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Andrew Ilnyckyj Birthday & Fun Facts

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Andrew Ilnyckyj Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Andrew Ilnyckyj
Place Of Birth
New Jersey, USA
33 years old
Birth Date
May 22 1990

Andrew Ilnyckyj Facts

Child Star?
Actor, Producer, Director
Education & Qualifications

About Andrew Ilnyckyj 

Andrew Ilnyckyj is an actor, video producer, and YouTube star who was born on May 23, 1990 n New Jersey, United States.

Ilnyckyj gained fame due to his role in his video series called 'The Creepy Series'. Andrew and Steven Lim co-starred and created the popular BuzzFeed series 'Worth It'.

Andrew is also a part of the 'Tasty' series by Buzzfeed. 'Tasty' creates and distributes content on comfort food. He co-starred with Hannah Williams, Alvin Zhou, Steven Lim, and Rie McClenny.

Andrew also has a series named 'Mom Vs. Chef'. It is a 'Tasty' series where a mom competes against a specialized chef using a certain item that must be included in their meal. In the show, children serve as the judges, and Andrew Ilnyckyj serves as the ultimate judge.

Andrew Ilnyckyj and Ashly Perez, the video director for BuzzFeed, worked on the Ashdrew videos. In the series, they play on-screen couples. In one of the BuzzFeed videos, they portrayed a nautically-themed wedded couple.

Some of Andrew and Ashly's popular videos include 'Is It Just a Crush,' 'The Whisper Challenge,' 'Something That I Want,' and 'Is He on a Date.' Following Andrew's cliffhanger-ending exit from the program, rumors started to surface that he had a girlfriend in real life. Andrew is now married to his actual girlfriend.

Andrew has been working on the 'Worth It' project for BuzzFeed for a long time now. He has also participated with Steve Liam and Adam Bianchi in the reality show. Andrew and Steve traveled the globe in search of unique food for BuzzFeed.

The BuzzFeed characters evaluated the dishes and classified them into three price categories: inexpensive, moderate, and expensive. The two foodies and their videographers have been to different places of the world in search of a variety of foods in order to establish the prices.

Due to the show's popularity, it has drawn millions of spectators and become a huge draw for conventional advertisers.

Andrew Ilnyckyj Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Andrew Ilnyckyj's net worth?

Andrew Ilnyckyj is an actor and a Buzzfeed video producer, and creator. He has an estimated net worth of $1-5 million.

How much does Andrew Ilnyckyj earn per year?

Andrew Ilnyckyj earns most of his net worth from his work as a YouTube star and video producer. However, information regarding his annual earnings is not available.

With his acting and video production careers, Andrew Ilnycky most likely makes a significant income.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Andrew Ilnyckyj?

Andrew Ilnyckyj is 5 ft 10 in (177.8 cm) tall.

How old is Andrew Ilnyckyj?

Andrew Ilnyckyj is 32 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Andrew Ilnyckyj was born on May 23, 1990, in New Jersey, USA. Not much information is available about his family life. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Andrew Ilnyckyj’s partner?

Andrew Ilnyckyj is married since August 2021, however, her identity has not been made public. After Andrew found a real-life girlfriend, videos of Ashdrew were canceled which disappointed many fans. There is no more information available on his personal life.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Andrew Ilnyckyj is a budding YouTube star. However, he also produces videos for BuzzFeed. Ilnyckyj gained huge fame as a result of his role in 'The Creepy Series'.

Since the 2010s, Andrew, a professional video producer, has been making videos. He started working for the digital media business BuzzFeed in 2013.

Andrew was the co-creator of the popular BuzzFeed series 'Worth It' with Steven Lim. Andrew also acted in a BuzzFeed series called 'Things Everyone Does But Doesn't Talk About' with former US President Barack Obama.

In a similar way, Andrew also collaborated on a number of videos with Allison Raskin, Keith Habersberger, and several more celebrities.

Andrew Ilnyckyj is also the co-creator of Ashdrew videos. Andrew and Ashly play the role of a couple on-screen. They have been idolized by fans for their immaculate chemistry. The couple lived in Los Angeles, California.

The characters are seen as 'OTP' by their fanbase (One True Pairing). 'Is it Just a Crush', 'Something That I Want', 'The Whisper Challenge', and 'Is He on a Date' are a few of the videos.

In February 2018, Ashly stated on her Twitter page that she was leaving Buzzfeed for a few other projects. However, she said that her series may still continue. At Buzzfeed, Ashly produces videos. She also works as a travel editor and produces videos for Violet. Her comedic personality has gained her a hit on social media.

'You Do You' was the first show she co-created with other producers in 2015. It was a big success and peaked for the whole first week of release on the iTunes TV shop. Even shows like 'The Walking Dead' and 'Keeping Up with The Kardashians' were eclipsed by the video.

Ashly is also well-known for her Buzzfeed video created for and with young, multicultural women. 'I Wasn't Beautiful Enough To Live In South Korea' was the title. She highlighted the importance of young women's looks in South Korean society there.

Since 2016, Andrew has been working on the BuzzFeed project 'Worth It'. He also shared screen time in the reality series with Steve Liam and Adam Bianchi. The BuzzFeed series follows Andrew and Steve as they explore different cuisines throughout the globe. In the documentary series, the BuzzFeed actors sampled cuisine and placed it into three price categories: budget, mid-range, and luxury.

Additionally, Adam Bianchi appeared with Andrew and Steve in the first episode, '$5 Pizza vs. $135 Pizza'. The video aired in October 2016. The triplets sample the pizzas and compare the three pricing ranges. They decide that the Italian white truffle pizza, which costs $135, is the highest worth the money.

The two food fanatics have been to numerous locations across the globe with their videographer in quest of diverse dishes in order to compare prices. The BuzzFeed program has amassed millions of viewers thanks to its popularity and has become a huge success.

Andrew has also been featured in the Buzzfeed program titled 'Tasty'. The series produces and distributes information related to comfort food. Together with Hannah Williams, Alvin Zhou, Steven Lim, and Rie McClenny, Andrew appeared in the series.

Additionally, Andrew has a series titled 'Mom vs. Chef'. It is a 'Tasty' series in which a mother fights against a specialized chef employing a required ingredient in their dish. Children participate as judges in the program, while Andrew Ilnyckyj serves as the final judge.

Other Interesting Andrew Ilnyckyj Facts And Trivia

  • Andrew Ilnyckyj maintains a modest public profile despite his enormous popularity and wealth.
  • Since 2016, Andrew has been working on the BuzzFeed project 'Worth It'.
  • He has also worked with Allison Raskin, Quinta B, and other Buzzfeed personalities.
  • Andrew's zodiac sign is Gemini.

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