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Cal Ripken Birthday & Fun Facts

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Cal Ripken Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Calvin Edwin Ripken
Place Of Birth
Havre de Grace, USA
63 years old
Birth Date
August 24 1960

Cal Ripken Facts

Child Star?
Baseball player
Education & Qualifications
Aberdeen High School
Net Worth
Current Partner
Laura S. Ripken
Rachel Ripken, Ryan Ripken
Violet Roberta Ripken, Cal Ripken Sr
Billy Ripken, Fred Ripken, Elly Ripken

About Cal Ripken 

The Iron Man of American baseball, Calvin Edwin Ripken, is a former baseball player in America.
This iconic baseball player has played many matches and was one of the most productive players. Cal Ripken played major league baseball for Baltimore Orioles throughout his career.
Born on August 24, 1960, Cal Ripken was a popular baseman in the United States. He played his debut game in the big leagues in 1981 and caught the attention of all the spectators. He redefined the shortstop position with his stances. The shortstop position was traditionally seen as a less advantageous position for the offense. However, Cal Ripken started a revolutionary era that enabled the shortstops to defend their position and bring home runs. Ripken never settled to a single batting style, and he was a man of thousand stances. Throughout his career, Ripken gave a total of 431 home runs, 3184 hits, and 1695 runs batted to the Baltimore Orioles. He became the All-Star 19 times and was declared the 'American League Most Valuable Player' two times.
Ripken was the only man who broke Lou Gehrig's record of consecutively playing the highest number of games. He surpassed Lou Gehrig's streak of playing 2130 games by playing 2632 consecutive games. Lou Gehrig held the record for 56 years, and it seemed unbreakable to many. Cal was named the Iron Man of baseball for showing his unbeatable prowess in that game. He was felicitated by two Gold Glove awards in his career for his contribution to the game. In 2007, Cal Ripken was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in the first year of his eligibility. He received 98.5% of the total vote, which is considered the sixth-highest percentage ever.

Cal Ripken Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Cal Ripken's net worth?

The former professional baseball player, Cal Ripken, is said to be $75 million in 2022.

How much does Cal Ripken earn per year?

The total salary earned by the retired American baseball player Cal Ripken was $70 million. He earned this money throughout his career from 1993 up to 2001.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Cal Ripken?

The former baseball player Cal Ripken's height is officially listed as 6 ft 3 in (193 cm).

How old is Cal Ripken?

Cal Ripken is 61 years at present. He will turn 62 this year on August 24.

Childhood And Education

Calvin Edwin Ripken, the son of Violet Roberta Ripken and Cal Ripken Sr., was born on August 24, 1960. Even though Aberdeen of Maryland is Ripken's hometown, since his father, Cal Ripken Sr., was in the coaching organization of the Baltimore Orioles, they had to shift to many places throughout his childhood. Ripken's interest in the game developed in his early days. Cal Ripken made up his mind that he wanted to be a baseball player just at the age of three. He received instructions from the players on his father's team and advice from his father on playing the game. By the age of 10, Cal Ripken became aware of the game's rules inside and out.
Ripken and his siblings attended Aberdeen High School, where he started playing baseball and soccer. Ripken started his career in baseball, playing second base. Soon after he began playing shortstop in his sophomore year, he became the most valued player in Harford County and helped Aberdeen become the county champion first time after 1959. He had a successful senior year at Aberdeen and helped his school win the state championship against Thomas Stone High School.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Cal Ripken's partner?

Cal Ripken is currently married to Laura S. Ripken. Before Laura, Ripken married Kelly Geer on November 13, 1987. In 2016, Kelly Geer and Cal Ripken finalized their divorce. He has two children, Rachel and Ryan Ripken, with Kelly.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For...

Cal Ripken was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the Major League Baseball draft of 1978. He was drafted by Baltimore Orioles in the second draft and was assigned to the Bluefield Orioles of the Rookie Appalachian League. While playing for the Baltimore Orioles, Cal Ripken became the first Major League baseball player to win the Rookie of the Year award and MVP award in consecutive years. The Baltimore Orioles ended up being the champions by defeating Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series. He was the only person to break Gehrig's record for playing the highest number of consecutive games.
His skills gradually improved while playing for the Orioles, and within a year, he was shifted to the Single-A Miami Orioles of the Florida State League. That summer, Ripken scored his first home run and was declared an All-Star for the first time. In 1980, Ripken played with Charlotte Orioles and scored 25 home runs in that season, gaining another All-star title. He played the longest professional baseball game with Rochester Red Wings.
In August 1981, Ripken made his first debut in the Major Leagues as a pinch-runner. However, Ripken was shifted to the shortstop position permanently in 1982. This year, everyone became aware of Cal's excellence as he hit 28 home runs. He was given the American League Rookie of the Year Award, edging out Wadge Boggs of the Boston Red Sox and Kent Hrbek of the Minnesota Twins from the competition. More tremendous success awaited him in 1983; he won the first of his 19 All-Star titles this year. He led the American League with 121 runs and all the major leagues in doubles and hits. Ripken retired from baseball in 2001.
The best single game of Ripken is said to be against Atlanta Braves when he set a club record with 13 total bases. Currently, he is induced in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. In 2000, he joined the 3000 hit club in a game against Minnesota Twins.

Charity Work

Cal Ripken has been involved in several charitable endeavors from the beginning of his career. In 1981 he distributed Baltimore Orioles game tickets among the unprivileged. He helped create the Cal Ripken/Lou Gehrig Fund at John Hopkins University for neuromuscular Research. Along with his brother Billy, he launched the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation for helping unprivileged children to attend baseball camps. He is a representative of 'Athletes for Hope,' an organization that encourages other athletes to get involved in charitable works.

What awards has Cal Ripken won?

The former baseball star Cal Ripken has been honored with several awards throughout his career. He won the American All-Star award 19 times and the Louisville slugger (Silver Slugger Award) award eight times. He received the American League MVP, MLB All-Star Game MVP, MLB Player of the Year, and gold glove awards two times. Some other awards and honors of Ripken include the Roberto Clemente Award, Athlete of the Year, Stan Musial Lifetime Achievement Award For Sportsmanship, Lou Gehrig Memorial Award, and being inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Cal Ripken's Hobbies And Interests

Apart from being a successful baseball player, Ripken also had a hobby of writing. He wrote 30 books, including the New York Times Bestseller, 'The Only Way I Know with Mike Bryan.'

Other Interesting Cal Ripken Facts And Trivia

The Hall of Fame-induced player Cal Ripken is the third baseman to dedicate his entire career of 21 years to the Baltimore Orioles.
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