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Ayesha Mukherjee Birthday & Fun Facts

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Ayesha Mukherjee Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Ayesha Mukherjee
Place Of Birth
Kolkata, India
48 years old
Birth Date
August 27 1975

Ayesha Mukherjee Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Zoravar Dhawan, Aliyah Dhawan, Rhea Dhawan

About Ayesha Mukherjee

Ayesha Mukherjee is popularly known as the ex-wife of Shikhar Dhawan and as a successful businesswoman.

Ayesha Mukherjee is also a social media influencer, a popular YouTuber from Kolkata, and a former kickboxer. Ayesha Mukherjee was born and brought up in Kolkata, India

Ayesha Mukherjee is an Indian businesswoman. She holds dual nationality and her zodiac sign is Virgo. Ayesha Mukherjee is also famous as an amateur boxer and as the ex-wife of Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan. From her childhood days, Ayesha Mukherjee was very fond of fitness. Not only that, but Ayesha Mukherjee also has helped her husband Shikhar Dhawan to maintain a good body by involving him in fitness. Ayesha is very much interested in getting tattoos. She has lots of tattoos on her body, especially on her back and right bicep.

In her earlier life, she was married to an Australian businessman, whose name is unknown, before marrying Dhawan. However, soon after some personal issues, both of them separated from each other and got divorced. From her second marriage, she has three children. The names of her daughters are Rhea Dhawan and Aliyah Dhawan and her son is called Zoravar.

Ayesha is very active on social media platforms. Ayesha runs a YouTube channel where she uploads video content about parenting.  She also has an Instagram account, which has more than 243,00 followers as of July 2022. She has a huge fan following on all her social media profiles. She is a fitness enthusiast and she also often uploads video content related to fitness.

Ayesha Mukherjee Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ayesha Mukherjee’s net worth?

The approximate net worth of Ayesha Mukherjee is $1-5 million. 

How much does Ayesha Mukherjee earn per year?

As she is a successful businesswoman and an entrepreneur, her annual income is believed to be significant. However, she does not disclose her annual earnings and salary to the media.  

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ayesha Mukherjee?

The height of Ayesha Mukherjee is 5 ft 5 in (165 cm).

How old is Ayesha Mukherjee?

As of 2022, Ayesha Mukherjee is 47 years old. Ayesha Mukherjee was born on August 27, 1975. 

Childhood And Education

From her childhood days, Ayesha Mukherjee was born and brought up in Kolkata, India. Her birth sign is Virgo. Ayesha Mukherjee is an Anglo-Indian as her mother is of British descent. 

According to sources, Ayesha Mukherjee has completed her schooling and graduated from a reputed school and college in Kolkata, India. However, the names of the school and college are not known.

Ayesha Mukherjee does not provide much information about her parents and relatives. Therefore, the public does not know the names of her parents. Ayesha Mukherjee also spent a lot of years in her childhood with her parents in Australia. She is very close to her father and often shares pictures with her father on social media platforms. She has also spent many years in Cape Town with her parents. After her birth, her parents decided to move to Australia.

She was very young when her whole family shifted to Australia. Both her father and mother previously worked at an industrial plant in India. 

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ayesha Mukherjee’s partner?

The partner of Ayesha Mukherjee was the Indian cricketer, Shikhar Dhawan. In 2009, Ayesha Mukherjee and Shikhar Dhawan got engaged to each other.

Ayesha Mukherjee first met her husband Shikhar Dhawan through a mutual friend of Shikhar Dhawan. The name of a common friend of Shikhar Dhawan was Harbhajan Singh. He is also a very popular and successful Indian cricketer. After dating Shikhar Dhawan for three years, they finally decided to get married in the year 2012 but they separated in 2021. Zoravar Dhawan is the son of Shikhar Dhawan. Ayesha gave birth to Zoravar Dhawan in 2014. Ayesha also had two daughters with her former husband. The daughters' names are Aliyah Dhawan and Rhea Dhawan. 

 The estimated net worth of Ayesha’s former husband is $14 million. Shikhar Dhawan is a popular and successful cricketer.  He is a left-handed opener. In addition, he is also playing for IPL.  He has also played for the under-17 and under-19 teams.  With his amazing performance for the Indian team, he has successfully received admiration from his team. Not only that, but even sporting audiences have frequently praised him for his excellent performance on the Indian team, and he is regarded as one of the best openers. 

Ayesha has a deep connection with India and loves to spend time in different locations in India by traveling with friends and family members. Every year, Ayesha Mukherjee celebrates her birthday in the month of August.

She entertains her fans and followers by using social media platforms and loves to share photos and pictures on social media platforms like Instagram. In the year 2021, Ayesha Mukherjee divorced her husband Shikhar Dhawan in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, India.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For...

Ayesha Mukherjee is well known as a successful businesswoman as well as a social media influencer.  Ayesha Mukherjee is also well known as the former wife of Shikhar Dhawan, an Indian cricketer for the Indian cricket team. 

Ayesha Mukherjee started her career as a professional kickboxer. After that, she moved on to become a successful businesswoman as well as a successful entrepreneur. This former kickboxer is now living in New Delhi with her daughters and son. 

With her former husband, Shikhar Dhawan, Ayesha Mukherjee traveled a lot to many countries including Australia. As the husband of Ayesha Mukherjee is a very popular Indian cricketer, she also became famous. People love watching all the videos that she often uploads on her Instagram platform. 

Besides that, as she is a fitness enthusiast, she likes to share her fitness tips and motivational videos on fitness with her audience through social media platforms such as Instagram. She maintains her physique in that way.

Dhawan played many matches for India and represented India internationally. Not only that, but he is also an active cricketer.  The former husband of Ayesha Mukherjee is also famous as Gabbar.

Ayesha Mukherjee has made a name for herself with her profession as a businesswoman and kickboxer and as the ex-wife of Dhawan. In addition to this, she is also viewed as a very talented woman and is known for having a versatile personality.

Ayesha Mukherjee’s Hobbies And Interests

Some of the interests and hobbies of Ayesha Mukherjee include traveling, blogging, reading books, and spending time with family members.

Other Interesting Ayesha Mukherjee Facts And Trivia

  • Ayesha Mukherjee can speak the Bengali language fluently.
  • Ayesha Mukherjee is a fitness enthusiast and an entrepreneur.
  • Ayesha belongs to Anglo-Indian parents.
  • She met Shikhar through her mutual friend, Harbhajan Singh.
  • She has a great interest in tattoos. Ayesha has a tattoo of her daughters' names on her bicep.
  • Ayesha likes non-vegetarian food.
  • She is a former boxer.
  • She likes the colors red and pink.
  • Dhawan and Ayesha married on October 30, 2012.
  • Ayesha Mukherjee and her former husband Shikhar Dhawan separated from each other after eight years of marriage in 2021.

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