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Brodie Croyle Birthday & Fun Facts

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Brodie Croyle Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
John Brodie Croyle
Place Of Birth
Rainbow City, USA
40 years old
Birth Date
February 5 1983

Brodie Croyle Facts

Child Star?
Former Football Player
Education & Qualifications
The University of Alabama
Current Partner
Kelli Schutz
Sawyer Croyle, Luke Croyle
John Croyle, Teresa Croyle
Reagan Croyle Phillips

About Brodie Croyle

Brodie Croyle is an American former pro-style football quarterback.

Brodie Croyle is the son of John Croyle and Teresa Croyle. He started playing football at a very young age.

Croyle was born in Rainbow City, Alabama on February 6, 1983. He was raised in a home called the Big Old Ranch which was started in 1974 by John Croyle. Brodie Croyle was admitted to the Westbrook Christian High School. In school, Croyle jumped at the opportunity of playing football and soon became popular among recruiting circles. After completing high school, Croyle decided to attend the University of Alabama and was committed to the Crimson Tide later. From 2002-2005, he played college football for the University of Alabama.

Brodie Croyle Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Brodie Croyle’s net worth?

Brodie Croyle's net worth is $1-5 million.

How much does Brodie Croyle earn per year?

The earnings per year of Brodie Croyle are not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Brodie Croyle?

Brodie Croyle is 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) tall.

How old is Brodie Croyle?

Brodie Croyle was born on February 6, 1983. As of 2022, he is about 39 years old.

Childhood And Education

Brodie Croyle was born to John Croyle and Teresa Croyle on February 6, 1983. He attended Westbrook Cristian School in Rainbow City, Alabama. His sister's name is Reagan Croyle Phillips. He graduated early from school and was admitted to the University of Alabama in 2001.

In his sophomore season at high school, he passed for 44 touchdowns and 3787 yds (3462.8 m). In that season itself, he also passed for seven touchdowns and 2838 yds (2595.0 m) in a single game. He also had a very successful junior year. He helped the team reach the state championship that same year, but the team lost by a single field goal. When he reached his senior year, several scouts ranked him as the #2 quarterback in the country after Joe Mauer.

Brodie's high school career came to an abrupt end when he was hit by a player from the opposite team of Glencoe High School in the 2004 season. The hit tore his anterior cruciate ligament, which is why he couldn't play for the rest of the season. While graduating, he held the state records for passing 9323 yds (8524.9 m) and touchdowns with 105. He set records for maximum passing yards in one season, maximum passing yards in one game, and touchdown passes in a season and a game.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Brodie Croyle’s partner?

Brodie Croyle is married to Kelli Schutz. They got married on July 14, 2007. Kelli was the winner of America's Junior Miss competition. In 2006, the couple met for the first time in Mobile Alabama. Croyle has two children with her, Luke Croyle and Sawyer Croyle.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Brodie Croyle was an American football quarterback. Croyle played football for Westbrook Christian School in Alabama. Brodie suffered multiple knee injuries in high school in his senior season. Despite this, he was a highly recruited prospect by the University of Alabama, Florida State University, and Louisiana State University.

Croyle was interested in playing for Florida State because of Mark Richt, who was the team's offensive coordinator. He showed little interest in Alabama since the coach of the team, Mike DuBose was fired. However, Croyle followed his father and joined the Alabama team after Richt joined Georgia Bulldogs.

Brodie Croyle was also drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2006 and played five seasons for the team. His number on the team was 12.

Brodie Croyle was released by the Kansas City Chiefs o August 23, 2011, as a free agent. He later signed up for the Arizona Cardinals. He retired on May 21, 2012. After retiring, Brodie returned to Tuscaloosa, where he partnered with one of his friends in the land and timber business. He was successful, but he didn't feel that he was meant to do it.

Croyle now continues to serve the children at the Big Oak Ranch, a home for abused and neglected children. This non-profit home was founded by Croyle's father John Croyle.

Brodie is considered one of the most popular football players on popular bio. He is also considered one of the richest football players born in Rainbow City, Alabama.

What awards has Brodie Croyle won?

Brodie Croyle received the Starr-Sullivan Achievement Award on 2nd May 2020 at the 52nd Annual Induction Banquet and Ceremony.

Other Interesting Brodie Croyle Facts And Trivia

  • Being born on February 6, 1983, Croyle's birth sign is Aquarius.
  • From 2002-2005, he was a college football player for the University of Alabama.
  • At Westbrook Christian School he was considered a pro quarterback.
  • Brodie Croyle was named MVP of the Cotton Bowl while playing for the University of Alabama in 2006.
  • While on the Alabama Crimson Tide football team, he set several records and was one of the finalists for the Johny Unitas Golden Arm Award.
  • Brodie was mentored by three coaches while at the University of Alabama: Dennis Franchione, Mike Price, and Mike Shula. Dennis Franchione resigned from his position as head coach after the 2002 season. He took the position at Texas A&M. Coach Mike Price was hired to replace him in January 2003. He was the Washington State Head Coach then. Coach Price guided Croyle during the spring drills, but he was dismissed from his head coach position in May 2003. The Miami Dolphins coach, Mike Shula soon joined the team and was named head coach. With the third coach, Croyle was only left with a few weeks to practice under his system.
  • Croyle was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League in the third round of the 2006 NFL draft.
  • During his rookie season in the NFL in 2007, Croyle saw little playing time in the game, but he shared the start position with Damon Huard. He started as the starting quarterback of the Chiefs against the Indianapolis Colts on November 18, 2007.
  • After completing a few seasons with the Chiefs, he was traded to Arizona Cardinals. He signed a contract with them on August 23, 2011, and played for the team with number 14.
  • As of 2022, Croyle serves as the executive director of the Christian Home Big Oak Ranch in Northeast Alabama. The home was built for abused, orphaned, and neglected children.

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