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Brooke Langton Birthday & Fun Facts

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Brooke Langton Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
53 years old
Birth Date
November 27 1970

Brooke Langton Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Bell High School
Net Worth
Jackson Langton

About Brooke Langton

Brooke Langton is a very famous American actress who works in various TV series.

She played a major role in the NBC TV series named 'Friday Night Lights.' Apart from this, she is known for her recurring role as a District Attorney in the television series named 'Life.'

Brooke Langton started her early career with a role in an American Drama series named 'The Net,' which aired between 1988-1999. This series is based on a film with the same name, but the movie was released in 1995. Brooke Langton was also the female lead actress in the very famous and popular comedy film named 'The Replacements'. This movie was released in 2000.

Brooke Langton's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Brooke Langton’s net worth?

The estimated net worth of Brooke Langton, who is a very famous American actress, is around $2 million. Most of her income got accumulated over the years from her acting career and some from the endorsements.

How much does Brooke Langton earn per year?

The annual salary of Arizona-born Brooke Langton is not known. However, as her net worth is high, we can be sure that her annual income is high too. Brooke tends to earn around $30,000 per episode of her acting in a series. She also earns around $100,000 annually from her endorsements only.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Brooke Langton?

Brooke Langton is 5 ft 5 in (164 cm) tall. She has hazel colored eyes.

How old is Brooke Langton?

Brooke Langton was born on November 27, 1970. She is hence 51 years old as of April 2022.

Childhood And Education

Brooke Langton was born in the beautiful state called Arizona in the United States of America on November 27, 1970. Her father's name is Jackson Langton. Jackson Langton worked as a geologist, and his wife and Brooke's mother worked as a surgical nurse. Brooke Langton has an aunt named Sally Spalding, whose job was a script supervisor. Her aunt, Sally, was an inspiration behind Brooke Langton joining the entertainment industry.

Brooke Langton's grandfather and the father of Jackson Langton, in World War II, served as a bomber pilot. Brooke Langton, along with her family, moved to Chicago from Arizona at a very young age. Quite a few years later, Brooke's family moved again, now to Texas. Following this, again after a few years, Brooke Langton moved to Portland, Oregon. Portland is where Brooke Langton grew an interest in acting and theater.

Brooke Langton grew up in a very loving and caring family. She is very close to her parents and grandparents. All her needs were always fulfilled with ease ever since she was a child. Her family members supported her in her decision to pursue acting as a career. She followed her parents' footsteps in studying science. She is a very well-read woman, thanks to her parents' motivation and inspiration. She was always intrigued by marine biology as a child, and she wanted to pursue it before she learned about acting.

Brooke Langton attended Herscher High School, and L.D. Bell High School. L.D. Bell High School is located in Texas. Brooke Langton also attended San Diego state university. After graduating from the very famous San Diego state university, Brooke Langton went on to work as a model in Japan for a few years. Brooke was under substance abuse after she graduated from San Diego state university and went to Japan. Brooke had a very difficult early life due to this shift to a different country.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Brooke Langton dating? 

Brooke Langton has not been quite vocal about her personal life. Brooke Langton wishes to be focused on her career and does not want to indulge in any flings or affairs, hence as of July 2022, she is single.

She was said to have quite a lot of flings and affairs with numerous famous celebrities in the late ’90s. One of the famous people she dated was David Chokachi, who is also a famous American actor who works in movies and TV series. According to many reports, Brooke and David met through work and fell in love. Their relationship, unfortunately, did not work, and they broke up. Brooke Langton was once said to have an affair with the man of every girl's dreams, George Clooney. Brooke Langton was also linked to the very famous CEO of Nett Solutions named Carl Hagmaier. She was once said to have dated the famous golf player named Tiger Woods as well.

In 2016, Brooke gave birth to her child named Zen. Zen's father's information is not disclosed to the public yet, but Brooke's fans speculate he is someone from outside the industry and does not want to go public.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Brooke began her career as a model in Japan. She hence is, a brand ambassador for many Asian products. The start of her career was a rather difficult one. She did not get through any good roles at the start of her acting career. She had to struggle quite a lot for decent roles in any movie or television series.

In 1992, she began her acting career in various TV shows. Some of them are 'Beverly hills, 90210', 'Freshmen Dorm,' and 'Baywatch.'

She played the role of Suds Lipton in 'Beverly Hills, 90210'. Her debut movie was released in 1994. 'Terminal Velocity' a movie that was directed by Deran Sarafian and which was released in 1994, was Brooke Langton's initial movie. She played the role of Jump Junkie and gained a lot of fan base from the debut movie role even though the movie as such did not do quite well and was a commercial failure.

Brooke Langton was cast in an extremely popular soap opera named 'Melrose Place' in 1996. She played the role of Caitlin in the comedy movie named 'Beach House'. She played the role of Nikki in the famous comedy movie named 'Swingers'. However, her most famous and popular movie was named 'The Replacements'. This movie was directed by a very famous director named Howard Deutch and was released in 2000. Brooke Langton also appeared in a very famous comedy film named 'Playing Mona Lisa.'

'Playing Mona Lisa' was directed by Matthew Huffman. In 2002, Brooke Langton played a supporting role in the movie named 'Kiss the Bride', which was directed by Vanessa Prime. Next, she appeared in the movie named 'Partners,' which was released in 2005. She also appeared in the movie named 'The Bench Warmers' which was released in 2006. She played the role of Samantha Reilly in 'Melrose Place,' a famous soap opera. Her role as Samantha Reilly gained popularity, and she appeared in 68 episodes of the famous soap opera.

She appeared in one episode of 'California Dreams' as Kimberly Blanchard in 1992. She played the role of Sandra Keyes in the famous T.V. series named 'Chicago Hope.' She appeared in nine episodes of the television series named 'Friday Night Lights,' and she played the role of Jackie Miller in this TV show which was released in 2007 and went on until 2008. In 2007, Brooke played a role in 'Primeval,' a movie that received undesirable feedback from film critics.

What awards has Brooke Langton won?

Brooke Langton played a lead role in a romantic drama movie named 'The Beautiful Dreamer' in 2006. This movie won multiple awards.

She appeared in the show called 'Friday Nights Lights,' which also received many awards, including the Peabody and the Emmy awards.

Brooke Langton’s Hobbies And Interests

Brooke loves to read books. She especially likes to read about marine biology.

Other Interesting Brooke Langton Facts And Trivia

  • Brooke Langton's zodiac sign or birth sign is Sagittarius as she was born on November 27.
  • While in Japan, doing her first modeling work, Brook Langton was sad and lonely.
  • Brooke's grandfather served in World war II as a bomber pilot.
  • Brooke has been in a lot of movies and TV series over the years, and she has also appeared in several music videos as well.
  • Brooke's father was a writer as he wrote the novel 'All Trappers Do Not Wear Fur Hat: The Prospector and His Protege.'
  • Brooke does not have Facebook or Twitter accounts, but she does have an Instagram account.
  • She is distinctly related to Adolf Jahr, a Swedish actor.
  • Brooke was born in a hospital in Arizona, which was on an actual mine.
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