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Brian Lamb Birthday & Fun Facts

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Brian Lamb Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Briain Patrick Lamb
Place Of Birth
Lafayette, USA
82 years old
Birth Date
October 9 1941

Brian Lamb Facts

Child Star?
American Journalist
Education & Qualifications
Purdue University
Net Worth
Current Partner
Victoria Lamb

About Brian Lamb

Brian Lamb is one of the most famous journalists in the United States of America.

Brian Lamb was born in Lafayette, Indiana, the United States of America, on October 9, 1941. He is the founder and executive chairman of C-SPAN’s board of executives.

Brian Lamb received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and he also received the National Humanities Medal. He is one of the great interviewers in the United States of America who interviewed several celebrities like George Bush and Margaret Thatcher.

Brian Lamb attended Purdue University and Jefferson High School. He is 155 cm tall and has brown eyes. His net worth is about $1.1 million. He married Victoria Lamb in 2005. Brian Lamb is regarded as one of the gems in the group of journalists in the world.

His final program of ‘Booknotes’ aired on December 4, 2004, and then he started hosting a new program known as ‘Q and A’ on the C-SPAN Network. Keep reading to find out more about Brian Lamb.

Brian Lamb Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Brian Lamb’s net worth?

Brian Lamb’s net worth is $1.1 million.

How much does Brian Lamb earn per year?

Adequate information regarding the annual income of Brian Lamb is unavailable.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Brian Lamb?

Brian Lamb is 5 ft 1 in (155 cm) tall.

How old is Brian Lamb?

Brian Lamb was 81 years old in 2022, born on October 9, 1941. His birthplace is Lafayette, and his zodiac sign is Libra.

Childhood And Education

Brian Lamb was born in Lafayette, Indiana, the United States of America, on October 9, 1941. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Lafayette.

He wanted to become an entertainer, so he worked as a drummer and disc jockey when he was young. He has been interested in television and radio since his childhood days. He attended Jefferson High School and then went to Purdue University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech in 1963.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Brian Lamb’s partner?

Brian Lamb’s partner is Victoria Lamb. He married Victoria Lamb in 2005. The couple started dating when they were only in grade school.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Brian Lamb is best known as the founder and former CEO of C-SPAN.

Charity Work

Details on his charity work are unavailable.

What awards has Brian Lamb won?

Brian Lamb received various awards for his relentless service at C-SPAN. He won the fourth Estate Award of the National Press Club in 2002. He also won the National Humanities Medal. Brian Lamb won the Harry S. Truman’s Good Neighbor Award and The Media Institute’s Freedom of Speech Award.

He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by George Bush, the then president of the USA, in 2007. This award is the highest civilian award in America. He received The Lone Sailor Award in 2011 from the US Navy Memorial. He was awarded the Manship Prize from the Louisiana State University and got the Al Neuharth Award. He received the Gaylord Prize and various other doctorates.

Brian Lamb’s Hobbies And Interests

Brian Lamb likes to interview famous personalities and current news.

Other Interesting Brian Lamb Facts And Trivia

  • Brian Lamb is one of the leading journalists in the United States of America. After graduating from Purdue University, he joined the United States Navy Officer Candidate School. He finished his training there and started working at the attack cargo ship USS Thuban in the United States Navy.
  • C- SPAN television network was started as a non-profitable television network that cable companies fund. For the transparent working of Congress, Brian Lamb decided to start a non-profit channel in 1977. The cable television executives approved the proposal of Brian Lamb and thus began the C-SPAN, which stands for Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network. The first broadcasting of C-SPAN television networks happened in March 1979.
  • Soon after that, C-SPAN gained tremendous popularity, and Brian Lamb became the chief executive officer and president of C- SPAN. He then served as the executive chairman of the board of directors of C- SPAN. After Brian Lamb, Rob Kennedy, and Susan Swain took control of C- SPAN when Brian stepped down in 2012.
  • Brian Lamb served as the ‘Washington Journal, Booknotes’ program host.
  • Brian Lamb gained wide popularity through the ‘Washington Journal, Booknotes’ question, and answer session. He was one of the popular hosts in the United States of America as he studied the interviewee and asked them about their backgrounds and jobs. He has conducted many interviews in the series.
  • He conducted interviews with famous personalities like George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Margaret Thatcher, to name a few.
  • Being the CEO of C- SPAN, Brian Lamb was also involved in looking into the channels’ public affairs.
  • Brian Lamb is also an author who has many books to his credit. ‘C-SPAN: America’s Town Hall’, published in 1988, is one of his most famous books.

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