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Axell Hodges’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Axell Hodges

Eye Color


Place Of Birth

Encinitas, USA


25 years old

Birth Date

August 19, 1996

Star Sign


Axell Hodges Facts

Child Star?



American Motocross And X Games Competitor

Net Worth

$500 thousand

Current Partner

Gabriella Abutbol


Shaman Hodges, Triti Hodges


1.8m (5'7"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Rat

Annual Earnings

$50 thousand+ per year

About Axell Hodges

Axell Hodges, generally known by the name of Axell ‘Slay’ Hodges, is a notable motorbike racer from the United States of America.

Despite being a young racer, he has come a long way in his career. Hodges has shattered several of the renowned racers' records.

Hodges still has a long way to go in his professional racing career. Hodges successfully won Loretta Lynn's Amateur Championship. The racer rose to popularity with the success of his life documentary, 'SLAY: The Axell Hodges Story.' Following the release of the film, Hodges became known as Slay among the general public. Donn Maeda directed it. He is an X-Games motocross competitor known as Slay. He was the only rookie and the youngest of more than five years to compete in the Step Upfield at the 2016 X Games. Axell Hodges' zodiac sign is Leo, according to astrologers.

Axell Hodges Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Axell Hodges’ net worth?

Axell Hodges has a whopping net worth of $500,000.

How much does Axell Hodges earn per year?

Axell Hodges' per year salary is $50,000.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Axell Hodges?

Axell Hodges has a height of 5 ft 9 in (175 cm).

How old is Axell Hodges?

As of August 2022, Axell Hodges will be 26 years of age. Axell celebrates his birthday each year on August 20.

Childhood And Education

Axell Raymond Hodges is a well-known motocross competitor, and X-games was born on August 20, 1996, in Encinitas, California. His athletic future was written in the sand rather than the stars as he grew up watching his father and two siblings race dirt bikes. Axell Hodges was born to his parents, Triti Hodges and Shaman Hodges. Axell grew up with a sister whose name is Moran Hodges and two older brothers.

Hodges started riding when he was eight years old. Axell grew up with two older brothers who used to ride dirt bikes with their dad when he was a kid. Among his two brothers, one is directing the YouTube mini videos of Axell's Monster Energy. In the backyard of their house, ridges were built for Axell to practice riding every day for half an hour and not more than that because the canyon used to generate echoes, and the neighbors used to complain, so there was no option for him to practice more than that. He installed spark arrestors in his bike's pipes so the canyon would not make echoes. During the time of regular practice, he didn't rev up the engine as he does at the time of actual games.

Aside from biking, he has also participated in many activities which required speed and balance, like snowboarding, surfing, and skating. All his athletic activities paid him off because he got inspiration from the prior activities, which led him to develop something, no one had seen before and had never done.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Axell Hodges dating?

Axell has been dating prominent Instagram beauty Gabriella Abutbol for around two years.

The connection between the two is visible in their social media posts and appears to be developing by the day.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

At 16 years of age, when Axell participated in the world's largest amateur competition and won the race of Loretta Lynn's Amateur Championship C Class, he got all the fame as a motorcycle rider. During the grand opening of 333 MX Park at Victorville Motorcycle competition, Broc Tickle and Axell rode the bike. In 2015, Axell got second place in the Monster Energy Cup, and in 2016, he started competing in X Games. In 2016 X-games competed in the Step Upfield. Interestingly, Axell was the youngest X-games motocross competitor for more than five years.

Axell got a silver medal in the Best Whip category of his first-year competition without any experience. Since then, his rankings have risen, and in 2018, his third year, he won a gold medal. But he was not only chasing game medals. His aim has always been to set new records. Evel Knievel's son Robbie Knievel has a record of jumping over 25 trucks with the bike, and the huge 378 ft 9 in (11544.3 cm) jump set out on a motorcycle by Robbie Madison, is Axell's goal. Axell has worked hard to break that record and put in all his effort because, in the history of 'Evel Live 2' hosted by Evel Knievel, Axell was supposed to perform this stunt.

Unfortunately, on a motorcycle, during his practice jump, when he tried to break the record jump of Robbie Maddison, 378 ft 9 in (11544.3 cm), he seriously got hurt in his ankles on a practice jump.

Many were disappointed that Axell missed the opportunity to break the record and his about-to-be career. Axell was thankful and blessed that he survived the crash and nothing worse had happened to him. When he was questioned about missing the chance followed by his injury, Axell said that Travis Pastrana inspired him.

He had also said that he was very impatient to make his name in the motocross world. A small ankle injury can't stop him from the game for a long time.

Moreover, in today's generation, many rising stars from numerous sectors are gaining fame from all over the world. Axell used social media tools in a unique way to get over a million followers, and he also made a unique moto content brand on YouTube.

What awards has Axell Hodges won?

Axell Hodges had won seven X-Games medals. He has also won the world's largest motocross race.

Axell Hodges’ Hobbies And Interests

Axell Hodges is intensely interested in snowboarding, BMX biking, and skateboarding.

Other Interesting Axell Hodges Facts And Trivia

  • Due to Axell Hodges' serious injuries, he could not do his live performance in 'Evel live 2'. It was the longest jump attempted on a motorcycle.
  • The x-games and motocross competitor has a huge fan following on Instagram and his YouTube channel, and he uploads his biking videos for his fans on social media.
  • Hodhges' devotion to the racing world made him host X Games 2021 Moto X in his compound, measuring around 40-acre (16.2 ha).

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