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Carine Roitfeld’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Carine Roitfeld

Eye Color


Place Of Birth

Paris , France


67 years old

Birth Date

September 18, 1954

Star Sign


Carine Roitfeld Facts

Child Star?



Editor, Writer, Stylist, Model

Education & Qualifications

Parsons School of Design The New School

Net Worth

$1.5 million

Current Partner

Christian Restoin


Julia Restoin, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld


Jacques Roitfeld, Nicola Roitfeld


1.6m (5'2"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Horse

About Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld is famous as a french fashion editor, stylist, writer, and fashion model.
Carine Roitfeld also worked as the global fashion director of Harper's Bazaar. She was also the writer and stylist of French Elle.
Carine Roitfeld is the former editor-in-chief of the magazine 'Vogue Paris.' She worked in several junior magazines. She has been very interested in fashion since her childhood days, and she started modeling at the age of 18. She founded the CR Fashion Book and CR Men's Book, which is its men's title.
Carine Roitfeld is the partner of Christian Restoin, who is the founder of Equipment Clothing Line. They have two children named Julia Restoin and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld.

Carine Roitfeld's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Carine Roitfeld's net worth?

Carine Roitfeld's net worth is about $1.5 million.

How much does Carine Roitfeld earn per year?

Adequate information regarding the annual income of Carine Roitfeld is unavailable.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Carine Roitfeld?

Carine Roitfeld is 5 ft 4 in (160 cm) tall.

How old is Carine Roitfeld?

Carine Roitfeld is 67 years old as she was born on September 19, 1954, in Paris, France.

Childhood And Education

On September 19, 1954, Carine Roitfeld was born in Paris, France. Her parents were Jacques Roitfeld and Nicola Roitfeld. She has been passionate about modeling since her childhood days. She observed everything related to fashion from her early days. Carine Roitfeld graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2006. After that, she decided to continue to work in the fashion industry for the rest of her life. She always considered her father, Jacques Roitfeld an 'Idol' and her mother, Nicola Roitfeld' A Classic Frenchwoman.'

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Carine Roitfeld's partner?

Carine Roitfeld's partner is Christian Restoin, and they have two children named Julia Restoin and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld. Christian Restoin was the founder of the Equipment Clothing Line.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Carine Roitfeld is best known as the founder of CR Fashion Book.
She is also famous as the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris from 2001- 2011.

Charity Work

Details on the charitable works of Carine Roitfeld are unavailable.

What awards has Carine Roitfeld won?

Carine Roitfeld received the CFDA Founder's Award. Carine Roitfeld was one among the top 10 best-dressed list of Tatler magazine in 2010. She was also one among the fifty best dressed over 50 by the magazine The Guardian in 2013.

Carine Roitfeld's Hobbies And Interests

Carine Roitfeld is interested in fashion. Modeling and editing are her other interests. She also likes to write about fashion.

Other Interesting Carine Roitfeld Facts And Trivia

  • Carine Roitfeld was a fashion model and stylist in France. She is also famous as a French fashion editor.
  • She has been passionate about modeling since her childhood days, and she started modeling at the age of 18. She started working for junior magazines. Later she worked as a stylist and writer for French Elle.
  • Carine Roitfeld's daughter Julia Restoin also participated in a children's fashion shoot in 1990, and it was for the magazine Italian Vogue Bambini. The photographer for Julia Restoin on that occasion was Mario Testino.
  • Carine Roitfeld recognized that she could easily work with Mario Testino as he is a very talented photographer. Gradually Carine Roitfeld and Mario Testino started working together for advertisements and vogues.
  • She then got the vogue editorship. In 2001, Carine Roitfeld was chosen to edit Vogue Paris by Jonathan Newhouse, the International Chairman of Conde Nast.
  • There were rumors that Carine Roitfeld was chosen as the editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar in the United States to replace Glenda Bailey.
  • She worked for 10 years as the editor of Vogue Paris, and she resigned from the position in 2010.
  • After that, Carine Roitfeld decided to focus more on her projects, and she left Vogue Paris in 2011.
  • Emmanuelle Alt, who worked as the fashion director under the mastership of Carine Roitfeld, replaced Carine Roitfeld in Vogue Paris after she left in 2011.
  • Carine Roitfeld then started working as a Freelance Stylist, and she worked on various projects.
  • Carine Roitfeld was appointed as the global fashion director of Harper's Bazaar in 2012. She also started her CR fashion book.
  • Carine Roitfeld decided to be the partner of Christian Restoin in 1970. They were not married under the traditional customs, and they lived happily.
  • Christian Restoin was the founder of the Equipment Clothing Line. Christian Restoin closed the Equipment Clothing Line in 2001 when Carine Roitfeld decided to accept the Vogue editorship.
  • Carine Roitfeld's son Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld graduated from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.
  • Carine Roitfeld founded the CR Fashion Book and CR Men's Book, which is the men's title of CR Fashion Book. Carine Roitfeld is one of the trending celebrities in the field of the fashion industry in Paris and France.

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