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Charles Spurgeon Birthday & Fun Facts

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Charles Spurgeon Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Place Of Birth
Kelvedon, UK
189 years old
Birth Date
June 19 1834

Charles Spurgeon Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Susannah Spurgeon
Charles Spurgeon jr., Thomas Spurgeon

About Charles Spurgeon 

Charles Spurgeon was a preacher at the Baptist church and was known far and wide.
Spurgeon's preaching style and his indomitable flair in what he did was so great that people traveled from far and wide to become a part of his sermons. Charles Spurgeon was born into a family of non-conformist ministers and chose to be baptized at a young age.
This was against the family traditions, but Spurgeon was adamant to believe in a sermon that he had supposedly listened to 'by chance'. He was so moved by the sermon that instead of going to the church where he was headed, he went ahead and got baptized. From a young age, Charles Spurgeon established himself as an amazing orator. His sermons were so moving that he went through a quick shift from preaching at Cambridgeshire to becoming a sensation all around London. He was invited to preach at several places such as Exeter Hall, and he managed to gather a humongous crowd on all occasions. He passed away in London, where he was first called to preach at the New Park Street Chapel.
His interpretation of the gospel as well as the way in which he enacted scenes from the Bible were so new and refreshing that people made him immortal in Christian history. However, his strong views on certain matters and the way in which he presented them were unacceptable to some parts of the community. Hence, he also faced some negativity but was loved for the most part. This was especially visible through the procession and mourning that followed his death. Keep reading to learn about a man who could become a famous preacher at a young age!

Childhood And Education

Charles Spurgeon was born on June 19, 1834. He was born into a family of non-conformists, and hence, the path that he eventually decided to take in his life was very different from what it would have been if he had decided to not go against the wishes and ideologies of his family.
He was born in Kelvedon and was not fortunate enough to receive any proper education. The little education that he did receive was of lower standards than what was expected of the 19th century. However, this did not impact his life and learning. He eventually became a man of huge wisdom and knowledge. He had a humongous personal library and was an avid reader as well. This was quite visible in the sermons that he delivered later in his life. He eventually became so popular that anyone who visited London had just two wishes, and one of them was to be able to hear Spurgeon preach. It is quite amusing to note that he became a pastor at the age of just 17 years! He was a pastor at the Waterbeach Baptist Chapel.
He started his journey toward ministry as a child. In many of his sermons, he tells people how he had become a minister by mere chance. There was a lot of mention about him being caught in a snowstorm and entering a Methodist church in order to protect himself. This changed his entire life since the substitute preacher chose to directly speak to this little boy named Charles Spurgeon and ask him about his misery and how Jesus Christ was the way out of it. This encounter also changed the way in which Charles Spurgeon perceived infant baptism. Shortly afterward, he went against his family and got baptized. This would inevitably lead to the days when he would be the most famous and most highly regarded minister in Cambridgeshire. He became so popular that he was asked to preach in London. His first sermon there was so moving that he was asked to stay for six months and continue preaching. However, six months turned into a lifetime and Charles Spurgeon spent his entire life preaching the gospel in London. His ministry was so influential and extremely famous that people traveled from far and wide to just hear him speak and deliver his version of the gospel in a very new and refreshing way.

Family and Relationship

Charles Haddon Spurgeon was born in a family of non-conformists. However, he would look at the gospel differently and would grow up to become someone whose school of thought was poles apart. He left his family at a young age when he decided that he wanted to get baptized. Eventually, as he started becoming more famous, he was asked to deliver a couple of sermons in London. However, he never ended up going back to Cambridgeshire ever again.
Charles Haddon Spurgeon married Susannah Spurgeon in 1856 and the couple was blessed with twin sons. She was Charles' closest friend and confidant, and he would share all his thoughts with her. This was also an inspiring factor for the people who heard his ministry. Charles and Thomas Spurgeon, his sons, also became famous very quickly because of the influence that their father had on the people of the world.

Career And Professional Highlights

Charles Spurgeon's career was inevitably dotted with his many sermons and the books that he wrote in order to tell people what he thought of Christianity and how Jesus Christ would save them all. He was not very educated but he managed to create a persona that would be able to influence and sway the most learned of men. His interpretation of the Holy Scripture is quite different, and his views were mainly based on the Puritan school of thought. His dislike for science and modernistic approach was very evident and he eventually even exited the Baptist union since he sensed that they were becoming too modern. The highlights of his career would be when even the then-largest churches of England could not hold the number of people who wanted to hear Charles Haddon Spurgeon's sermons.

Best Known For…

Charles Spurgeon is best known for being a minister and a very influential man in 19th century England. Not only this, he was known all throughout the world, and people would even travel from far and wide to just be able to hear him speak of Christ. However, Spurgeon was very Puritan at heart and the way he presented Christ and how he was the only savior was quite radical for many Christians. It's not as if Spurgeon was loved by everyone; he had some people who would rather not attend any of his sermons.
He is also very well known for being a jolly person. Many people claim that he was mischievous and was capable of making his entire audience laugh. At the same time, he was also depressed. Many specialists have analyzed that in the present day and age, he would inevitably be diagnosed with clinical depression and would have to go through therapy and medication.
The many books that he authored in his life are still a source of knowledge and inspiration for many. His autobiography also sheds a lot of light on the man behind all the sermons and moving depictions of the Bible.

Charity Work

Charles Spurgeon was involved in the opening of many charitable organizations and trusts. He started the Pastor's College, which was eventually renamed Spurgeon's College. It is located in South Norwood Hill in London. There is also a library named The Spurgeon Library in Kansas City.

What awards did Charles Spurgeon win?

Charles Spurgeon was a very notable preacher but he was not given any awards for spreading the word of Jesus Christ.

Charles Spurgeon’s Hobbies And Interests

Spurgeon was an avid reader and writer. He wrote numerous books and also read from his vast library. At the same time, he appreciated some mischief and was very joyful to be around.

Other Interesting Charles Spurgeon Facts And Trivia

Spurgeon was born in Kelvedon in 1834.
He was born into a family of non-conformists.
He was baptized when he was 15 years old.
He became a preacher at just 17 years of age.
During his sermons, he would frequently enact various scenes from the Bible.
He was often criticized for the way in which he delivered the message of God.
He was married to Susannah Spurgeon.
He had twin sons named Charles and Thomas Spurgeon.
He was more inclined towards the Puritan school of thought.
He passed away on January 31, 1892. Before his death, he was suffering from various illnesses such as gout, rheumatism, and Bright's disease.
There was a long mourning session and well as a procession after his death.
Though he deemed himself a Calvinist, he did not hold with all points of Calvinism.
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