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Apandah Birthday & Fun Facts

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Apandah Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
24 years old
Birth Date
September 19 1999

Apandah Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth

About Apandah

Apandah is an American-Ecuadorian YouTube star known as the content creator of a meme and commentary channel.

Apandah is widely recognized as a pop-culture YouTuber who mainly focused on creating meme content and providing insights and comments on current YouTube trends. Besides topic-driven commentary videos, Apandah also makes music, animatics, and other styles of video making.

Besides being a YouTube star, Apandah is also active on Instagram and Twitter. He posts an overview of his YouTube content created and his lifestyle posts. Read about the American Youtuber, his birthday, family, personal life, childhood, and social media career.

Apandah Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Apandah's net worth?

YouTube star Apandah has an estimated net worth of over $1.5 million from his career as a YouTuber.

How much does Apandah earn per year?

Apandah has estimated annual earnings of $700,000. His primary net worth source is his career as a social media personality.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Apandah?

Apandah stands at the height of 5 ft 2 in (157 cm).

How old is Apandah?

Born on September 19, 1999, actress Apandah is 23 years old as of 2022.

Apandah celebrates his birthday on September 19 every year.

Childhood And Education

Apandah was born Apandah in the United States of America on September 19, 1999.

Besides Apandah's birthday and birthplace, other additional information about his family was not disclosed to the media, including his parents' names, family details, or his childhood.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Apandah dating?

Apandah is not dating anyone as of 2022. Besides, no information is available about his past relationships.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

YouTuber star Apandah is an American meme-commentary channel widely recognized for creating over-edited cynical comedy videos known for different approaches through a unique persona and editing. Apandah's videos often focus on shining a light on how interesting some trends and topics can be.

Apandah created his YouTube channel on March 21, 2015, and as of 2022, it has over 693,000 subscribers and 100 million views. The channel gained popularity after the viral video 'Uganda Knuckles'. Apandah's 'Uganda Knuckles' video gained over 33 million views, posted four years ago.

Other popular viewed contents on Apandah's channel are 'This Is Real' (3.3 million views), 'Funny Cats' (3 million views), 'Discord Degenerates' (2.7 million views), 'How To Win Any Argument Online' (1.7 million views), 'Burger King Foot Lettuce' (1.6 million views), 'Twitter' (1.6 million views), and 'Reddit Video' (1.5 million views).

Uganda Knuckles was partly inspired by the low-budget Ugandan action-comedy film 'Who Killed Captain Alex?' (2010). One of the reasons why the Apandah, an American YouTuber's channel, gained popularity is its viral video catchphrase 'do you know the way' spoken with an African accent.

Other Interesting Apandah Facts And Trivia

  • Apandah's original channel name was 'Apanda', but due to the same channel name with another channel, he decided to make 'Apandah' his username.
  • YouTube star and content creator, Apandah was born on September 19, 1999, with Virgo as a zodiac sign.
  • Apandah is a massive fan of Kanye West.

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