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Charlie Clips Birthday & Fun Facts

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Charlie Clips Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Charles Brown
Place Of Birth
New York City, United States
36 years old
Birth Date
March 21 1987

Charlie Clips Facts

Child Star?
Battle Rapper, Comedian
Education & Qualifications
Washington Irving High Schol
Net Worth

About Charlie Clips

Charles Leon Brown III, known by his stage name Charlie Clips, is a famous American battle rapper from Harlem, New York.

Charlie Clips' rap battle videos are some of the most viewed in the history of recorded battles. He has garnered widespread fame for his winning streaks, with many dubbing him one of the best battle rappers in the rap industry.

Charlie Clips has been praised for his freestyle ability and lyrical talents. From 2013 to 2017, the rapper was at a career peak, as he had a legendary run of famous rap battles.

Charlie Clips has participated in over 75 battles with over 102 million views. Some of his rap battles opponents include T Rex, Chess, Loaded Lux, and DayLyt. His most viewed rap battle video was the Ultimate Rap League against Loaded Lux, which has gotten over 8 million views as of September 2022. His other famous rap battles include the Ultimate Rap League, where he went against Hollow Da Don, King of the Dot against Charron,  and the Ultimate Rap League against the X-Factor. In 2016, Charlie Clips joined the MTV rap show 'Wild 'N Out' during the show's eighth season. He has become a regular cast member of the show since then.

Read further to learn more about this famous rapper, including his early life, past relationships, and career highlights.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Charlie Clips' net worth?

Charlie Clips has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

How much does Charlie Clips earn per year?

It is unknown how much Charlie Clips earns annually; however, battle rappers earn between $3-4 thousand on average. Thus, we may presume that he earns a lot of money from his rap battles.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Charlie Clips?

Charlie Clips is 5 ft 8 in (172 cm) tall.

How old is Charlie Clips?

The battle rapper was born on March 21, 1987. Hence, as of September 2022, Charlie Clips is 35 years old. His zodiac sign is Aries.

Childhood And Education

Charlie Clips was born Charles Leon Brown III in Harlem, New York. His father's name is Charles Leon Brown, and the rapper was raised by his mother and grandmother. He completed his elementary education in Harlem, New York, and went to Washington Irving High School. He was an honor roll student until the 10th grade. Charlie Clips later graduated from summer school. The college he attended was unknown, and he dropped out after four months.

When he was a teenager, Charlie Clips worked at the Harlem Children's Home in New York.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Charlie Clips dating?

Not much is known about his past relationships. However, in a 2015 exclusive interview with VladTV, he talked about his past relationship with Ash Cash and stated that he was in a new relationship with Couture. It is unknown whether he is currently in a relationship or not.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Charlie Clips is undoubtedly one of the most popular battle rappers in the rap industry. The Harlem rapper is best known for his consistent wins in the rap battle community. His followers have widely acclaimed his topical lyrics, jokes, and wordplay.

His rap battle wins are attributed to his impeccable freestyle ability, comedy, and long-form schemes.

Charlie Clips has also gained significant fame for being a cast member of the rap comedy show 'Wild' N Out' which airs on MTV and VH1.

The rapper has released several mixtapes, such as Fully Loaded Clips, Legendary, and Lenox Ave Beast. He also has a catalog of popular songs, including 'Oh No It's Not', 'We Run It,' and 'Never Enough.' He has collaborated with rappers, including Suge Knight, Nick Cannon, and Hitman Holla. Charlie Clips also runs his own YouTube channel, CharlieClipsTV. The channel has over 70,000 subscribers as of September 2022.

Charity Work

There is no official record of Charlie Clips being involved in charity work. However, for one of his rap battles in 2022, Charlie Clips stated that he would donate his winnings to charity if he won. In November 2019, the rapper helped a homeless woman by sending her money through CashApp.

What awards has Charlie Clips won?

Charlie was named the Rookie Of The Year in 'Wild 'N Out' Season 8. At the 2015 year-end awards, Charlie Clips won the Male Battler Of The Year award.

Other Interesting Charlie Clips Facts And Trivia

  • He knows a great deal about battle rap and often competed on a battle rap-based game show named 'The Bar Exam Show.'
  • Charlie Clips' most known rap battle leagues include URL, KOTD, Don't Flop, Quiet Room, Gorilla Warfare, and Lionz Den.
  • The rapper was featured on Nick Cannon's Eminem diss track titled 'The Invitation.'
  • Charlie Clips was named the second-best battle rapper by The Top Ten.
  • Charlie Clips is close friends with fellow battle rappers DNA and Goodz.
  • He joined the rap battle community in 2008.
  • Charlie Clips is signed to Nick Cannon's record label named NCredible Entertainment.

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