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Alex Welch Birthday & Fun Facts

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Alex Welch Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Alex Welch
Place Of Birth
Orlando, USA
34 years old
Birth Date
October 21 1989

Alex Welch Facts

Child Star?
Professional Dancer, Event Planner
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth

About Alex Welch

Alex Welch is a professional dancer.

In season three of 'America's Best Dancing Crew', Alex Welch participated with the all-female break dance squad Beat Freaks. Alex Welch has appeared in a variety of well-known music videos, films, and other forms of media.

Alex Welch has also appeared as a backup dancer on pop singer Britney Spears' Femme Fatale World Tour and the Jonas Brothers Live in Concert tours. Welch is renowned for her head spin act.

Alex Welch's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Alex Welch's net worth?

The net worth of Alex Welch is $1 million.

How much does Alex Welch earn per year?

The amount that Alex Welch earns every year is unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Alex Welch?

Alex Welch's height is not known.

How old is Alex Welch?

Alex Welch was born in Orlando, Florida on October 21, 1989. She is 32 years old.

Childhood And Education

Although her real name is Alex Welch, she is more commonly referred to as Girl Shorty or Shorty. Welch was born in Orlando, Florida on October 21, 1989. Alex Welch was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Welch has spent time in Los Angeles. Welch grew up in a family of dancers in Utah. Her parents are both skilled ballet dancers. Alex Welch disliked dancing as a child until she watched a head spin in a Christina Aguilera music video and fell in love with it, learning as many different forms as she could.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Alex Welch dating?

It is not known who Alex Welch is dating.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Alex Welch was the Beat Freaks' youngest member and was often regarded as the group's most lively and energetic member. She has appeared in films including 'Prom Night', 'Stick It', 'Date Movie', 'Bring It On: All or Nothing', and 'Step Up 2: The Streets'.

Beat Freaks is a female-only breaking dance team based in Los Angeles, California. Before joining the ensemble, each of its ten members had earned solo success in the dance world. The Beat Freaks appeared on MTV's 'America's Best Dance Crew' (Season 3) and finished second.

Alex Welch stated that before joining Beat Freaks, she admired them and wished to be a part of the crew, however, she was aware that they were not recruiting. That rapidly changed when she discovered the team was seeking a replacement for Alison in the third season of 'America's Best Dance Crew'.

When Alex Welch first joined at the age of 11, she described it as 'a dream come true'. Welch was the youngest member. 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam' 'Stick It, Date Movie', 'Bring It On: All or Nothing', 'Prom Night', and 'Step Up 2: The Streets' are among the popular films in which Welch has appeared. Welch has collaborated with Pink and Miley Cyrus. Welch has been on TeenNick's 'The Nightlife' and Disney's 'Shake It Up'. Alex Welch has performed in four music videos as an individual dancer: Toni Braxton's 'Make My Heart', Jennifer Lopez's 'Live It Up', Ariana Grande's 'Baby I', and 'It's On' by the Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam ensemble.

Welch was a backup dancer on Britney Spears' Femme Fatale World Tour, she participated in the Jonas Brothers: Live in Concert tour and appeared alongside the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, and the Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam ensemble to promote the film 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam'.

Alex Welch is an actress who made appearances in movies such as 'Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky' in 2005, 'Sunburn' in 1999, and 'Honey 2' in 2011.

Other Interesting Alex Welch Facts And Trivia

  • Alex Welch's zodiac sign is Libra, as she was born in October.
  • She is now known by her real name but used to be known as Girl Shorty or Shorty.

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