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Betty Grable Birthday & Fun Facts

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Betty Grable Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Elizabeth Ruth Grable
Place Of Birth
St. Louis, USA
107 years old
Birth Date
December 18 1916

Betty Grable Facts

Child Star?
Actress, Dancer, Model, Singer
Education & Qualifications
Ernest Blecher Academy of Dance
Victoria Elizabeth James, Jessica James
Lillian Rose Hofmann, John Conn Grable
Marjorie Lucille Grable, John Karl Grable

About Betty Grable

Betty Grable was born Elizabeth Ruth Grable on December 18, 1916, in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

Elizabeth Ruth Grable was one of the most successful actresses of her time. She led multiple technicolor musicals to the top of box office draws throughout the war years and the ’50s, reaching the number one box office attraction in 1943.

With a passion for acting that began at a young age, Grable excelled in musical films, and romances like 'How To Marry A Millionaire' (1953). Her on-stage presence was that of the benign, graceful lady. Her dance routines won the hearts of her audience.

Betty Grable Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Betty Grable’s net worth?

Betty Grable had an estimated net worth of around 1-5 million dollars.

How much did Betty Grable earn per year?

The annual earnings of Betty Grable are not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Betty Grable?

Betty Grable was 5 ft 4 in (163 cm) tall.

How old was Betty Grable?

Betty Grable was 56 years old when she passed away in Santa Monica, California on July 2, 1973.

Childhood And Education

Betty Grable was born on December 18, 1916, in St. Louis, Missouri. Her parents were Lillian Rose and John Conn Grable. Betty had two siblings, Marjorie Lucille Grable and John Karl 'Jackie' Grable. John passed away at barely two years of age the same year Betty was born. Betty attended MICDS (Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School) and later Hollywood Professional School.

Betty's mother saw the showbiz potential in Betty and began to focus all her efforts on launching her to stardom. Lillian enrolled Betty in several performing arts lessons and programs. She began attending Ernest Blecher Academy of Dance when she was 12 years old. Much of the family's efforts and funds went towards Betty's training.

At only 12, Betty began working at Fox Studios by giving a false age of 15, but was soon found out and fired. However, producer Samuel Goldwyn from Goldwyn-United Artists took notice of her and signed her up to be a Goldwyn Girl, a musical stock company.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who was Betty Grable's partner?

Betty Grable was married to Jackie Coogan, a former child actor in 1937 but Betty and Jackie Coogan got divorced in 1939. She was then married to trumpeter Harry James in 1943. Betty had two children with her ex-husband Harry James, named Victoria Elizabeth 'Vicki' Bivens, and Jessica Yahner. Harry James and Betty's marriage lasted 22 years until they got divorced in 1965.

She later dated Bob Remick, a performer. They began dating in 1965 and stayed together until Betty died in 1973.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Betty Grable's profits from the 42 movies in her lifetime launched her to number one on the list of highest-salaried American women by The US Treasury Department in 1946 and 1947. Her biggest hits include 'How To Marry A Millionaire' (1953), 'Down Argentine Way' (1940), and the musical film 'Mother Wore Tights' (1947). Her role as Ruby Summers in 'Wabash Avenue' was very well-received.

Betty's pin-up girl image influenced the thousands of soldiers that left home to fight in the Second World War. The actress's American beauty and wholesome quality were a source of motivation and a reminder of home for her country's soldiers. Photos of her were even found with Japanese and German soldiers.

The most famous pin-up of Betty Grable is the one where she's posing in a white bathing suit with her back turned to the camera and a big smile on her face. The reason she was made to turn around in the picture was because of her pregnancy at the time.

Charity Work

Betty Grable was one of the 200 Hollywood personalities that showed up at a St. John's Hospital Guild charity circus in Hollywood, in 1948. The charity event was held at the Pan Pacific Grounds, and Betty made quite an appearance-riding in on an elephant.

What awards did Betty Grable win?

Betty Grable was a Laurel Award Nominee for Top Female Comedy Performance in 1954 and Top Female Musical Performance in 1950.

She had thrice been a winner of the Best Performances of the Month Photoplay Awards for her roles in 'Call Me Mister' (1951), 'Wabash Avenue' (1950), and 'A Yank In The R.A.F.' (1941).

Betty was honored as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960. She was inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians and also was honored with a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

Betty Grable’s Hobbies And Interests

She took the same energy outside of her professional life as well. Betty regularly attended high-profile events and especially loved to gamble. Betting on horse races was a hobby of hers, and the actress would often be seen cheering at the racetrack.

Other Interesting Betty Grable Facts And Trivia

  • One of the strangest yet famed assets of Betty's was none other than her long, athletic legs. She even insured them for $1 million.
  • Grable was good friends with yet another prominent actress and pin-up girl, Marilyn Monroe. It's even said that Grable was a great inspiration for Monroe when she was growing up.
  • When she was 12, Betty made her film debut as a chorus girl in 'Happy Days' (1929).
  • Betty would often be cast in the role of a college student because of her youthful appearance.

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