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August Maturo Birthday & Fun Facts

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August Maturo Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
August Maturo
Place Of Birth
Ventura California, USA
16 years old
Birth Date
August 27 2007

August Maturo Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Maha Maturo, Joe Maturo
Michele, Ocean Maturo

About August Maturo 

August Maturo is a well-known American film actor as well as a television actor.

August Maturo was born on August 28, 2007, in Ventura, California, in the United States of America. His portrayal of Auggie Matthews on the Disney Channel series 'Girl Meets World' and his recurrent position as the vocal of Puck McSnorter for 'Mickey' and 'the Roadster Racers' are what brought him the most attention and made him a household name.

The horror-thriller flick 'The Nun' (2018) and the comedy feature 'Slapface' are only two of his major television credits (2021).

August Maturo Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is August Maturo’s net worth?

August Maturo's net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.

How much does August Maturo earn per year?

August Maturo earns $400,000 per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is August Maturo?

August Maturo is 5 ft 5 in (165 cm) tall.

How old Is August Maturo?

August Maturo will be 15 years old by August 28, 2022.

Childhood And Education

Talking about August Maturo's early life, August Maturo was born in the United States of America on August 28, 2007, in Ventura, California. He spent his formative years in Ventura, California. His mother is Maha Maturo, while his father is Joe Maturo. In addition, his younger brother's name is Ocean, and both have the same birth date. He also has one sweet sister, whose name is Michele. August Maturo is a citizen of America, and Virgo is his zodiac sign. August Maturo belongs to the Judaism religion, and his nationality is American.

The year 2020 marked the beginning of his freshman year of high school for him. He enjoyed performing on stage and giving life to the characters in the stories he told.

Family Life

August Maturo's family life includes his father, whose name is Joe Maturo, his mother, whose name is Maha Maturo, and two siblings, Michele as his sister and Ocean, his brother. August Maturo has ancestry that comes from both Italy as well as Jordan. August was able to read and write before he turned two years old. August has already demonstrated an incredible aptitude for both funny and dramatic roles.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

August Maturo made his professional acting debut when he was just four years old; following participating in a church play and expressing a wish to be on stage instead of being in the audience, he was given the opportunity. In 2012, he landed in the acting business. As a television actor, he was cast in many television series, such as he was the first cast in the 'Weeds' TV series as Kyle in 2012. Again in 2012, Maturo was cast as six-year-old Marvin in the 'How I Met Your Mother' TV series.

In 2013, Maturo was cast as Alden in the 'Dads' television series. Apart from these TV series, he was also cast in various series such as 'Raising Hope', 'See Dad Run', 'Suburgatory', 'Boned', 'The Odd Couple', 'Teachers', 'Mickey', and 'The Roadster Racer'. His recent appearance was in the TV series 'The Conners' in 2021, where he was cast as Mark's classmate.

August Maturo was also cast in 'Applebaum' television drama film as the regular role of Isaac in 2012. It's possible that August Maturo is most recognized nationally and maybe worldwide for his starring role in the critically acclaimed original series 'Girl Meets World' on Disney Channel. Maturo made the transition from television to the cinema with the release of 'The Nun', a highly popular horror film produced by Warner Bros.

What awards has August Maturo won?

In 2015, August Maturo was nominated for Young Artist Awards in the category of Outstanding Young Ensemble in a TV Series for 'Girl Meets World'. In 2021, August Maturo won The Reaper Awards in the Best Actor in Feature Film category for 'Slapface'.

Other Interesting August Maturo Facts And Trivia

  • August Maturo was born on August 28, 2007, in Ventura, California, the USA is a famous television as well as a film actor. He is currently living in Los Angeles with his family.
  • In 2012, Maturo was cast as Issac in his first TV drama film, 'Applebaum'. 
  • August Maturo's appearance in the Disney series 'Girl Meets World' resulted in his breakthrough role in his life.
  • August Maturo has been featured in numerous commercials, one of the most notable of which is a 2012 advertisement for the Hyundai Sonata.
  • Tree nuts, Peanuts, garbanzo beans, coconut, sesame, peas, and sunflower are the things from which he gets allergies.
  • On September 4, 2018, he appeared in the premiere of the 'Nun' movie.
  • August Maturo is very popular on Instagram. His Instagram account has 1.7 million followers until July 2022.
  • During the shooting of 'Girl Meets World', August Maturo had an anaphylactic response, which is a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction.

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