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Anthony Ervin Birthday & Fun Facts

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Anthony Ervin Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Anthony Lee Ervin
Place Of Birth
Santa Clarita, USA
42 years old
Birth Date
May 26 1981

Anthony Ervin Facts

Child Star?
Competition Swimmer
Education & Qualifications
University of California, Berkeley
Net Worth

About Anthony Ervin

Anthony Lee Ervin was born on May 26, 1981, in the United States.

An American professional swimmer, he has won four Olympic medals along with two World Championship golds. His first victory came during the 2000 summer Olympics, where he bagged a gold medal in the 164 ft (50 m) freestyle swim.

He also earned a silver medal as a part of the US relay team that came second in the 4x328 ft (100 m) freestyle race.

The 41-year-old swimmer was the second swimmer after Anthony Nesty of Suriname, who was of African descent and won a gold medal in Olympic swimming. Anthony Ervin is also the first American citizen of African descent to bag a gold medal in an individual swimming competition at the summer Olympics.  

Anthony Ervin Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Anthony Ervin’s net worth?

The net worth of Anthony Ervin is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

How much does Anthony Ervin earn per year?

There is no account of the swimmer's average annual earnings.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Anthony Ervin?

Anthony Ervin is 6 ft 3 in (191 cm) tall.

How old is Anthony Ervin?

Anthony Ervin was born on May 26, 1981. As of 2022, the swimmer is 41 years old.

Childhood And Education

Anthony Lee Ervin is a professional swimmer known for having won four medals in the Olympics. He was born to parents Jack and Sherry Ervin on May 26, 1981, in Santa Clarita, California. He became a competitive swimmer while he was a student at Hart High School in California.

While in school, Ervin swam for the Canyons Aquatic Club as well as the Hart High swim team. He then attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in English. Finally, he made his debut at the 2000 Olympics when he was only 19.

Anthony stopped participating in swimming competitions in 2003. He also auctioned off his Olympics gold medal that he won on eBay to help the survivors of the 2004 tsunami. Finally, in 2011, he began to train again.

During his childhood years, Anthony suffered from the problem of tics. It was like a sudden feeling of an itch that constantly required scratching. Due to this problem, he had to face a lot of negativity and criticism from his peers.

Anthony always attributed his success in swimming to his Tourette syndrome. When in the pool, he found it easy to manage his facial tics as water soothed the sudden feeling of itching. The syndrome also helped him learn how to cope with anxiety and stressful situations in life, a lesson that came in handy during the 2000 Olympics finals.

Anthony was also the youth ambassador for the Tourette Association of America.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Anthony Ervin dating?

As of 2022, Anthony Ervin is married to his wife, whose name is unknown. They also have a daughter whose name is not known either.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

During the 2000 US Olympic Trials held at Indianapolis, Anthony Ervin competed in two different events: 164 ft (50 m) and 328 ft (100 m) freestyle. During the final 328 ft (100 m) freestyle swimming competition, Ervin finished in fifth place, which bagged him a spot in the freestyle relay. And in the 164 ft (50 m) freestyle race, Ervin finished in second place after Gary Hall Jr.

At the 2000 summer Olympics, Anthony again participated in the same two freestyle events. In the 328 ft (100 m) freestyle relay, the American team in which Ervin swam the leading split finished in second place. And in the 164 ft (50 m), Ervin secured a gold medal.

Moving on, the swimmer bagged two gold medals at the prestigious World Aquatic Championships held in 2001 for 164 ft (50 m) and 328 ft (100 m) freestyle. Unfortunately, the US team was disqualified in the relay freestyle at the championship. In 2002, Ervin won silver medals in the 164 ft (50 m) and 328 ft (100 m) freestyle relay at the Pan Pacific Swimming Championship.

After that, Anthony left professional swimming for a while before beginning to train again in 2011. Finally, in the 2012 US States Olympic Trials, the swimmer finished in second place in the 164 ft (50 m) freestyle. He was only beaten by a trivial margin by Cullen Jones, who won the gold medal.

At the US National Championships in 2013, he qualified to participate in the World Aquatics Championships that took place in Barcelona. He bagged the third position in the 328 ft (100 m) freestyle race.

At the 2013 World Championships, Anthony got together with other great swimmers like Ryan Lochte, Jimmy Feigen, and Nathan Adrian for a 328 ft (100 m) freestyle relay event. Completing his split in the fastest time, Anthony helped the team come second after France. In 2014, Anthony Ervin also participated in the Pac Pacs on the Gold Coast, Australia, and won two silver medals.

The excellent swimmer set a record at the 2016 Olympics, where he won the first position in the 164 ft (50 m) race and became the oldest person to bag Olympic gold in swimming. During the same event, he also won another gold medal in the freestyle relay race after swimming in the scorching morning heat. During the 2017 Maccabiah Games, Anthony won many gold medals.

The 2020 summer Olympics trials were postponed to June 2021 due to the Covid-10 pandemic. Although he competed in the 164 ft (50 m) freestyle race, he did not qualify for the final Olympic Games.

Charity Work

Anthony Erwin is known to have sold off his 2000 Olympic gold medal on eBay to help the victims of the devastating 2004 tsunami.

What awards has Anthony Ervin won?

Throughout his career as a professional swimmer, Anthony Ervin has won many awards and accolades. In 2003, he was also inducted into the Hall of Fame for Southern California Jewish Sports.

Anthony Ervin’s Hobbies And Interests

Apart from swimming, Anthony Ervin loves to travel. He is also fond of karaoke, teaching people about swimming, playing video games, and playing the guitar.

Other Interesting Anthony Ervin Facts And Trivia

  • Anthony Ervin is an American swimmer who is known for winning several Olympic medals.
  • The avid swimmer is known to practice Zen meditation.
  • During childhood, Anthony suffered from Tourette syndrome, which was primarily attributed to his success in swimming.
  • Anthony’s autobiography was released in 2016. It was co-authored by him and a famous writer, Constantine Markides. Titled ‘Chasing Water’, the book received an award from the Internation Swimming Hall in 2018.
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