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Brian Piccolo’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Brian Piccolo

Place Of Birth

Pittsfield, USA


78 years old

Birth Date

October 30, 1943

Star Sign


Brian Piccolo Facts

Child Star?



Football Player

Education & Qualifications

Wake Forest University

Net Worth

$50 thousand

Current Partner

Joy Murrath


Lori Piccolo Bruno, Traci Piccolo Dolby, Kristi Piccolo


Joseph Piccolo, Irene Piccolo


Don Piccolo


1.8m (6"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Sheep

About Brian Piccolo

Louis Brian Piccolo was born on October 31, 1943, and he passed away on June 16, 1970.
He was an American football player who spent four seasons as a halfback for Chicago Bears, which belonged to the National Football League (NFL).
Brian Piccolo was the third child born to Joseph, Brian's dad, and Irene Piccolo, his beloved mother, in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Piccolo's family relocated to Fort Lauderdale, which is located in Florida when he was three years old because his parents were concerned about his brother Don's health.
Brian Piccolo was the subject of the 1971 television film 'Brian's Song', which was followed by a remake in 2001. Piccolo tested out with the Chicago Bears as just a free agent after being passed over in the 1965 NFL and AFL drafts. He joined the squad for the year 1965 season, mostly as a member of the taxi squad (now known as the practice team), which allowed him to practice but not play. Brian Piccolo made the final roster in 1966, but he spent most of his time on special teams.
Brian completed his education at Central Catholic High School and Wake Forest University. In the TV movie 'Brian's Song', Sean Maher played the role of Brian Piccolo.

Brian Piccolo Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Brian Piccolo’s net worth?

Brian Piccolo had a net worth of around $50,000.

How much did Brian Piccolo earn per year?

Brian Piccolo's earnings are not yet revealed to the public.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Brian Piccolo?

Brian Piccolo has a height of 6 ft (182.8 cm).

How old was Brian Piccolo?

Brian Piccolo passed away at the age of 26 years.

Childhood And Education

Louis Brian Piccolo was born on October 31, 1943. He was only 26 years old when he passed away on June 16, 1970. He died so young due to embryonal cell carcinoma, a very deadly disease and an extreme version of germ cell testicular cancer that had advanced to his chest cavity when he was originally diagnosed. Brian Piccolo and his brothers have all been athletes, although he was a standout running back on his school's soccer team, despite his preference for baseball. In 1961, he completed his graduation from Fort Lauderdale's former Central Catholic High School (which now goes under the name of St. Thomas Aquinas High School). Piccolo started playing collegiate soccer for Wake Forest at Winston-Salem, in North Carolina, with Wichita State as his only alternative college scholarship. Despite being awarded the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) player of the year and leading the country in running and scoring during his senior season in 1964, he went undrafted in both the AFL and NFL drafts. Piccolo placed tenth in the voting for the Heisman Trophy, which Notre Dame's John Huarte won. He was marginally ahead of Alabama's Joe Namath.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Brian Piccolo dating?

Brian Piccolo's partner was Joy Murrath.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

His amazing career in the field of soccer. Piccolo's greatest statistical year was the year 1968, when he racked up 450 yards on 123 runs (having a 3.7 average), as well as two touchdowns, but also 28 receptions for 291 yards, all while backing up star leading tailback Gale Sayers (on a 10.4 average).

Charity Work

Not much is known about Brian Piccolo being involved in the field of charity as he passed away at a very young age.

What awards did Brian Piccolo win?

Not much is known about Brian Piccolo winning any award.

Brian Piccolo’s Hobbies And Interests

Brian Piccolo loved to play soccer and spend time with his family and teammates. He also loved to watch movies as his pastime and listen to old rock songs.

Other Interesting Brian Piccolo Facts And Trivia

  • In 1969, the Chicago Bears were in the midst of their worst season ever, going 1–13. Piccolo, an undersized fullback, had finally earned a spot in the starting lineup.
  • On November 9, they won their lone game, a 38–7 home victory over struggling Pittsburgh. Piccolo scored a 25-yard touchdown reception in the first quarter at Wrigley Field.
  • In Atlanta, the following week, he scored a fourth-quarter score on something like a one-yard run. He then voluntarily exited the game, which he had never done before, causing anxiety among his coaches and teammates.
  • Brian Piccolo married his high school sweetheart, Joy Murrath, on December 26, 1964. Together they had three children, Lori, Traci, and Kristi.
  • Matt Robinson won the Brian Piccolo Award as the 'Most Courageous Player' in 2007.
  • In the TV movie, 'Brian's Song' released in 2001 the role of Brian was portrayed by Sean Maher and James Caan. Billy Dee Williams played the role of Sayers.
  • In high school, Brian Piccolo considered baseball his primary sport.
  • With an impressive show at Wake Forest University in 1964, he was named the ACC Player of the Year.

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