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Ashton Pienaar Birthday & Fun Facts

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Ashton Pienaar Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Ashton Pienaar
Place Of Birth
34 years old
Birth Date
June 14 1989

Ashton Pienaar Facts

Child Star?
Reality Star
Education & Qualifications
University of Johannesburg
Net Worth

About Ashton Pienaar

Born in South Africa, Ashton Pienaar is a famous reality star.

Ashton Pienaar is known for his appearance on the 'Bravo' reality series as a deck crew. He had quit his desk job to pursue his passion for adventure.

Ashton Pienaar was born on June 14, 1989, in South Africa. He has two siblings named Trent and Kendy. Want to know more about this celebrity? Please scroll below and check our most recent updates about Ashton Pienaar's net worth, salary, age, and profession. Also, discover more detailed information about his personal life and complete biography.

Ashton Pienaar Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ashton Pienaar's net worth?

Ashton Pienaar has a net worth of around $1,000,000.

How much does Ashton Pienaar earn per year?

The exact earnings of how much Ashton Pienaar earns are not available. His earnings mainly come from his career as a reality star.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ashton Pienaar?

Ashton Pienaar's height is not available.

How old is Ashton Pienaar?

Born in South Africa, Ashton Pienaar is 33 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Ashton Pienaar attended Fourways High School from 2003-2007. Ashton Pienaar graduated from Glenvista High School. Ashton Pienaar completed his Bachelor's degree in entrepreneurial management from the University of Johannesburg.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ashton Pienaar dating?

Ashton Pienaar was in a relationship with Laura Betancourt, co-contestant from 'Below Deck' season six.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

In 2011, he began his career as a Verification Analyst at Simunye Resources in South Africa. In 2014, he left his job to join Frog productions as a production manager. From 2015-2017, he worked for Oomph Media Group as a Client Service and Sales Manager in South Africa.

After doing a desk job for seven years in South Africa, Ashton Pienaar quit his job and joined a yacht training course in the South of France. With a passion for adventure, he wanted to become a private yachtie. In June 2017, he joined the Motor Yacht gene machine as a deckhand.

In February 2018, he joined the American reality television series 'Bravo'. Ashton Pienaar was a deck crew alongside other members, including Tyler Rowland and Chandler brooks.

The reality star rose to fame as a deckhand when he joined the reality show. He was one of the crew members of Seanna apart from Ross Inia, Rhylee Gerber, Josiah Carter, Chandler Brooks, and after Brooks left, Tyler Rowland. As of 2022, Josiah Carter is 28 years old.

Ashton Pienaar became famous for his relationship with Laura Betancourt. At the end of the season, Ashton and Laura walked off together from the boat. They were seen again together at the season's reunion. The reality star reappeared in season seven of the reality show as 'Bosun'.

Ashton Pienaar's Hobbies And Interests

Ashton Pienaar likes to play cricket and rugby.

Other Interesting Ashton Pienaar Facts And Trivia

  • In season six of the reality show, a rope got tangled around Ashton Pienaar's ankle while on the swim platform. The yacht went off and dragged him from the platform to the ocean. He was saved by the cameraman, who helped untangle him so that Ashton could swim to safety.
  • After his near-death experience on the reality show, Ashton Pienaar is not yachting. The reality star also works as a certified personal trainer, CEO, and Founder of the company AP Elite.
  • Before his appearance in the reality show, Ashton Pienaar was also on the television series 'Watch What Happens: Live'.
  • The reality star is active on Twitter and has more than 20,000 followers.

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