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Alexandra Beaton Birthday & Fun Facts

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Alexandra Beaton Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Alexandra Lucinda Beaton
Place Of Birth
Toronto, Canada
29 years old
Birth Date
December 5 1994

Alexandra Beaton Facts

Child Star?
Actor, Dancer
Education & Qualifications
University of Guelph
Net Worth
Kate Wheeler, John Beaton
Sophie Beaton

About Alexandra Beaton

Alexandra Beaton, a famous dancer and actress, is known for practicing many dance forms.

The actress from Canada specializes mainly in dance forms like lyrical and jazz. Alexandra Beaton started her acting career at the age of 12 years, making her a child star.

The Canadian actress made her debut in the movie '300' an American war film made in 2006. However, Alexandra gained popularity with her role as Emily in the television drama series for teens, ' The Next Step,' which was filmed in Toronto, Canada. 'The Next Step' is a series about a group of dancers going to The Next Step dance studio. Alexandra's role Emily is a talented but stubborn girl who also happens to be the dance captain of the studio. Alexandra Beaton is also a participant of the Shaw Festival, an important non-profit Canadian theater festival in Niagara on Lake Ontario. The festival took place in a theater that is said to be the second-largest repository theater company in North America.

Alexandra Beaton Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Alexandra Beaton's net worth?

The net worth of Alexandra Beaton is $450,000.

How much does Alexandra Beaton earn per year?

There are no concrete details about how much Alexandra Beaton earns per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Alexandra Beaton?

Alexandra Beaton stands at an average of 5 ft 3 in (160 cm) tall.

How old is Alexandra Beaton?

Alexandra Beaton was born on December 5, 1994, and is 27 years old as of July 2022.

Childhood And Education

Alexandra was born in December 1994 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to John Beaton and Kate Wheeler. Alexandra's father, John Beaton, is a businessman, and her mother, Kate Wheeler, is a radio host and a journalist. Alexandra Beaton also has a sibling called Sophie Beaton, who is a model. The Canadian actress grew up along with her sister Sophie Beaton in Claremont, Ontario.

Alexandra Beaton graduated in political science from the University of Guelph, Canada. However, it is known that Alexandra Beaton was inclined toward acting and dance since childhood. The actress started taking ballet classes at the early age of two and practiced various dance forms. She also started taking acting classes at the age of five. Her parents encouraged Alexandra to pursue her interest in acting and dancing. The young actress was inspired by many personalities during her childhood, especially Audrey Hepburn, a talented and beautiful British actress and model.

Keep reading below to learn more about this Canadian actress who started her career early and rose to stardom!

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Alexandra Beaton dating?

She is said to be single, and neither is she married to anyone, nor is she dating anyone as of July 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

After graduating from the University of Guelph, Alexandra Beaton, the actress and dancer appeared in a film called '300', which marked her debut in movies in 2006. The movie '300' is an epic fantasy film based on a comic series of the same name that was released in 1998. Later, Alexandra Beaton also appeared in a few television advertisements before she got her big break with the teen drama web series 'The Next Step.' She played the role of Emily, the mean girl in the teen drama series. The series, which was pictured in Ontario, Canada, is about a group of dancers in the studio called The Next Step Dance Studio.

The show gained so much popularity all over Canada that BBC Worldwide gave license to play the series to various International broadcasters, including the Disney Channel in Australia, Hulu in the USA, and the CBBC in the UK, on January 8, 2014. The show has been aired for four seasons so far.

Alexandra Beaton gained name and fame through her performance as Emily in 'The Next Step,' and she was known as one of the budding talents of the Canadian Film Industry. Alexandra was the only cast member of the series with vast acting experience before acting in this show. The young talented actress also stated that she preferred the acting scenes to the dancing scenes in the series 'The Next Step' though she loves dancing and excels as a dancer more than as an actress.

Beaton next acted as Emma in a web series called 'Spiral' in 2017, opposite her 'The Next Step' co-star Brennan Close. She starred in the Lifetime Television Film called 'The Cheerleader Escort' as Cassie in 2019.

Alexandra garnered a huge fan base and net worth with her exceptional performances in various series and movies.

What awards has Alexandra Beaton won?

Alexandra Beaton is an award-winning competitive dancer, and she was able to showcase her talent through the show 'The Next Step.' This show also won the Shaw Rocket Prize for Children award in 2013 and was also nominated for 'Best Children's or Youth Fiction Program or Series' in 2014.

Alexandra Beaton's Hobbies And Interests

Alexandra Beaton was always interested in being fit and played many sports. Along with dance and acting, she also loved music and reading books since childhood.

Other Interesting Alexandra Beaton Facts And Trivia

  • Alexandra's favorite book is Harry Potter, and she had mentioned that she read the book several times.
  • The actress was born in December, making her zodiac sign of being Sagittarius.
  • Alexandra's complete birth name is Alexandra Lucinda Beaton, and her nickname is Alex.
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