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Ashley Goyette Birthday & Fun Facts

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Ashley Goyette Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Ashley Goyette
Place Of Birth
Philadelphia, USA
27 years old
Birth Date
December 22 1996

Ashley Goyette Facts

Child Star?
YouTuber, TikTok Star
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth

About Ashley Goyette

Ashley Goyette was born on December 22, 1996, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States of America, under the zodiac sign of Aries.

Her ethnicity is French-Irish-Iberian. Ashley Goyette is a social media influencer, YouTuber, Instagram star, entrepreneur, TikTok star, and fitness trainer.

Ashley Goyette started her fitness journey in her sophomore year. Ashley Goyette has a YouTube channel that has 905,000 subscribers. She has appeared on many famous YouTube channels like Loveliveserve, Strawberry Park, Rob, and more.

Ashley Goyette has been working as an influencer for JustCBD, EHPlabs, Skintightinc., and more. Her pictures in modelling poses have drawn an impressive number of followers to her social media handles. She has also modeled for some brands. Her TikTok has over 5000 fans. She has over 313,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Ashley Goyette Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ashley Goyette’s net worth?

Ashley Goyette’s estimated net worth is around $1 million as a successful YouTuber and Instagram star.

How much does Ashley Goyette earn per year?

There is no information regarding Ashley Goyette’s annual earnings or salary.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ashley Goyette?

Ashley Goyette’s height is approximately 5 ft 5 in (165 cm).

How old is Ashley Goyette?

Ashley Goyette will turn 26 on December 22, 2022. She was born on December 22, 1996, in Philadelphia, USA.

Childhood And Education

Ashley Goyette was born on December 22, 1996, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States. There is no information revealed by Ashley Goyette about her family so far. Her ethnicity is French-Irish-Iberian. She has not disclosed any information about her parents or siblings. The details like her parents' and siblings' names or occupations are not available. Ashley Goyette has not disclosed elaborate details about her childhood or educational background. She completed high school in Hamilton, New Jersey, The United States. Ashley then pursued higher education in 2017 at Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies in 2020. She also completed her minors in nutrition. Her big picture goal is to achieve business entrepreneurship skills.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ashley Goyette dating?

Ashley Goyette’s current relationship status might be single. No information or activities on her social media accounts indicate otherwise. There is no record of her previous relationships. She has kept her love-life private and away from the eyes of the media.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Ashley Goyette is a flourishing TikTok star, Instagram influencer, and fitness trainer. She has said that one of her inspirations is Rihanna. In the future, she would like to start a clothing line. She also wishes to tackle the problems and impact of fast fashion and live a sustainable lifestyle. She has a YouTube channel under her name, which has 905,000 subscribers. She has appeared on many famous YouTube channels like Loveliveserve, Strawberry Park, Rob, and more. She has been working as an influencer for JustCBD, a nutrition and supplement company, and EHPlabs, also a fitness supplement company. She has also devoted her time to a modeling career. She has modeled for several brands.

Charity Work

Ashley supported the Black Lives Matter campaign and posted information relating to the campaign, and encouraged people to learn and educate others about the issue.

Ashley Goyette’s Hobbies And Interests

Ashley Goyette loves traveling a lot. Ashley is a fashion enthusiast; therefore another hobby of hers is shopping. She is very passionate about modeling and enjoys doing it. As an Instagram star, she likes to click on interesting photos for her followers.

Other Interesting Ashley Goyette Facts And Trivia

  • Ashley Goyette’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • Ashley Goyette is vegan. She has been off animal-based food and meat since around 2018.
  • She explained in her YouTube video that her transition from eating meat to being vegetarian to vegan was because of her weight loss journey.
  • Ashley Goyette became more vigilant about what she was eating and how it affected her health when she started studying nutrition.
  • Ashley Goyette has several tattoos. She has an angel tattoo, a with-love tattoo on her arms, a tattoo of a palm tree, a snake tattoo on her wrist, a tattoo of the phases of the moon, and more.
  • Ashley Goyette recently got a big dragon tattoo on her back.

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