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Bobby Hurley’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Bobby Hurley

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Place Of Birth

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA


51 years old

Birth Date

June 28, 1971

Star Sign


Bobby Hurley Facts

Child Star?



Basketball player, Basketball Coach

Education & Qualifications

St. Anthony High School, Jersey City

Net Worth

$9 million

Current Partner

Leslie Hurley


Sydney Hurley, Cameron Hurley, Bobby Hurley


Bob Hurley, Christine Hurley


Melissa Hurley, Dan Hurley


1.8m (6"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Boar

Annual Earnings

$2.4 million+ per year

About Bobby Hurley

Bobby Hurley started his career as a professional basketball player in the NBA in the United States of America.

Belonging to a basketball-playing family in New Jersey, Bobby Hurley was coached by his father from a very young age. While studying in school and college, he kept on practicing and participated in numerous tournaments.

After graduating from Duke University, he began his NBA career with the Sacramento Kings. After years of playing, he finally retired as a basketball player. Later, he became an assistant coach to a men's basketball team at Wagner College and then a full-time coach at Arizona State. Whichever teams he coached performed tremendously well in several national championships. To date, Bobby Hurley is known for his impeccable contribution to the basketball field.

Bobby Hurley's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Bobby Hurley’s net worth?

Through his incredible career as a basketball player and later a basketball coach, Bobby Hurley has successfully created a net worth of $9 million as per records of 2021.

How much does Bobby Hurley earn per year?

Bobby Hurley earns a whopping $2.35 million as his yearly salary after becoming a basketball head coach for NBA.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Bobby Hurley?

The basketball player stands tall at 6 ft (183 cm).

How old is Bobby Hurley?

Born on June 28, 1971, Bobby Hurley is 50 years old.

Childhood And Education

Bobby Hurley was born to American parents Bob Hurley and Christine Hurley, in Jersey City, New Jersey, in the United States of America. His father was also a basketball player who later became a basketball coach and headed 26 state championships over 39 years. Bobby Hurley has a sister named Melissa and a brother, Dan Hurley. The latter also played basketball at high school and later became the head coach of the men's basketball team at the University of Connecticut.

Bobby Hurley studied at St. Anthony High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. His father, Bob Hurley, coached him, and he acquired the skills needed to play basketball at a very young age. After graduating from St. Anthony high school in 1989, Bobby Hurley went to study at Duke University. His terrific performance at the Duke University basketball tournaments gave him the confidence to take on basketball as his full-time career.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Bobby Hurley’s partner?

After a short courtship period, Bobby Hurley tied the knot with Leslie Hurley on November 2, 1995. After that, the couple became parents to three children: Sydney Hurley, Cameron Hurley, and Bobby Hurley.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

In 1993 under the NBA draft, Bobby Hurley was selected by the Sacramento Kings in the first round, seventh pick, and overall seventh. But after his selection into the Sacramento Kings, he met with an unfortunate car accident where he suffered from almost-fatal injuries. He somehow got saved by one of his Sacramento kings teammates and could not play for over a year. He re-established his NBA career from the 1994-1995 season and played till 1998. That year, he played for the Vancouver grizzlies and then retired as a basketball player.

In 2010, Bobby Hurley again returned to his basketball career, this time not as a player but as an assistant coach to the Wagner College men's basketball team. Later he was appointed as the head coach and continued till 2012. In 2013, he was appointed as the head coach of the Buffalo Bulls. Finally, in 2015, Bobby Hurley attained the position of head coach of Arizona State.

Charity Work

At present, not much is known about whether Bobby Hurley is involved with any charity organizations or not.

What awards has Bobby Hurley won?

Bobby Hurley, the Jersey City-based basketball player, has not yet won any awards as a basketball player. Despite this, he has attained a wholesome amount of fame and fortune as a reward for his basketball journey.

Bobby Hurley’s Hobbies And Interests

Coming from a family where the love for basketball lies in the genes, Bobby Hurley was introduced to the play at a very young age. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, he showed a lot of interest in playing basketball and enriching his play strategies and skills by learning from his father. Later his hobby became his profession. He is also a true family man who loves to spend quality time with his wife and children.

Other Interesting Bobby Hurley Facts And Trivia

  • Bobby Hurley is cancer by zodiac following his birthday on June 28, 1971.
  • He was seen in a cameo in the movie 'Blue Chips' where he played for a team that was coached by Bobby Knight.
  • At Duke University, Bobby was a point guard under his coach Mike Krzyzewski. He was the star player of his team, the Blue Devils, who helped them win the national championships one after the other in the years 1991 and 1992.
  • The life-threatening injuries he suffered in his car accident were due to his negligence of not wearing a seatbelt. After getting broadsided by a station wagon, he was thrown out of his car and suffered severe injuries. His co-player from the Sacramento Kings, Mike Peplowski, was driving behind him and rushed him to the hospital from the site of the accident.
  • After signing with the NBA at the start of his career, Bobby Hurley signed for an endorsement with a shoe company named In The Zone (ITZ). Following his endorsement, the shoe company completely sold off their limited-edition shoes at Foot Locker.
  • Out of all the social media platforms, the basketball star is only active on Twitter.
  • Apart from his father and himself, his brother, Dan Hurley, is also a college basketball head coach in New Jersey.
  • After becoming a coach, Bobby Hurley once came to the limelight over two technical fouls in just 15 seconds with the officials of the basketball match against the Arizona Wildcats.
  • He became a coach, in 2002. Bobby Hurley was recognized as one of the fifty greatest basketball players of all-time at the 50th anniversary of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) men's basketball team.
  • In 2006, Bobby Hurly was inducted into the National Polish American Sports Hall of Fame.
  • Bobby Hurly used to play at the position of point guard when he used to play for Dukes.
  • In his career as an NBA professional basketball player, he averaged 3.8 points, 1.1 rebounds, and 3.3 assists in 269 regular-season games.
  • His career as a professional basketball player in NBA was cut short after he suffered a tragic car accident at the age of 22, but he didn't let this get to him, and after some time, he became a coach in NBA.
  • As an NBA coach, Bobby has averaged 0.677 wins/losses and 0.541 wins/losses for Buffalo and Arizona State as of the 2020-2021 season.
  • His father, Robert 'Bob' Hurley Sr was one of the most decorated coaches of his time, he won 4x USA Today National Champions, 3x USA Today National Coach of The Year, nine consecutive championships, and 18 undefeated seasons, just to name a few of his accomplishments.

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