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Billy Kramer Birthday & Fun Facts

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Billy Kramer Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
William Ashton
Place Of Birth
Bootle, England
80 years old
Birth Date
August 19 1943

Billy Kramer Facts

Child Star?
Pop Singer
Education & Qualifications
St George of England
Net Worth
Current Partner
Roni Kramer
Hugh Gibb, Jennifer Saunders
Maurice Gibb, Robin Gibb, Andy Gibb

About Billy J Kramer 

Billy J Kramer was an English pop singer born on August 19, 1943.
Billy J Kramer was born in Bootle, England. Brian Epstein discovered him in the '60s.
Born William Howard Ashton, Billy J Kramer is a pop singer from England. He is often referred to as the Fifth Beatle and is known for his recording of songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. His most famous songs include 'Bad To Me' and 'I'll Call Your Name.'
Born William Howard Ashton, Billy J Kramer is an English pop singer. He was a British Invasion singer and was managed by Brian Epstein, The Beatles manager. Bill J Kramer recorded many original compositions of Lennon and McCartney of The Beatles.

Billy J Kramer Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Billy J Kramer's net worth?

The pop singer began his career as a pop singer in the '60s and has amassed a net worth of around $11 million.

How much does Billy J Kramer earn per year?

It is unknown how much Billy J Kramer earns per year. However, his major earnings come from his recordings of McCartney's songs 'Bad To Me' and 'I Call Your Name.'

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Billy J Kramer?

Billy J Kramer is 5 ft 8 in tall (177 cm).

How old is Billy J Kramer?

Billy J Kramer was born in Lancashire, England, on August 19, 1943. This makes him 78 years old today.

Childhood And Education

Bill J Kramer was born in Bootle, Lancashire, England, on August 19, 1943. He was the youngest of seven children.
Kramer attended the St George of England Secondary School in Bootle as a young boy. In his spare time, he underwent an engineering apprenticeship with British Railways and played the rhythm guitar in a group that he founded. He soon became the vocalist of said group.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Billy J Kramer's partner?

In 1968, Kramer moved to Rugby, Warwickshire in 1968, where he married his then-wife, Ann Ginn. In 1986, he met his current wife, Roni Kramer, who he has been married to for 27 years. They live in New York today.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Brian Epstein scouted Billy J Kramer in the '60s.
Kramer began his singing career with the group The Coasters. However, he soon joined The Dakotas. However, his claim to fame was when he was offered the chance to record a cover of The Beatles song, 'Do You Want To Know A Secret?', released in their album, ‘Please Please Me.’
'Do You Want To Know A Secret?' was number two on the UK Singles charts in 1963. Following this, Kramer recorded several songs specifically written for him by Lenon and McCartney. The biggest hits of his singing career include the recordings' Bad to Me' and 'I Call Your Name.'

What awards has Billy J Kramer won?

Billy J Kramer won an NME Award for Artist of Poll Concert in 1963.

Billy J Kramer's Hobbies and Interests

Not much is known about the singer's hobbies and interests.

Other Interesting Billy J Kramer Facts And Trivia

Billy J Kramer wrote the introduction to 'The Fifth Beatle' in 2013, which became the number-one New York Times best-seller.
The pop singer chose his stage name randomly from a telephone directory. The middle initial was added after John Lennon suggested that it would add a tougher edge.
In 2012, Kramer recorded a new album titled, 'I Won The Fight,' which he released in 2013.
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