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Bill Handle’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Bill Handle

Place Of Birth

Brazil, Brazil


70 years old

Birth Date

August 25, 1951

Star Sign


Bill Handle Facts

Child Star?



Radio Host, Attorney

Education & Qualifications

California State University

Net Worth

$5 million

Current Partner

Marjorie Handel


Pamela Handel, Barbara Handel


Nechama Handel, Leo Handel


Mark Handel


1.6m (5'1"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Rabbit

About Bill Handel 

Bill Handel was born on 25th August 1951 in Brazil.
Bill's family immigrated from Brazil to the United States when he was just five and this makes him an American citizen. Bill Handel is also an attorney but he grew popular because of his radio shows.
In 1989, he joined the 640 KFI Los Angeles radio, to do a legal show on weekends. This association with the radio continues to date and his Bill Handel show is heard by millions in the country.
Bill has been a part of a lot of controversies over his hosting career and has strong opinions on many controversial topics. This radio personality is married to Marjorie Handel and has two children. His brother, Mark Handel is also in the entertainment industry and is a film producer.

Bill Handel Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bill Handel’s net worth?

Sources say that the net worth of Bill Handel is between $1-$5 million. Most of his net worth is earned from a flourishing radio host career.

How much does Bill Handel earn per year?

There is not much clarity on how much this radio host earns per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bill Handel?

Bill Handel is 5 ft 1 in (155 cm) tall.

How old is Bill Handel?

Bill Handel was born on 25th August 1951, which makes him 70 years old as of 2021.

Childhood And Education

Bill Handel was born William Wolf Handel in Brazil. His father, Leo Handel was from Yugoslavia while his mother, Nechama Handel, was from Poland and was a Polish Jew. He has a brother named Mark Handel. Sources say that his grandparents were one among those killed as a part of the European Jew genocide act during the Second World War.
The family moved to the United States in around 1956 or 1957 when Bill Handel was five years old. He spent a large part of his childhood in San Fernando Valley in California. He studied at the California State University, in Northridge and obtained a degree in Political Science from there. Later, he attended the Whittier Law School, taking classes at night to obtain a Juris Doctor degree (J.C degree). He was also running a construction company during this period.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Bill Handel’s partner?

Bill Handel is married to Marjorie Handel. Very little is known about her and their personal life, including their date of marriage. The couple has two children - Pamela Handel and Barbara Handel. The family right now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Bill Handel got a law degree from the Whittier Law School and went on to found the Center For Surrogate Parenting And Egg Donation in the 1980s. He started providing free consulting to parents who had legal hassles with surrogacy.
In 1989, he joined the 640 KFI Los Angeles and started doing a weekend legal advice show that was named Handel On The Law. This continued until 1993 and helped improve his net worth. Then he started hosting the talk and informative show that ran in the mornings every day. From January 2014, his Bill Handel Show aired from 5.00 am to 9.00 am in the mornings. This show talked about his personal life, general banter, and talks with the staff around. After a while, the first hour was cut and the timings became 6.00 am to 10.00 am.
His radio programs became very popular with the audience and in 1994, he hosted a Holocaust-related show, straight from Auschwitz. This was the place his grandparents had been killed. Between September 2009 and February 2010, he handled an additional slot along with the KFI Morning show, at 2 pm.
In his KFI morning show, Handel often starts by covering all the top stories that happened the day before and then goes on to pick one story to talk about it in detail. In his Handel On the Law weekend legal show, he goes on to discuss legal problems that callers may have. He gives advice whenever needed and even goes on to tease the callers if he feels they don't actually have a case to fight! His show is considered very specific, legally and also fun because he interacts well with the callers.
Up to 2008, both of Handel's programs were covered by channel 158 of XM Satellite radio. This also helped improve his net worth substantially. In 2008, when this radio merged with Sirius Satellite Radio, these programs were discontinued.
Unlike other attorneys who used their law degrees to fight in the court, Bill Handel used his degree to advise people on radio and create a career in the radio entertainment industry. Did you know that Bill Handel's legal show is the longest-running radio program to date in the United States?
The Surrogate Parenting Center is very close to his heart and he also spends a lot of time on this cause. He is well-known in the circle of surrogate parenting for his efforts in helping out this society.
In September 2011, he covered the terrorist attack at the World Trade Center live. Most of the radio stations started broadcasting his live show during this attack.
Controversies have followed Bill Handel all through his radio event career. He was criticized for having strong opinions on certain controversial issues that he spoke about in the open air. Many times, because of these controversies, the radio channel had been forced to apologize to the public.
In 2006, Bill Handel and Jamie White, another radio host went into a shouting match on-air on KFI's FM sister station, KYSR. As a result, he was suspended from hosting for a week.

What awards has Bill Handel won?

In 2005, this radio personality was awarded the Major Market Personality of the Year award for his KFI shows. Bill Handel received an honorary Alumni Award from Cal State University in 2008.
In 2008, he also received the Local News/Talk/Sports Personality of the Year award bestowed by R&R for his news reports. Whittier Law School awarded him the Humanitarian Of The Year Award in 2009. In 2009, he was also offered the Hollywood Walk Of The Fame star, which lies at 6640 Hollywood Boulevard.
At a ceremony in the Museum Of Broadcast Communications in Chicago conducted in November 2017, this star with a law degree was inducted into the National Radio Hall Of Fame.

Bill Handel’s Hobbies And Interests

Bill Handel has a keen love for politics and general affairs. He invests a lot of time studying and discussing them so he can talk about them on the radio.

Other Interesting Bill Handel Facts And Trivia

Bill Handel calls himself a Latino Jew and spent a considerable part of his early years in South America.
Bill Handel was overweight for some part of his adult life and had to undergo bariatric surgery to lose weight.
Bill Handel also had a health scare sometime back and had to get admitted for removing a cyst from the spine, which caused an infection. It is said that he still receives antibiotics to handle the infection and lost 70 pounds (32 kg) because of this.
Bill Handel openly talks about how he had to go through rehabilitation because of drug addiction after college. He is said to have taken treatment at St. John's Hospital during the early 1980s.

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