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Ben Shattuck Birthday & Fun Facts

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Ben Shattuck Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Ben Shattuck
Place Of Birth
39 years old
Birth Date
March 26 1984

Ben Shattuck Facts

Child Star?
Artist, Art Curator, Writer
Education & Qualifications
Cornell University
Net Worth
Current Partner
Jenny Slate
Ida Lupine
William Shattuck, Dorothy Shattuck

About Ben Shattuck

An American art curator, writer, artist Ben Shattuck is an award-winning short-story writer with an artistic soul.

Ben Shattuck is a young celebrity who rose into prominence because of his romantic relationship with actress Jenny Slate. Currently, the writer is involved in writing his first novel.

Ben Shattuck, an alumnus of Iowa and Cornell University, has received a bunch of honors and awards for the artworks he has created even now. The Ivy-League-educated painter worked as a resident artist in Norway. Although Ben has his American citizenship at present, he still calls South Dartmouth his home. He hails from a family where both his parents are Artists. Shattuck's artifacts are exhibited in many premiere galleries throughout America. Ben Shattuck's mother, Dedee Shattuck, owns a contemporary art gallery named the Dedee Shattuck Gallery. Ben Shattuck is the Lead Curator of the gallery. This young talent received a large number of fellowships from coveted associations for his artistic mastery. The award-winning short story writer proposed to the Venom Actress Jenny Slate in 2019, and the couple welcomed their first baby girl in 2021. To know more information about the personal life of Ben Shattuck, keep on reading the article.

Ben Shattuck Net Worth, Earnings, And Spending Habits

What is Ben Shattuck's net worth?

As estimated by 2019, the net worth of Ben Shattuck is over $ 500,000. According to sources, it is more than $ 800,000 at present.

How much does Ben Shattuck earn per year?

The annual earnings of Ben Shattuck are still under review. His income status has not been verified yet.

Height, Age, And Physical Attributes

How tall is Ben Shattuck?

The height of the art curator, Ben Shattuck, is 6 ft (183 cm).

How old is Ben Shattuck?

The fiance of Jenny Slater, Ben Shattuck, is 38 years old. He Ben was born on March 26, 1984.

Childhood And Education

There is very little information regarding the childhood of Ben Shattuck. He was raised along the south seashore of Massachusetts. The son of Bill Shattuck and Deedee Shattuck, Ben Shattuck celebrates his birthday on March 26. He was born into an artistic family. His dad Bill was a painter, while his mom owned a contemporary art gallery where he takes the role of lead art curator at present. Following in his parents' footsteps, Ben also aimed to become an Artist. He spent his early years in South Dartmouth. While describing his childhood experiences, Ben has been recorded saying that he grew up in a house where the lighthouse light flashed on his bedroom wall. He could hear the sound of waves crashing on the beach and smell the salt-filled air. After school, he would go bird watching on the beach or pick wild grapes or beach plums in the moors. The warmth of the sea has a great role in his life, and the influence of the sea landscape is obvious from his artifacts.

Ben Shattuck completed his schooling at the Deerfield Academy and graduated high school in 2003. Following his dream of pursuing an art career, Shattuck completed his college education at Cornell University and graduated in 2008, majoring in fine arts, ornithology, and English. After completing his graduation, Ben acquired an MFA degree from the Iowa Writers' Workshop conducted by the University of Iowa while teaching a fellow writer. He studied for a year in Rome as well as at the Rhode Island School of Design. While living in southern Norway, he studied and visualized painting along with Odd Nerdrum. Ben got the training in writing fiction stories from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, and from the University of Iowa when he was teaching as a writing intern.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ben Shattuck's partner?

After dating for a short while, Ben Shattuck proposed to the American Actress Jenny Slate with a vintage ring in September 2019. He proposed to Jenny Slate while they were on a romantic vacation in southern France, and the American Actress said yes immediately. The girlfriend turned fiancee, Jenny Slate, made their relationship public in 2019, and the news of their engagement came in less than a year after they started dating.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Ben Shattuck rose to fame after getting engaged to the actress Jenny Slate. He is an accomplished Writer, Painter who received numerous awards and honors at a very young age. His short story. 'The History Of Sound' fetched him the Pushcart Award in 2019. He is also currently the leading Curator in Dedee Shattuck Gallery, which his mother established.

Being raised in a family of artists, Ben Shattuck was influenced by every aspect of nature, especially the sea. He has the soul of a creator, and his creativity is not only confined to the arts. Apart from being an Art Curator in the contemporary gallery of his mother, Ben is also a successful writer and painter. Ben's career as a writer began when he was appointed as a teaching-writing fellow at Iowa. He published major articles like 'Old New England And The Big Hint' and 'Artists Being Artists' in The Cornell Daily Sun of Ithaca and New York. While at Iowa, he interned as a research assistant at a publishing company called McSweeney's and in Rockefeller Consulting as well. His writings have been featured in various well-known publications such as The Paris Review Daily, The Morning News, Harvard Review, and many more. Currently, he is the director at Cuttyhunk Island Writers' Residency and has organized several exhibitions of his paintings in galleries like The Harrison Gallery, Sloane Merrill, and Steven Amedee.

Charity Work

Ben and Jenny are probably attached to several charities; unfortunately, there is no information about their good deeds.

What awards has Ben Shattuck won?

Ben Shattuck has been honored and awarded many awards and residencies from a very young age. He got a Residency with Odd Nerdrum in Norway in 2009-10 and the Gates of the Arctic Artist-in-Residence in Alaska in 2016. Shattuck received the PEN America Best Debut Short Story award in 2017 and the Pushcart Prize in 2019 for his fiction story, 'The History Of Sound.'

Ben Shattuck's Hobbies And Interests

Apart from his profession, Ben Shattuck is also deeply interested in reading, artworks, and theater plays. He also enjoys watching movies and listening to music. The iconic American singer Elvis Presley and actress Angelina Jolie are the favorite celebrities of the writer come, Painter. He loved taking vacations in Europe, and Paris is his favorite place.

Other Interesting Ben Shattuck's Facts And Trivia

  • Born two years and a day after Jenny Slate's birthday, the actress referred to Ben Shattuck as her cosmic twin,
  • Ben proposed to jenny with a gold ring featuring a dark stone mounted on the center. The couple gave birth to a baby girl two years after their engagement.
  • From Ben's Facebook account, it is clear that he also lived in Amsterdam. He shares his artistic creations on his Instagram.
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