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Ben Hampton’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Ben Hampton

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Place Of Birth

Fresno, USA


11 years old

Birth Date

May 09, 2011

Star Sign


Ben Hampton Facts

Child Star?





Branden Hampton, Stephanie Hampton


Mattison Hampton


1.3m (4'2"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Rabbit

About Ben Hampton

Ben Hampton, also known as Young Savage, is an American Instagram personality from California who has gotten most of his fame from being a part of the renowned YouTuber, Jake Paul's vlog team, Team 10.

Ben Hampton has also done many videos and collaborations with Jake Paul. Besides his work with Team 10, he has also done videos on cooking and taste-test challenges and a few prank videos.

At such a young age, Ben Hampton has large-scale merchandise including hoodies and t-shirts. Ben Hampton was listed as the chief executive officer of the charitable organization named ‘Save Da Bears’ which is run by an initiative to save and protect bears by funding a portion of the profit from the sales of teddy bears. Ben initially gained fame from his Instagram photos. He was well aware of the YouTube industry long before he even started to make YouTube videos. Ben's first YouTube video was uploaded in September 2107.

Ben Hampton Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ben Hampton’s net worth?

As a renowned Instagram personality and YouTuber, Ben Hampton has amassed quite a considerable net worth through his career as an emerging YouTuber and Instagram star. His net worth is estimated to be between $1-5 million.

How much does Ben Hampton earn per year?

Ben mostly earns from his career in the social media industry. As some aspects of his life are kept low-key, there is not much information available about Ben Hampton’s earnings per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ben Hampton?

Ben Hampton is 4 ft 2 in (127 cm) tall.

How old is Ben Hampton?

Ben Hampton was born in California on May 9, 2011, to his parents Stephanie Hampton and Branden Hampton. As of 2022, he is currently 11 years old.

Childhood And Education

Ben Hampton was born and brought up in Fresno, California. His mother, Stephanie, used to dress Ben up in SpongeBob and OshKosh B’gosh t-shirts. Soon his pictures of coordinated outfits went out on the social media accounts of his parents and soon he earned popularity through his pictures. Eventually, another Instagram account was created in his name. His Instagram profile is usually run by his parents.

Family Life

Ben Hampton was born on May 2011, in California to his parents Stephanie and Branden Hampton. His father is an entrepreneur apart from being a social media expert. Ben has two elder siblings. His sister’s name is Mattison and his brother's name is yet to be revealed. As it’s known, Ben’s parents generally run most of the social media profiles. Ben studies in a public elementary school. Along with his studies, he also participates in extracurricular activities which include going to dance classes for jazz, ballet, and hip hop. He also plays in the soccer league.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

At the age of two, this Fresno-born influencer spent hours watching YouTube videos, especially toy reviews. In time, when he graduated kindergarten and got to first grade, as much as he was obsessed with games, he got more indulged in watching gaming videos by popular gamers and video creators. Ben initially rose to prominence when his fashion and lifestyle photos went viral on Instagram. With his parents by his side, he has gained so much publicity throughout his journey in the social media industry.

In 2017, Hampton got a head start on social media platforms in the month of February when his graduation photo at kindergarten was uploaded and loved by the viewers. Moreover, in July 2017, Hampton created a YouTube channel in his own name. In September 2017, he uploaded his initial video on his YouTube channel named ‘Breaking A Guinness Book World Record Not Clickbait’. That video amassed hundreds and thousands of views in no time.

In 2017, Hampton collaborated with the famous YouTuber, Jake Paul. In no time he joined his Team 10 vlogs squad in December. Though Ben is still at his learning stage and can’t sign his name properly, he was seen scribbling his name’s initials on his fans’ sweatshirts, shoes, and phone cases inside a small store in Los Angeles.

Charity Work

Ben Hampton was listed as the CEO of the charitable foundation ‘Save Da Bears’. The organization works with a motto of protecting and saving the bears by initiating funds with a portion of the profit received by selling teddy bears.

Other Interesting Ben Hampton Facts And Trivia

  • This Fresno-born influencer's zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • Ben Hampton practices Jiujitsu and Muy Thai two times a week and boxing once every week with his professor Brent.
  • Ben also takes jazz, hip hop, and ballet classes and likes to play the piano.
  • As of July 2022, Ben Hampton has amassed 479,000 followers on Instagram.
  • Ben has collaborated with the YouTube star, Jake Paul and has appeared in many vlogs and videos with him.
  • In 2017, Hampton made his first-ever YouTube channel in the month of July and it was greatly praised by the viewers. This video has over 100,000 views as of July 2022.
  • Ben Hampton has 130,000 subscribers on YouTube as of July 2022.
  • One of Ben’s most well-known YouTube videos is ‘I Broke Into Jake Paul’s New House!’ which has gathered over 3 million views as of July 2022. His other popular video is ‘[Prank] Putting 47,000 Cheeseballs in Jake Paul’s Car’.

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