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Brian May’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Brian May

Eye Color


Place Of Birth

London, UK


75 years old

Birth Date

June 18, 1947

Star Sign


Brian May Facts

Child Star?



Musician, Astrophysicist

Education & Qualifications

Imperial College London

Net Worth

$250 million

Current Partner

Anita Dobson


James May, Emily Ruth May, Louisa May


1.9m (6'1"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Boar

About Brian May

Brian Harold May is a British musician, singer, songwriter, and astrophysicist best known as the lead guitarist for the rock band, Queen.
Queen was co-founded by May, lead singer Freddie Mercury, and drummer Roger Taylor. His songwriting skills aided Queen's rise to the status of one of the most successful bands in rock history.
May had previously performed with Taylor in the band Smile, which he joined while still in college. Following Queen's foundation in 1970, bassist John Deacon joined the band in 1971 to round out the lineup. With the success of their album 'A Night At The Opera' and its hit 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' they became one of the world's biggest rock bands. From the mid-1970s to the early 1990s, Queen performed at some of the world's most prestigious venues, including Live Aid in 1985.
May rose to prominence as a brilliant musician as a member of Queen. He was known for his distinct sound, which he achieved through layered guitar work, which he frequently performed on a home-built electric guitar known as the Red Special.
May wrote many Queen singles, including 'We Will Rock You,' 'I Want It All,' 'Fat Bottomed Girls,' 'Flash,' 'Hammer To Fall,' 'Save Me,' 'Who Wants To Live Forever,' 'Too Much Love Will Kill You,' and 'The Show Must Go On.'

Brian May Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Brian May’s net worth?

Brian May has a net worth of $210 million - $250 million.

How much does Brian May earn per year?

Details on his annual income are unavailable.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Brian May?

Brian May is 6 ft 2 in (187 cm) tall.

How old is Brian May?

Brian May is 74 years old, as he was born on July 19, 1947.

Childhood And Education

Harold May and Ruth Irving had only one child, Brian May (Fletcher). Brian Harold May is his full name. His father worked in the Ministry of Aviation as a draughtsman. A Scottish mother and an English father gave birth to him in the United Kingdom. He was born in London and currently resides in South East England.
Brian attended Imperial College to study physics and mathematics in terms of education. He earned a Bachelor's degree in science (Hons). He completed a Ph.D. in astrophysics from Imperial College. Brian's thesis titled 'A Survey Of Radial Velocities In The Zodiacal Dust Cloud' was published in 2008.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Brian May’s partner?

Brian and Christine Mullen dated for seven years before marrying in 1976. They have three lovely children together. Unfortunately, they divorced in 1976. Now, Brian has been married to Anita Dobson since the year 2000.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Brian has written 22 'Top 20 Hits' for Queen, including the powerful ballads 'Who Wants To Live Forever,' 'No-One But You,' and 'Save Me,' as well as the anthems 'The Show Must Go On,' 'I Want It All,' and 'We Will Rock You,' which inspired the Queen/Ben Elton hit musical, which had an unprecedented 12-year run at London's Dominion Theater alongside numerous worldwide productions.
Brian and Roger sang the iconic sports song 'We Will Rock You' live during the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony, watched by an estimated one billion people.
His songs inspire new generations of musicians, with recordings by artists as diverse as Elton John, Def Leppard, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Shirley Bassey, and Eminem. Brian has worked with diverse musicians, including Robbie Williams, the Foo Fighters, Cliff Richard, Guns N' Roses, Diana Ross, and Luciano Pavarotti.
He was also honored to perform the feature guitar on the Winter Olympics 2002 opening music, 'The Fire Within,' composed by his friend and colleague, the late Michael Kamen. Perhaps the most outstanding example of Brian's distinct style and musicianship was his live performance from the top of Buckingham Palace of his arrangement of 'God Save The Queen' to kick off HM, the Queen's 2002 Golden Jubilee celebration, in front of an audience.

Charity Work

Details on his charity work are unavailable.

What awards has Brian May won?

Brian was an inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2011). He also won a CBE (2005), Sports Emmy award for Outstanding Open/Tease (2014), and a Laurence Olivier Magic Radio Audience award (2011).

Brian May’s Hobbies And Interests

Brian has had a lot of fun composing, producing, recording, and touring.

Other Interesting Brian May Facts And Trivia

  • Brian is also a Doctor of Astrophysics, a 3-D stereoscopic photography authority, and an animal rights champion and campaigner. Brian's Ph.D. studies in astronomy halted when his musical career took precedence.
  • After a 30-year hiatus, he returned to Astrophysics to update his dissertation thesis on the 'Motions Of Interplanetary Dust', earning his Ph.D. from Imperial College in London in 2007. Brian, a lifetime supporter of animal welfare, is a driving force behind the campaign against fox hunting, trophy hunting, and badger culling.
  • Brian's 'Red Special' is a sixpence coin rather than a standard choice. He claims that it enables him to make better sounds. When the Royal Mint ran out of these coins in the 1970s, he had them custom-made. Brian and Christine Mullen dated for seven years before marrying in 1976.
  • They have three lovely children together. Unfortunately, they divorced in 1976. During one of his tours, Brian met Deborah Vidacowich in a rock and roll bar in New Orleans.
  • Although it was a short-lived romance, it lasted from 1974 to 1978. Brian has been married to Anita Dobson since 1988.
  • Brian May completed his education at Imperial College London and John Moores University.
  • He is the father of three children with Christine Mullen: Emily Ruth, James, and Louisa.
  • Brian May has often collaborated with different artists like Adam Lambert and Van Halen. He even released a mini album with Van Halen called the 'Star Fleet Project' in 1983.
  • The shows of his band in Las Vegas often attract huge crowds.
  • The awards ceremony for his Ph.D. in astrophysics was held at Royal Albert Hall.
  • Brian began his musical career in 1968 when he formed the band Smile. Later, Roger Taylor, the drummer, and Brian joined Queen. Brian mainly backed Queen up with low-range vocals. He has, however, delivered lead vocals in some of the band's tracks.
  • Brian has penned fantastic songs such as 'We Will Rock You,' 'Tie Your Mother Down,' 'The Show Must Go On,' and others that have become global hits. Brian began his solo efforts in the early 2000s. His debut solo album was titled 'Back To The Light.' In 2011, May was ranked 26th on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the '100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time.'

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