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Charles Kettering Birthday & Fun Facts

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Charles Kettering Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Charles Kettering
Place Of Birth
Loudonville, USA
147 years old
Birth Date
August 29 1876

Charles Kettering Facts

Child Star?
Engineer, Inventor
Education & Qualifications
Ohio State University
Current Partner
Olive Williams Kettering
Eugene Williams Kettering
Martha Hunter Kettering, Jacob Kettering

About Charles Kettering 

From the world's first electric automobile self-starter to an aerial missile, Charles Kettering's contribution to the world of modern engineering is beyond commendable.

Charles Kettering's developments in the modern automobile industry and the introduction of his new inventions marked a new evolution. His inventions remain popular to this date, as does his name.

From founding his own company named Delco to becoming the vice president of General Motors, Charles Kettering has achieved success in several ways. He is an American engineer and inventor who brought forward evolution to the modern automobile industry.

In 1904, Charles Kettering got an offer from the National Cash Register Company situated in Dayton and began working there in the research laboratory. His journey of invention began from there. While in the company, he invented the first electric cash register. After his ground-breaking invention, he rose to the position of chief in the department of invention at the company. In 1909, he resigned from the National Cash Register Company.

Even though Charles Kettering grew up in a humble family, he was highly educated. He went to the Ohio State University in 1904 to complete his graduation with an engineering degree. In 1909, Charles Kettering took his significant first step along with the support of his associate Edward Deeds as he formed the Delco- Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company. At Delco, he invented the first electric self-starting ignition system that got introduced by Cadillacs in 1912. Charles Kettering further invented the first electric ignition system, a portable electric generator, and electric lights for automobiles.

In 1916, General Motors company purchased Delco, and Charles Kettering became the vice president and the head of the research division of the company. Apart from his automobile inventions, he was also involved in many humanitarian and philanthropic works. He co-founded the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research and was the President of General Motors, Alfred Sloan. For medical research, he also established the C.F. Kettering Foundation to study chlorophyll and photosynthesis.

Charles Kettering retired from General Motors in 1947. After his retirement, he continued his role as a research adviser at Dayton until his death. He breathed his last on November 25, 1958.

Charles Kettering's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Charles Kettering’s net worth?

Charles Kettering's net worth is not known in the public database.

How much did Charles Kettering earn per year?

Charles Kettering's annual earnings remain unknown to the media.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Charles Kettering?

Charles Kettering's height is not available in the public database.

How old was Charles Kettering?

Charles Kettering was born on August 29, 1876. He was 82 years old when he died on November 25, 1958.

Childhood And Education

Charles Kettering was born in Loudonville, Ohio, in the United States. On August 29, 1876, he was born to parents Martha Hunter Kettering and Jacob Kettering. He was the fourth child among five children. Even though he grew up in a modest home, he did get a college degree. He went to the Ohio State University and obtained a degree in engineering.

It is known that Charles Kettering suffered from poor eyesight problems in his childhood, which affected his studies. Later, upon growing up, he got a bit of relief from his eye problems and got back in 1904 to the university to complete his degree.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Charles Kettering’s partner?

Charles Kettering got married to Olive Leora Williams in 1905. The couple had a son together on April 20, 1908, and named him Eugene Williams Kettering.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Charles Kettering is remembered for his groundbreaking inventions and for revolutionizing the world of modern automobiles. He is renowned for developing the first electric cash register in the National Cash Register Company, for inventing the first portable electric generator, and for the first electric ignition system to be used in automobiles.

Charles Kettering also invented electric lights to be used in automobiles for more safety, spark plugs, improvements in high-speed diesel engines, ethyl gasoline, four-wheel breaks, and automatic transmission. He also made development in safety glass and Freon refrigerant. For his development of Freon, Charles Kettering became the first person in the United States to have an air conditioning system at home by using Freon as a cooling agent. Charles Kettering is also known to be the man behind the development of the first aerial missile in the world. The missile was named 'Bug'.

Charity Work

Charles Kettering not only helped improve the lifestyle of the people of the 20th century but also tried to help them in many other ways. His philanthropic nature was brought to light when along with the president of General Motors, Alfred Sloan, Charles Kettering co-founded the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research in 1945. The research institute is located in New York City.

Charles Kettering also founded the C.F. Kettering Foundation to study chlorophyll and photosynthesis. This research institute was established to conduct medical research.

What awards did Charles Kettering win?

Charles Kettering had been awarded numerous times and honored in many ways throughout his life. He received the Franklin Medal in 1936, ASME Medal in 1940, John Fritz Medal in 1944, the IEEE Edison Medal in 1958, and also Hoover Medal in 1955. He also received the Washington Award in 1936.

Apart from all the medals and awards, Charles Kettering had been honored in many ways. He has schools, institutions, colleges, hospitals, and parks named after him. In 1998, to honor Charles Kettering, General Motors changed the name of General Motors Institute to Kettering University.

Charles Kettering’s Hobbies And Interests

Apart from his interests in engineering, Charles Kettering also had an interest in medical science, which was the reason behind his foundation of research institutes.

Other Interesting Charles Kettering Facts And Trivia

  • In 1914, Charles Kettering became the founding member of the prestigious engineers club of Dayton.
  • In 1998, the renowned General Motors Engineering and Management Institute was named Kettering University to honor his services to the company and his inventions. The university is situated in Garden City, New York.
  • During World War I, Charles Kettering also developed a propeller-driven guided-missile missile that weighed around 200 lb (90 kg).
  • The Department of Music in the College of Wooster is named after Charles Kettering's wife, Olive Williams Kettering.
  • Charles Kettering began his career as a telephone line crew member.
  • Charles Kettering secured a place in the National Inventors Hall of Fame for his outstanding contribution to the world of engineering.

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