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Catherine Shepherd’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Catherine Shepherd

Eye Color


Place Of Birth

Hammersmith, UK


46 years old

Birth Date

September 15, 1975

Star Sign


Catherine Shepherd Facts

Child Star?



Actress, Writer, Director.

Education & Qualifications

James Allen's Girls' School

Net Worth

$2 million

Current Partner

Brandi Carlile


Evangeline Ruth Carlile


Ann Scott, Jack Shepherd


Victoria Shepherd, Ben Shepherd


1.7m (5'6"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Rabbit

Annual Earnings

$200 thousand+ per year

About Catherine Shepherd

Catherine Shepherd is a screenwriter, director, and actress from the United Kingdom.
Her flexibility has been demonstrated in a variety of television, radio, and theatrical roles. Catherine has appeared in many different genres of films throughout her whole life.
Catherine is a prolific writer, and her characters have received much love in several TV series. Catherine Shepherd started as an extra character in a movie before becoming prominent on British television. In addition to starring in TV shows, she has written for several projects, including the comedy TV show 'Dogface' (2007), and was also one of its cast.
Catherine has appeared on numerous BBC radio shows as an artist and writer. She has demonstrated her talent for creative writing, acting in the theater, and directing plays at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She is most recognized for her brief role in the TV comedy show 'Sally4Ever' (2018) as Sally. She has written and directed a couple of feature films. 'Paddington' and the sequel to the film are among Catherine's most well-known cinematic credits. Her voice has also been utilized as a narrator in actor Ben Lewis's thriller audiobook 'Blue Sky Thinking' in 2013.

Catherine Shepherd Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Catherine Shepherd’s net worth?

Catherine Shepherd is estimated to have a net worth of around $2 million.

How much does Catherine Shepherd earn per year?

She is estimated to earn a modest $200,000 every year through her various ventures in the media and entertainment industry.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Catherine Shepherd?

Catherine Shepherd is 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) tall.

How old is Catherine Shepherd?

Born on September 16, 1975, Catherine Shepherd is about 47 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Catherine Shepherd is an English comedic actress born in Hammersmith, London, England. She is the daughter of Jack Shepherd, who is a well-known English actor, and Ann Scott, who is a film producer. She spent her early childhood honing her writing skills and developing an interest in acting.
She also did some theater during her school time. Her interest in working as a writer and actor took her to the television industry. Catherine has received the degree of honorary Ballet Senior from James Allen's Girls' School, London, England.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Catherine Shepherd's family?

Catherine was born on September 16, 1975, in Hammersmith, London. Catherine's parents are Jack Shepherd and Ann Scott. She is married to singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile. The couple has a daughter, Evangeline Ruth Carlile.

Who is Catherine Shepherd’s partner?

Catherine Shepherd is married to the single-songwriter Bandi Carlile, a three-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer. The couple have been married for ten years after meeting backstage at Paul McCartney's charity event in 2009. The couple got engaged and married in 2012. They have twin daughters who were born in 2021. The first daughter's name is Evangeline Ruth Carlile. The second daughter's name is not known. The family spends their time in a rural portion of Seattle. Catherine is not active on social media platforms.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Catherine has appeared in both the BBC comedy series 'Think The Unthinkable'.
In 2003, she played Charlotte Lewis in the BBC One drama 'Servants'. She played April in the Channel 4 comedy 'Peep Show'. She first featured in an episode of the English comedy in 2004, and she returned for a final episode run in 2015. Catherine appeared in the British comedy film 'Magicians' in 2007.
She has appeared in the British sitcom 'Ruddy Hell!' It's Harry And Paul'. She made appearances on two British sketch comedy shows, 'Dogface' on E4 and 'The Peter Serafinowicz Show' (2007) on BBC Two. She has also appeared in a BBC Two episode of the science-fiction comedy 'Hyperdrive'. Catherine later made an appearance in the British TV shows 'Trexx And Flipside' (2008), 'Lead Balloon' (2008), and 'Comedy Lab'. In 2010, she portrayed Lucy Carrington in the comedy TV film 'D.O.A.'

Charity Work

Catherine Shepherd, along with her partner, has been associated with several charitable ventures. She donated a part of her earnings to the Looking Out Foundation, a charitable house that helps fund causes that often go unnoticed. She also donated over $675,000 along with her spouse to War Child UK.

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