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Braelyn Simone Birthday & Fun Facts

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Braelyn Simone Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Braelyn Simone
Place Of Birth
Dallas, USA
33 years old
Birth Date
April 5 1990

Braelyn Simone Facts

Child Star?
Actress, Rapper, Comedian
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Jordyn. B. Simone

About B. Simone

B Simone is an internet personality and gained prominence after appearing in the MTV series Wild N' Out.

B Simone is an actress and also has a YouTube channel. She is active on social media but often says it's 'not her hustle.'

B Simone began her professional career in improv comedy. She started her career in 2012. B Simone's presence in the BET series gave her the exposure needed to be noticed by the music and the film industry. However, her social media profile shows she is an American actress, rapper, internet personality, and comedian.

The presence of B Simone in the series also helped her gain more fan following on social media platforms. B Simone is an internet personality; she remains involved with her fans on Internet platforms and keeps uploading new videos on her YouTube channel. The first video she uploaded on her channel was 'B Simone Documentary.' It helped her get noticed as an upcoming rapper.

Braelyn Simone appeared as a comedian and host on the show '106 and Park. As a cast member, she came to be noticed as an actress and a comedian. This was the first foray of B Simone into serious comedy. B Simone gained huge prominence when she performed in the reality show 'Wild N' Out'. The MTV series and reality show 'Wild N' Out' successfully established B Simobe as a comedian, rapper, and actress.

B Simone keeps performing on her YouTube channel and provides updates on social media platforms about her upcoming shows. After appearing on the comedy series, she went on a comedy tour, 'You Are My Boyfriend', in August 2018 with her comedian friends. This tour of B Simone was covered on her social media profile and helped build more fan following.

However, the actress said in an interview that she had built her career from almost nothing. When Simone left her hometown of Dallas to pursue a career in music, she had no money. According to the actress, she slept on the floor for six months to make ends meet. Even when she started her career, she met several roadblocks and difficulties before her career started to take off. 

Although B Simone does not swear by social media, she remains active on all her social media profiles. It helps her stay connected with her fans. B Simone has a strong fan following on all her social media handles. On Instagram, she has more than five million followers. On social media, B Simone also updates her fans about her latest performances and tours.

Among the several achievements of B Simone, one which has helped establish the actress in the entertainment industry is her performance as the lead actor in the DC Young Fly Movie' Digitallivesmatter'. The movie has helped further the actress' career in the industry. In addition, she has more than half a million followers on her YouTube channel.

B Simone made her first appearance in the music industry as a rapper and an actress when she was cast in the film 'About the Last Singer Life.' The fact that she was cast in the lead role helped B Simone gain notoriety in the film industry as a successful actress. She was also in the VH1 series 'Girls Cruise' with her friend Pretty Vee.

According to Forbes magazine, B Simone is one of the few black women who have become millionaires in less than fifty days. In addition, the magazine carried an article about B Simone stating that she is one of the few 4% black women who have successfully earned their first million dollars in fifty days and before turning thirty. B Simone, born in Dallas, Texas, to a Pastor's family, had a difficult childhood. Her father divorced her mother when B Simone was relatively young. As a result, she grew up with a stepmother. However, it was the difficult childhood of B Simone that spurred her on to become a successful actress and rapper.

B Simone also runs a cruelty-free line of makeup products. As a makeup artist, she ensures that all the products retailed by 'B Simone Beauty' are vegan and not tested on any animals. Scroll down to read even more interesting facts about the family life, childhood, career, net worth, and dating life of B. Simone.

Simone Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is B. Simone's net worth?

The net worth of B Simone is $2 million, all thanks to her successful career as a comedian, rapper, and YouTuber personality.

How much does B. Simone earns per year?

The annual income of B Simone is estimated to be about $350,000.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is B. Simone?

B Simone is 5 ft 5 in (165 cm) in height.

How old is B. Simone?

B Simone took birth on April 5, 1990. At present, her age is 32 years.

Childhood And Education

B Simone was born in Dallas, Texas. Her father is a pastor. She also has a sister Jordyn. When B Simone was relatively young, the actress's parents got divorced. The trauma of her parents divorcing had an impact on her early life. Her father remarried after the divorce, and B Simone grew up with a stepmother. The fact that she came from a broken family had a profound impact on the life and future of B Simone. Unfortunately, there is not much detailed information available about her educational background except that she must have completed her secondary education at the local public high school.

The rapper mentioned that initially, she did not have a good relationship with her stepmother but later, she forgave her. When asked about the artists who influenced her rapping style, Simone quickly replied that she was influenced by the rapper Drake.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is B. Simone dating?

The Wild N' Out star was quite open about her romantic relationship. She believed in leading a free life. In 2019, the rapper was dating Darian Barnes. She met Barnes on the show 'You're my Boyfriend.' Barnes is a model and actor. However, this couple's relationship did not last very long, and they separated.

In 2020 the rapper began dating fellow rapper DaBaby. The rapper's real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk. B Simone, quite recently, has been quite open about her infatuation with DaBaby. But it was when she met him at a club that they began dating. She even appeared in the rapper's song 'Find My Way.' Their relationship was going quite strong for some time. However, in Nick Cannon's Power 106 Radio show, the actress stated that she has not been dating anyone for the past seven years. At present, the talented actress and rapper is single.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

The actress is best known for her hit tracks like 'The Box,' 'Million Dollar,' 'Raw Shit,' 'Wet Jewel,' and 'Freestyle.' These tracks were instrumental in establishing the actress' career as a rapper. In 2014, she released an Extended Play titled 'Lost Soul.' 'Lost Soul' marked her debut in the music world, and it also helped her gain recognition in the industry. She is also the recurring cast member of MTV's improv comedy show Nick Cannon Presents Wild' N Out. Simone is also the CEO of a makeup brand, and as a makeup artist, she runs her channel, providing her viewers with expert tips on applying makeup.

Simone's Hobbies And Interests

The rapper loves to go shopping, and she has said that she enjoys good food. She has been known to indulge in Chinese and Italian food.

Other Interesting B. Simone Facts And Trivia

  • The rapper is vegan, and in keeping with her views of leading a cruelty-free life, she ensures that her beauty products are also PETA-approved.
  • During the beginning of her career, there was a time when the actress earned $15 a day waitressing. However, she did not let it deter her from becoming one of the youngest African American millionaires.
  • The rapper earned her first million in less than fifty days.

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