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Aron Johannsson Birthday & Fun Facts

Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography & More

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Aron Johannsson Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Aron Johannsson
Place Of Birth
Mobile, USA
33 years old
Birth Date
November 10 1990

Aron Johannsson Facts

Child Star?
Soccer Player
Education & Qualifications
IMG Academy in Bradenton
Net Worth
Current Partner
Bryndís Stefánsdóttir

About Aron Johannsson 

Aron Johannsson, a former Iceland under-21 international team member, is a top-rated soccer player in the United States of America.

In 2008, Aron debuted as a striker in the Dutch Club Fjolnir in the '2008 Urvalsdeild' and enlisted as an essential member. After that, he played for AGF Aarhus in 2010 in Danish Superliga. He became one of the most famous soccer players on the team, and thenceforth he never looked back on his career.

In January 2013, Aron Johannsson started playing for AZ. After that, Werder Bremen signed him after his two-and-a-half years of successful seasons with Eredivisie Club. He made his first appearance for the National team of the United States of America in 2013 and started practicing alongside the US captain Tim Howard. He scored 103 goals in his 278 appearances in all types of soccer competitions as of August 2021.

Aron Johannsson Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Aron Johannsson’s net worth?

Aron Johannsson is one of the wealthiest soccer players at present. Aron's net worth is estimated to range between $1 million and $5 million.

How much does Aron Johannsson earn per year?

Having been one of the wealthiest faces in professional soccer, the yearly income of Aron Johannsson is still not known and is being put under review.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Aron Johannsson?

Aron Johannsson is 6 ft (184 cm) tall.

How old is Aron Johannsson?

Aron Johannsson took birth on November 10, 1990, and will turn 32 in 2022.

Childhood And Education

Aron Johannsson was born and brought up until he turned three in Mobile, Alabama, the USA, with his Icelandic parents. At age three, he moved to Iceland with his family and spent the rest of his childhood.

Aron spent one year in the USA to complete his graduation from IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, USA. In 2005, Aron Johannsson started his youth career with Fjolnir, Iceland. He also played youth games for the Dutch club Breiðablik and US Football Development Academy for the IMG Academy.

No other information about the family member or childhood education of Aron Johannsson is known and hence is put under review.

Family, Romance And, Relationships

Who is Aron Johannsson’s partner?

This famous footballer is married to Bryndís Stefánsdóttir. The couple has two kids - a girl and a boy.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Aron Johannsson is a famous striker in the game of soccer. He was voted the most promising and the best player in the '2008 Urvalsdeild' season. He was also the highest goal scorer in that league, with 13 goals in his 37 appearances. Aron Johannsson signed in 'Hammarby IF' of Allsvenskan in 2019 and became the highest scorer with 12 goals in 22 appearances in 2020. In November 2021, Aron came again and signed with Úrvalsdeild club Valur.

He represented the USA National Team at the Fifa World Cup in 2014. Aron also played in CONCACAF Gold Cup for the USA in 2015 and helped them secure fourth place in that tournament. In August 2012, Aron Johannsson scored the fastest hat-trick against AC Horsens in Danish League.

What awards has Aron Johannsson won?

Aron won the Danish 1st Division 2010-2011 season for AGF and KNVB Cup 2012-2013 for AZ.

Other Interesting Aron Johannsson Facts And Trivia

  • Aron Johannsson scored four goals in his 19 appearances for the USA.
  • Aron underwent major surgery for his ankle injury in July 2018.
  • Aron Johannsson has over 91,000 followers on his Facebook account and over 49,500 fans on his Instagram account as of 2022.
  • The zodiac sign of Aron Johannsson is Scorpio.
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