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Arther Benjamin Birthday & Fun Facts

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Arther Benjamin Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Arthur T. Benjamin
Place Of Birth
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
62 years old
Birth Date
March 18 1961

Arther Benjamin Facts

Child Star?
Mathematician, Professor
Education & Qualifications
Carnegie Mellon University, John Hopkins University,
Net Worth
Current Partner

About Arthur Benjamin 

Arthur T. Benjamin served as a mathematical sciences professor and a holder of the Smallwood Chair at Harvey Mudd College.

The American mathematician is well renowned for his aptitude for mental calculations and his live presentations on 'Mathemagics' to his audience. His mathematical prowess has been lauded in 'TED Talks', 'The Colbert Report', and publications, including newspapers and magazines.

The American mathematician describes himself both as a magician and a mathematics professor. His 'Mathemagics' performance, which combines his two passions, is a dramatic demonstration of how he can execute quick mental calculations and can even beat the calculator. He has delivered his dynamic speech at many organizations across the world. Benjamin is currently living in the United States.

Arthur Benjamin Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Arthur Benjamin's net worth?

The American mathematician is estimated to have a net worth of between $1 - 5 million. The primary source of his net worth is his profession as a professor.

How much does Arthur Benjamin earn per year?

Details about Arthur Benjamin's annual income are unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Arthur Benjamin?

Accurate information about the height of Arthur Benjamin is unavailable.

How old is Arthur Benjamin?

Arthur Benjamin has his birthdate on March 19, 1961, making him 61 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Arthur T. Benjamin was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the United States. The identities of his parents have not been revealed.

In 1983, Benjamin graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. degree focused on Applied Mathematics. He was the recipient of the highest honors. Subsequently, in 1985, he earned an M.S. degree in Engineering from John Hopkins University and a doctorate in mathematics in 1989. He completed his doctoral dissertation on 'Turnpike Structures For Optimal Maneuvers' under the supervision of Alan J. Goldman. 

Together with writer Scott McGregor and composer Arthur Darrell Turner, he developed the magical qualities for 'Kije!', a musical comedy, and co-wrote the songs while he was in his first year at CMU. This musical made its debut as the 1980 Carnegie Mellon University Spring Musical after winning a yearly competition.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Arthur Benjamin's partner?

Arthur Benjamin is married to Deena, who is a mathematician by profession as well.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Arthur Benjamin is an American mathematician with expertise in Combinatorics. He is widely recognized for his aptitude in mental mathematics and performances in front of a live audience.

While still in college, Arthur worked as a mathematician for the Institute for Defense Analyses, the National Security Agency, and the National Bureau Of Standards, among other organizations. At Harvey Mudd College, he was appointed as a Mathematics assistant professor after receiving his Ph.D. He was Harvey Mudd's mathematics department chair from 2002 - 2004 and is currently a full professor there.

Arthur has written five books and more than 90 academic articles. He has recorded mathematics courses for the Teaching Company's 'The Great Courses' series. For over five years, He was a co-editor of the magazine called 'Math Horizons'.

Magic has always piqued Arthur's curiosity. He attended magic conferences and improved his magic abilities during his college days. James Randi, a well-known magician, and skeptic whom he met during one such conference, had a significant impact on his choice to conduct 'Mathemagics' acts in front of actual spectators. Randi encouraged him to showcase his mathematical prowess on the Uri Geller-co-hosted television special 'Exploring Psychic Powers Live'.

Arthur was urged by Randi to join the rising skeptical movement. In the ’90s, he went to the initial 'Southern California Skeptics' gatherings, which ultimately became the Skeptics Society. He first met Michael Shermer, the president of the Skeptics Society, at these gatherings. Shermer would subsequently collaborate with Benjamin for three of his books.

Arthur Benjamin frequently engages live audiences with his 'Mathemagics' show at conferences, and institutions, including even 'The Magic Castle' in Hollywood, California. He performs mathematical marvels throughout his performances, including quickly squaring integers with five digits maximum and, based on birth dates, correctly determining the date on which members of the audience were born.

Additionally, he was a part of the 1994 '3DO Interactive Multiplayer Multimedia' mathemagics disc, which is primarily made up of Benjamin's brief explanations and tutorials on Mathemagics and mental mathematics.

Benjamin has three 'TED Talks' to his credit. His 'Mathemagics' presentation was featured in the first, which happened in 2005. The second, which was made in 2009, called for better math instruction in classrooms. The third, published in 2013, discussed how the Fibonacci sequence of numbers serves as a superb illustration of the three main purposes for learning mathematics: application, inspiration, and calculation.

Over the years, Benjamin has made several television appearances, with a memorable one in 2010 on 'The Colbert Report'. Over 100 pieces in publications including 'People Magazine', 'USA Today', 'Scientific American', and 'The New York Times' have featured him.

What awards has Arthur Benjamin won?

Arthur Benjamin has several accolades to his name. In 1997, he won the American Backgammon Tour Player of the Year. In 2000, Benjamin became a fellow of the Institute of Combinatorics and Its Applications. MAA presented him with the Haimo Distinguished Teaching Award. He also won the CHOICE Award from the American Library Association in 2004.

Arthur Benjamin's Hobbies And Interests

Theater going, competitive backgammon, parody writing, racing calculators, and performing magic are some of Arthur Benjamin's favorite pastimes.

Other Interesting Arthur Benjamin Facts And Trivia

  • In 2012 Arthur Benjamin was selected by the Princeton Review as among 'The Best 300 Professors'.
  • Benjamin was named 'America's Best Math Whiz' by Reader's Digest in 2005.
  • Benjamin, along with co-author Michael Shermer, wrote the book 'Secrets Of Mental Math', which reveals his techniques for making quick mental calculations.
  • His zodiac sign is Pisces.

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