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Carlie Butler’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Carlie Butler

Eye Color


Place Of Birth

Phoenix, Arizona, USA


35 years old

Birth Date

June 04, 1987

Star Sign


Carlie Butler Facts

Child Star?




Education & Qualifications

Boise State University

Net Worth

$3 million

Current Partner

Jackson Wood


Elliot, Lenny, Cooper


Carl, Laurie Butler


Shay Carl, Logan, Casey


1.8m (5'8"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Rabbit

About Carlie Butler

Carlie Butler, better known by her online username CarlieStylez, is a popular YouTube star and social media personality from the United States.
Carlie Butler, who was born in 1987 and raised alongside three siblings, including popular YouTuber Shay Carl, rose to stardom in 2011 when she launched her YouTube channel CarlieStylez. Carlie Butler's YouTube channel mostly features videos about skincare, beauty, fitness, fashion, and family.
Besides being popular for her helpful lifestyle videos, Carlie Butler is famous for her YouTube videos. In addition to CarlieStylez, she also operates two other YouTube channels WhatsUpWoods and The Mom's View and has plenty of subscribers on each. Continue reading to learn more about the net worth, career, family, and personal life of the former cheerleading coach and famous YouTube star Carlie Butler.

Carlie Butler Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Carlie Butler’s net worth?

Carlie Butler's net worth is estimated to be $3 million. She has built this net worth by working in numerous capacities, including being a middle school counselor, vlogger, cheerleader, fashionista, and a YouTube star. She also earns additional income from her clothing line Woven.

How much does Carlie Butler earn per year?

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, US, Carlie Butler has worked her way through becoming a renowned social media personality and YouTube star with more than 537,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel CarlieStylez as of 2022. Over the years, she has had a successful and lucrative career as a vlogger, fashionista, entrepreneur, and YouTuber. However, the exact amount of annual earnings remains unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Carlie Butler?

Carlie Butler is 5 ft 9 in (176 cm) tall.

How old is Carlie Butler?

Carlie Butler hails from the city of Phoenix, Arizona, US. She was born on June 5, 1987, under the zodiac sign of Gemini. As of May 2022, Carlie Butler is 34 years old.

Childhood And Education

Carlie Butler was born under the sign Gemini on June 5, 1987, in the fifth-largest city in the United States, Phoenix, Arizona. Two years after her birth, her entire family relocated to Idaho. Carlie Butler showed a strong interest in beauty and fashion as a child. Since she was raised alongside three brothers, she often found solace from all the 'boy stuff' when she started playing with beauty products and clothes.
Although she knew what career she wanted to pursue early on, Carlie Butler made it a point to finish her education first. In 2005, she graduated from high school and got admission to Boise State University, located in Boise, Idaho. In 2009, she graduated from the university with an Associated Degree in Communications.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Carlie Butler’s partner?

Carlie Butler is currently married to Jackson Wood. After only a few months of dating, the couple decided to marry on November 20, 2015. Jackson proposed to her during the 2015 VidCon in Disneyland. Their wedding day gained a lot of public attention, and Carlie even posted a video of one of the most beautiful days of her life on her YouTube channel. In 2016, Jackson Wood and Carlie Butler welcomed their first child, a son named Elliot Wood. In 2018, the couple became parents to an adorable daughter named Lenny Jane. Carlie Butler frequently posts images and vlogs of her family on her social media accounts and has even started a YouTube channel solely dedicated to her family videos called WhatsUpWoods.

Who was Carlie Butler previously married to?

Carlie Butler's first marriage was with the former baseball player and coach Christian Colonel. Their relationship was highly publicized, but their marital bliss soon ended when the couple filed for divorce. The reasons for their divorce remain a mystery. Together, Carlie and Christian Colonel have a son named Cooper, who was born in 2007.
After separating from her first husband, Carlie Butler got into a highly publicized relationship in 2014 with Steve Cook, who is a famous bodybuilder and a YouTube star. However, after a year of dating, the pair split up. Steve Cook later announced their split on his YouTube account.

Who is Carlie Butler’s family?

Carlie Butler was born on June 5, 1987, in Phoenix, Arizona, to Laurie and Carl Butler. She has three siblings, Logan Butler, Shay Carl Butler, and Casey Butler. Among all her brothers, Shay Butler is the most known as a successful American YouTuber who operates three YouTube channels and has more than 4 million subscribers as of 2022. Logan and Casey are also YouTubers.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Carlie Butler, aka CarlieStylez, is a famous YouTuber and social media personality who rose to fame because of her funny and life-changing videos on beauty, fitness, health, and fashion. Moreover, her personal life and her relationship as the sister of Shay Carl Butler have also drawn a lot of public attention. However, initially, she had no plans of becoming a YouTuber.
After graduating from Boise State University with a major in Communications, Carlie Butler planned to pursue a career that matched her degree. So, she joined a middle school in her home town Idaho as a counselor assistant. In this position, Carlie Butler helped students with their personal and academic issues and also carried out their performance evaluations. After working for some time as a counselor assistant, Carlie Butler realized that she perhaps wanted to try out something else. Hence, she left the job and became a cheerleading coach. Since Carlie had an excellent experience as a cheerleader of the Boise State University's soccer and basketball teams, she was equipped to become a cheerleading teacher. However, she was again disappointed with the compensation she got in her new role and decided to pursue a different career.
While she brainstormed about what her next move should be, Carlie Butler got employed as a waitress in a café. After working in several unsatisfactory jobs for a while, she finally found her true calling. She decided to move to combine her degree and experience in Communications with what she loved most-fashion, health, and beauty in a way that would help others. So, on June 20, 2011, Carlie Butler created her YouTube channel titled CarlieStylez and uploaded her first video, 'CarlieStylez comes out!' The video was a perfect teaser of everything Carlie Butler intended to do on her new channel featuring glimpses of her family, son, beauty products, and much more. As of 2022, her YouTube channel has 537,000 subscribers. Her most popular video to date is 'Don't Be That Girl At The Gym', with 57 million views. Carlie's video of her wedding day with Jackson Wood has also garnered much love with 2 million views as of 2022.
She had also started a YouTube channel on motherhood with her friends called The Mom's View, where they discuss parenting tips and tricks. Besides CarlieStylez, Carlie Butler started another YouTube channel called WhatsUpWoods, where she primarily shares videos of her children and husband. This channel has 239,000 subscribers as of 2022. In addition to operating three YouTube channels, Carlie Butler has also launched her own clothing line called Woven, where women can shop everything from tops, bottoms, dresses, and swimwear to accessories and shoes.

Other Interesting Carlie Butler Facts And Trivia

  • Carlie Butler is a famous social media personality with 562,000 followers on Instagram as of 2022.

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