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Ayleo Bowles Birthday & Fun Facts

Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography & More

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Ayleo Bowles Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
Ann Arbor, USA
27 years old
Birth Date
October 30 1996

Ayleo Bowles Facts

Child Star?
YouTuber, Dancer, Rapper
Education & Qualifications
Willow Run High School
Net Worth
Mateo Bowles

About Ayleo Bowles

Ayleo Bowles and Mateo Bowles rose to fame with personalized choreography of dancing with a funk quotient.

Ayleo Bowles became famous for posting dancing videos on YouTube with his older brother. Their 2017 single 'Rolex' charted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 20.

Ayleo Bowles, with his brother, Mateo Bowles, has a YouTube channel where he uploads videos with awe-inspiring dance steps. Bowles uses a generous mix of hip hop, locking, popping, and freestyle that will keep you mesmerized. The successful combination of the different styles of dancing that Bowles uses keeps his views entertained. He keeps uploading regular videos with experimental dance moves, and it has earned his YouTube channel more than a million views.

Ayleo created the unique reverse order dance steps that became viral overnight. Although Michael Jackson started the dance style, he added a personal reverse style to it, which became a success. His dance has his viewer tapping his own foot while listening to the music and watching his moves. Ayo's choreography for 'Nae Nae' by Silento became famous overnight reaching more than 150 million views. Read ahead to discover amazing facts about Ayleo Bowles, including details about his net worth, childhood, family life, career, and more.

Ayleo Bowles Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ayleo Bowles' net worth?

The net worth of Ayleo Bowles is $1 million.

How much does Ayleo Bowles earn per year?

There is no information available about the annual income of Ayleo Bowles.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ayleo Bowles?

The height of Ayleo Bowles is 5 ft 8 in (172.72 cm)

How old is Ayleo Bowles?

Ayleo Bowles was born on October 30, 1996. He is going to turn 25 this year.

Childhood And Education

Ayleo Bowles was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He attended the Willow Run High School, Ypsilanti, in Ann Arbor, and then went in to continue his education at the Washtenaw Community College. According to Ayleo, his dancing inspirations have been Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Missy Elliot.

Ayleo Bowles and his family are still based in Ann Arbor. Ayleo Bowles' father is Jummane, a well-known DJ and breakdancer from Ann Arbor. He is also the older sibling of Mateo Bowles.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ayleo Bowles dating?

Presently Bowles is single and does not share many details about his personal and family life.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Ayleo Bowles is an American singer and rapper who began his career in Ann Arbor, whose crazy dance moves to upbeat music soon had a fan following. Ayleo is known to keep doing dance challenges to keep viewers entertained.

As a dancer and YouTuber, he co-founded Ayo & Teo channel alongside his brother Mateo Bowles. Mateo danced on the channel alongside his brother.

Ayleo Bowles is best known for his performance before an iHeart Memphis show at the Jackson Theatre in Jackson, Michigan.

Ayleo Bowles' Hobbies And Interests

According to Ayleo Bowles, videography and photography are his interests when he is not busy choreographing his next dance.

Other Interesting Ayleo Bowles Facts And Trivia

  • Ayleo and his brother Mateo danced at the BET awards in 2016.
  • Ayleo is often seen sporting unique masks while dancing. He does this so that his viewers do not get distracted by his facial expressions while making a complicated dance move.
  • Ayleo is an expert musician who plays the trombone, piano, and drums with expertise.
  • Ayleo is known to have begun dancing around the age of five.

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