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Andie Case Birthday & Fun Facts

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Andie Case Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Andie Case
Place Of Birth
Eugene, USA
31 years old
Birth Date
June 12 1992

Andie Case Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth

About Andie Case 

Andie Case is an American singer, songwriter, and model who was born in Eugene, Oregon.

Andie Case rose to fame by playing her original songs. She also covers songs by well-known musicians like Rixton and Jason Derulo on her YouTube channel.

She came into the limelight when she made a video singing 'Me And My Broken Heart' by Rixton on her YouTube channel while driving. Andie Case has a huge online following because of her flawless delivery and sultry voice. Her videos feature her performing famous songs while riding in a vehicle with fellow artists Ajay Marshall and Naphtali Smith. The singer has received requests to do more classic rock song covers from certain fans who are in awe of her ability to sing them. With her music being made accessible as an online non-fungible token, Andie is also breaking new ground as a member of the NTF band movement. Find out more about the singer, her life, net worth, career, and more, through this article.

Andie Case's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Andie Case's net worth?

Andie Case has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.

How much does Andie Case earn per year?

Information regarding his annual income is not available.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Andie Case?

Andie Case is 5 ft 6 in (167.6 cm) tall.

How old is Andie Case?

Andie Case is 30 years old as of 2022. She was born on June 12, 1992.

Childhood And Education

Andie Case was born in Eugene, Oregon, on June 12, 1992. She grew up with six siblings. When she participated in a talent competition, she knew that she wanted to be a musician.

Case is currently most known for her popular covers of songs. In her covers of Rixton and Jason Derulo, she provided a nearly faultless performance in one take.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Andie Case dating?

Information regarding Andie Case's dating life is not available.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Andie Case performed in front of an audience at the fifth-grade talent show and has since pursued a career in music. Case is inspired by artists like Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Hayley Williams, and Demi Lovato. She was a member of the 2014 Girls Night In tour.

While Case continues to work on an EP release, her original songs are currently available on iTunes. Her song titled 'Want To Want Me/I Want You To Want Me Mashup' was ranked seventh among the 10 most viral Spotify tracks in the UK in June 2015.

Her 'Know No Boundaries' solo tour took place in 2016. It featured bandmates, Ajay Marshall and Naph Smith.

Dave Navarro served as Case's mentor in a 2015 'Breaking Band' episode. The program centered on collaborating well-known musicians with up-and-coming artists.

Andie Case earned the $1 million top prize in Usher's Megastar Talent Competition. It was a mobile app-based competition in December 2017.

With more than 160 million views, Andie has increased her Facebook and YouTube audience to over 1.2 million users. Andie seeks to engage her listeners with her original songs that have memorable melodies and lyrics that convey a message of empowerment, love, grief, and everything else that comes with discovering yourself.

After coming out as bisexual, Andie released two fun-loving pop songs in 2018. One of them was named 'Bubblegum And Cigarettes', and it received praise from Flaunt Magazine. The other was named 'Mysterious', and it marks the first time the singer steps out to compose a song about a female love interest. Her latest song 'Stuck In My Head' was a collaboration project with producer Prince Fox.

Andie Case and Mike Tompkins received the 2017 MTV Cover of the Year award from Sabrina Carpenter. It was for their rendition of Zedd's popular song 'Stay'. Andie triumphed over hundreds of other outstanding musicians in the online talent competition Megastar. This is where she earned the main prize from Usher. Andie has experience working with companies, including DiGiorno, AT&T, and World Market.

Other Interesting Andie Case Facts And Trivia

  • Andie Case now resides in Seattle.
  • According to Andie, Kelly Clarkson, Hayley Williams, Christina Aguilera, and Demi Lovato are some of her musical inspirations.

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