefers a luxurious lifestyle, and this couple is happily living their luxurious life together. They have a luxurious house in California. There is no information regarding her assets, cars, or endorsements on social media platforms.

Wanda and Alex have been together for several years now and are much in love. During an interview, the couple shared some interesting experiences related to the beginning of their relationship. During the interview, Wanda shared that when she was single a friend told her to try some cheesy pickup lines in order to meet new people. When she saw Alex, she did not think of choosing any such pickup lines and instead started a conversation regarding a kitchen remodelling job that she is looking to outsource. This conversation took place during a ferry ride to Fire Island in New York.

The topic of the conversation won the heart of Alex as she always had a keen interest in interior design. Soon the two started talking and felt an instant connection leading to a great relationship that ultimately culminated in marriage. The couple regularly shares their pictures on Instagram and also feature together in comedy videos on the platform.

Before meeting Wanda, Alex was active in the world of business and worked in a senior management position at a company based in Canada that manufactured kitchen countertops.

Wanda and Alex got married in 2008 in the month of October. The marriage ceremony took place around one month before Wanda came out when she was participating in a rally in support of same-sex marriage and against Prop eight in the state of California.

When she looks back on the fight she had to go through during those years, she feels that the journey had been an interesting one. After their marriage in 2008, Alex took up the last name of Wanda.

The couple shared pictures of their 12 years together on Instagram in 2020.

Alex Niedbalski's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Alex Niedbalski’s net worth?

The approximate net worth of Alex Niedbalski will be around $1 million, approximately. However, Wanda Sykes, the partner of Alex Niedbalski, has an estimated net worth of around $6 million.

How much does Alex Niedbalski earn per year?

As of September 2022, Alex Niedbalski has not disclosed her salary details to the media industry, but her company’s employees have an average salary of about $80,000. and as per the laboratory statistics, the average salary of a Senior vice president is around $176,933. So she earns between this range.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Alex Niedbalski?

Alex Niedbalski is 5 ft 8 in (173 cm).

How old is Alex Niedbalski?

Alex Niedbalski was born on February 19, 1974, and her age is 48 as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Alex Niedbalski was born and raised in France. There is no information available regarding her parents and siblings; however, Alex recalls the past when her father stopped talking with her because of her relationship. As years passed, he accepted his daughter’s relationship, and everything went smoothly.

Alex attended her school and university in France. She went to a business school, ISEG Paris, France, and completed her master’s degree majoring in Business and Marketing. No other details are available regarding her early life on social media platforms.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Alex Niedbalski’s partner?

Wanda Sykes married Dave Hall, a music producer, in 1991. The couple lived happily together for seven years. However, the couple parted ways in 1998.

In 2006, Wanda Sykes met Alex Niedbalski on a ferry, and they got introduced by one of their friends. The couple started dating each other for two years and married after two years.

Their wedding ceremony happened in 2008 in Palm Springs, California, and Las Vegas, with selective guests. The next year, Alex Niedbalski gave birth to twin kids (fraternal twins), Olivia Lou Sykes (daughter), and Lucas Claude Sykes (son). The adorable twins spoke French fluently and inherited their mother’s genes.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Alex Niedbalski has worked as the marketing assistant for French National Basketball Association. She is best known as the partner of famous comedian actress Wanda Sykes.

Alex Niedbalski completed her education at ISEG Paris which is a leading business school in France. She majored in marketing and business at the business school. After completing her master's degree, she entered the world of business and worked as a press assistant with the global company, Women Tennis Association.

She also worked as a sales and marketing professional with the Spanish company, Levantina Group. The company deals in limestone, natural stone, and granite. She met Wanda Sykes on a ferry to Fire Island for the first time but their love began to blossom only during the Oscars ceremony.

Charity Work

Alex Niedbalski is a supporter of LGBTQ rights and marriage laws.

What awards has Alex Niedbalski won?

Alex Niedbalski is a leading business executive who has excelled in various roles over the years.

Alex Niedbalski’s Hobbies And Interests

Alex Niedbalski likes to travel to new locations and regularly uploads her pictures on Instagram for her 450,000 followers. She also has over 400,000 followers on her Twitter, as of September 2022.

Other Interesting Alex Niedbalski Facts And Trivia

  • Alex Niedbalski is a French national and her ethnicity is French-American.
  • Alex Niedbalski is extremely supportive of the acting career of her partner Wanda Sykes.
  • Alex Niedbalski is a parent to two kids Olivia Lou Sykes and Lucas Claude Sykes.
  • Alex Niedbalski was born and grew up in France.
  • Alex Niedbalski participated in a protest in Las Vegas to support gay marriages.
  • Alex Niedbalski has a pair of dark brown eyes.
  • Born in February, her zodiac sign is Pisces.
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