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Carrie Snodgress Birthday & Fun Facts

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Carrie Snodgress Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Caroline Louise Snodgress
Place Of Birth
Illinois , USA
78 years old
Birth Date
October 27 1945

Carrie Snodgress Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Maine Township High School East, Northern University of Illinois
Net Worth
Current Partner
Jack Nitzsche
Zeke Snodgress

About Carrie Snodgress

Popular actress, Caroline Louise Snodgress, was born to her family on October 27, 1945, in Barrington, Illinois.

After undertaking stage training at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, Carrie landed her first two movie appearances in the films 'Easy Rider' (1969) and 'Rabbit, Run' (1970). 'The Big Hatch', which earned the actress two Golden Globe Awards, came through the film 'Diary Of A Mad Housewife' (1970).

Carrie Snodgress Hollywood career was left in limbo for eight years when Snodgress became romantically engaged with musician Neil Young. She made her comeback as a supporting character in the 1978 movie, 'The Fury'. Her other notable works include movies like 'A Night In Heaven', '8 Seconds' and 'Blue Sky', and, television appearances in 'Judd, For The Defense' and ' A Reason To Live' among others.

Carrie Snodgress Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Carrie Snodgress’s net worth?

According to Forbes and some other sources, the estimated net worth of Carrie Snodgress peaked at a whopping $3-5 million.

How much did Carrie Snodgress earn per year?

Even though it is known that Carrie was generating most of her income from her acting career, the exact figures she raked in cannot be concluded with accuracy due to a lack of available data.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Carrie Snodgress?

According to most sources, Carrie Snodgress's height was listed at 5 ft and 6 in (167.6 cm).

How old was Carrie Snodgress?

Carrie Snodgress was 58 years of age when she passed away in a hospital in Los Angeles in 2004.

Childhood And Education

Caroline Louise Snodgress was born to her family on October 27, 1945, in Barrington, Illinois.

Carrie attended Maine Township High School East as a child. After completing her graduation from Northern Illinois University, she undertook stage training at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Carrie Keagan partner?

Carrie Snodgress was married to Neil Young, but they parted ways in 1974. She then had a relationship with Jack Nitzsche before she passed away.

Career And Professional Highlights

Carrie Snodgress made her feature film debut in 1969 after securing an uncredited role in the film 'Easy Rider'.

She was handed her first credited appearance in the feature film ' Rabbit, Run' in 1970.

After turning down Director John G. Avildsen the first time she was offered a role in 'Rocky', Snodgress appeared in two of his later films - 'A Night In Heaven' and '8 seconds'.

Best Known For…

Carrie Snodgress is best remembered for her iconic stint as Bettina Balser in the movie 'Diary Of A Mad Housewife', for which she won two Golden Globe awards as Best Actress in a Comedy or a Musical and New Star of the Year - Actress.

Charity Work

Her acts of philanthropy haven't been well documented.

What awards had Carrie Snodgress won?

Carrie Snodgress' acting career was a decorated one. Besides having two Golden Globes and two Laurel Awards in her name, the popular actress also earned a nomination for an Academic Award and a BAFTA award for the film 'Diary Of A Mad Housewife'.

Carrie Snodgress’s Hobbies And Interests

Carrie Snodgress had an affinity for classical theater and the big screen from a young age which helped in earning her the first role in a feature film at the tender age of 24 years.

Other Interesting Carrie Snodgress Facts And Trivia

  • Carrie Snodgress was the subject of her partner Neil Young's song 'A Man Needs A maid'.
  • Besides her stints on film and television, Carrie Snodgress was also a splendid stage performer.
  • She made her Broadway debut in the two-character comedy 'A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking' in 1981.

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