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arkadiy abramovich Birthday & Fun Facts

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arkadiy abramovich Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Arkadiy Romanovich Abramovich
Place Of Birth
Moscow, Russia
30 years old
Birth Date
September 14 1993

arkadiy abramovich Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Roman Abramovich, Irina Malandina
Sofia Abramovich, Ilya Abramovich, Anna Abramovich, Arina Abramovich

About Arkadiy Abramovich 

Arkadiy Abramovich is a Russian entrepreneur, owner, and founder of the e-commerce company, ARA Capital.

Arkadiy Abramovich was born on September 14, 1993, in Moscow, Russia. His father, Roman Abramovich, is one of the richest businessmen and has a whopping net worth of $15.1 billion.

Arkadiy Abramovich has been constantly under pressure as the first son of the business mogul to match up to his father's skills in the family business. Roman Abramovich made the majority of his riches after the Soviet Union collapsed and also obtained Russian state-owned assets at prices below market value during Russia's privatization. It is reported that he also has stakes in a Russian steelmaking firm, including the aluminum and oil companies in Russia.

Arkadiy Abramovich has inherited his father's business skills and knowledge, now owning many houses in Europe and a ranch in California as well.

Keep reading to learn more about the life and career of Arkadiy Abramovich!

Arkadiy Abramovich Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Arkadiy Abramovich's net worth?

The Russian businessman has a net worth of approximately $180 million, which he has acquired by being a successful businessman and owner of several companies in Russia and abroad.

How much does Arkadiy Abramovich earn per year?

Arkadiy Abramovich's income per year is not available.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Arkadiy Abramovich?

Arkadiy Abramovich is 5 ft 4 in (162 cm) tall.

How old is Arkadiy Abramovich?

Arkadiy Abramovich was born on September 14, 1993. He is currently 28 years old and will celebrate his 29th birthday in September 2022.

Childhood And Education

Arkadiy Abramovich was born on September 14, 1993, in Moscow, Russia. He is the son of Roman Abramovich and his second wife, Irina Malandina. Roman and Irina Abramovich divorced in 2007.

Arkadiy Abramovich is one of the five children of Roman Abramovich and Irina Abramovich. He has four siblings from the same parents, named Ilya Abramovich, Arina Abramovich, Sofia Abramovich, and Anna Abramovich. Arkadiy Abramovich also has two half-siblings from his father's third marriage, Aaron Alexander Abramovich and Leah Lou Abramovich.

Arkadiy Abramovich attended ACS International School Cobham and Northeastern University.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Arkadiy Abramovich's partner?

There is no information available about whether or not Arkadiy Abramovich is in relationship with anyone.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Arkadiy Abramovich is a famous businessman who established ARA Capital, a private investment firm, whose assets include Zoltav Resources PLC (ZOL), which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Arkadiy Abramovich started the company in 2017 and has since been gaining a lot of profits from the company.

In 2013, while Arkadiy Abramovich was working as an intern in the VTB bank, he bought a 45% share in the Shell company, Zoltav Resources. He purchased a stake in an oil company in Siberia for a reported $46 million.

Arkadiy Abramovich is also the owner of the Koltogor oil field in Western Siberia. In 2014, Zoltav completed the acquisition of Royal Atlantic Energy Limited (Cyprus) and began trading on the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market department. Zoltav also purchased a full license for gas exploration, extraction, and production in the Bortovoy area, which contains several active gas fields.

Other Interesting Arkadiy Abramovich Facts And Trivia

  • The name, 'Arkadiy', means happy land, which is derived from Russian origin. 
  • Arkadiy Abramovich founded a company specializing in vegetable farming, called Greenhouse, in 2015.
  • Arkadiy Abramovich worked as an intern at the London office of Russian VTB Bank in 2013.
  • The Russian millionaire bought a 26% stake in Crosby Asset Management.
  • Arkadiy Abramovich has offered a huge amount to purchase a stake in the Russian sports club, CSKA Moscow.
  • Arkadiy Abramovich is a famous personality on all social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Arkadiy Abramovich tried to buy the Danish football team, FC Copenhagen, but was unsuccessful.
  • Arkadiy Abramovich has four siblings, named Ilya Abramovich, Arina Abramovich, Sofia Abramovich, and Anna Abramovich. Arkadiy Abramovich also has two half-siblings from his father's third marriage, Aaron Alexander Abramovich and Leah Lou Abramovich.

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