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Chelsie Kyriss Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Chelsie Kyriss
Place Of Birth
Springboro, Ohio, USA
33 years old
Birth Date
August 31 1989

Chelsie Kyriss Facts

Child Star?
Social Media Personality
Education & Qualifications
Georgia Perimeter College
Net Worth
Current Partner
Antonio Brown
Antonio Jr. Brown, Apollo Brown, Autonomy Brown, Kellen Green, Brooklyn Green
Todd Kyriss, Lynn Kyriss
Christopher Kyriss

About Chelsie Kyriss 

Many of you may already know that Chelsie Kyriss is the girlfriend of the famous football player, Antonio Brown.
Her much-publicized relationship with the National Football League (NFL) star is indeed the cause of her getting into the spotlight, however, Chelsie Kyriss is much more than that. By profession, Chelsie Kyriss was previously an educational teacher and a sales representative.
Currently, popular as a social media personality, real estate agent, designer, and customer sales representative, Chelsie Kyriss has created a loyal fan base while taking care of her children and handling her tumultuous relationship. Read on to take a closer look at Chelsie Kyriss' career, family, and her relationship with the established sportsperson, Antonio Brown.

Chelsie Kyriss Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Chelsie Kyriss’ net worth?

The net worth of Chelsie Kyriss is estimated to be around $200,000. She has built this net worth from working in different careers, such as a teacher, sales representative, store manager, real estate agent, and social media influencer.

How much does Chelsie Kyriss earn per year?

Chelsie Kyriss has had a successful and lucrative career in the field of education, entertainment, and business. However, the exact figure of her annual earnings is not known.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Chelsie Kyriss?

Chelsie Kyriss stands at a height of 5 ft 6 in (168 cm).

How old is Chelsie Kyriss?

As of 2021, Chelsie Kyriss is 32 years old. Since she was born on August 31, her zodiac sign is a Virgo.

Childhood And Education

Chelsie Kyriss was born in Springboro, Ohio in the United States on August 31, 1989. She spent most of her childhood in her hometown and attended Springboro High School. During high school, Chelsie Kyriss played sports like volleyball and soccer and was also an active member of the school's drama club.
After completing her education at Springboro High School, Chelsie Kyriss enrolled into Sinclair Community College from where she graduated in the year 2010. She later attended Georgia State University Perimeter, which is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Here is where she earned her bachelor's degree.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Chelsie Kyriss dating?

Chelsie Kyriss has been in a relationship with the NFL wide receiver, Antonio Brown, since 2012. The couple has always been in the limelight and have been subjected to intense publicity. They first met via mutual friends and instantly developed a liking for each other. Although their long relationship has undergone many ups and downs, the pair is still strong and very much in love.
Together, Chelsie Kyriss and Antonio Brown are parents to three adorable kids named Antonio Jr. Brown (born in 2014), Autonomy Brown (born in 2015), and Apollo Brown (born in 2017). Besides, Chelsie Kyriss also has two children from her previous relationships named Brooklyn Green and Kellen Green. Antonio also has kids from his previous relationships.

Who is Chelsie Kyriss’ family?

Chelsie Kyriss was born to Lynn Kyriss and Todd Kyriss in Springboro, Ohio. While her father holds the title of executive vice president in the company Elite Sportswear, her mother is a homemaker. Chelsie Kyriss also has an elder brother called Christopher Kyriss.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Chelsie Kyriss is best known as the partner of Antonio Brown and the mother of his three children. Since she received a lot of attention from the media due to her relationship with Antonio Brown, details regarding her career were also discovered.
Although Chelsie Kyriss is popular as the girlfriend of Antonio Brown, she is also a jack of all trades as she has worked in the industries of education, business, entertainment, and real estate as well. Read on to learn more about the career of Chelsie Kyriss.
Long before she met the famous wide receiver of the Oakland Raiders, Antonio, Chelsie worked as a sales representative at Victoria Store while studying at Sinclair Community College. She later took up an additional job as an assistant teacher at a daycare center called Adventures Through Learning.
Chelsie Kyriss also took a shot at modeling but did not get many offers. Although she wanted to pursue modeling ever since childhood, she did not want to risk her existing career to go after it, so she dropped the idea. Her dedication and commitment to her job awarded her a promotion. In 2010, she worked her way up the career ladder at Bakers Footwear Group, first in the position of an assistant store manager and then as the store manager.
After working for two years at the group, Chelsie Kyriss became a customer representative at Wilton Brands Inc. It was around this time that she first met footballer, Antonio Brown. The young couple could not hide their romance from the media and very soon made headlines in newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. Chelsie Kyriss soon became a recognizable face, and to remain updated about their favorite celebrity's love life, thousands of Antonio's fans followed Chelsie on her Instagram account. The love and attention that she received from fans and paparazzi made Chelsie a popular social media celebrity.
Chelsie Kyriss still works at Wilton Brands Inc. In addition, she has become a real estate agent and designer as well.

Chelsie Kyriss’ Hobbies And Interests

Chelsie Kyriss is fond of fast cars and watching movies, her favorites being 'Ghostbusters,' 'Lost In Translation,' and 'Groundhog Day.'

Other Interesting Chelsie Kyriss Facts And Trivia

  • Antonio and Chelsie Kyriss have broken up several times during their relationship when Antonio dated other women, including Instagram model Jena Frumes.
  • Antonio and Chelsie Kyriss have entered into numerous public legal battles on different issues.
  • Antonio Brown often refers to Chelsie Kyriss in media as his 'baby mama.'
  • Antonio Brown is the son of the great football player, Eddie Brown, also known as 'Touchdown Eddie.' He is widely recognized as the best football player in Arena Football League history.
  • In 2019, Antonio Brown gifted Chelsie a Porsche. Besides this car, Chelsie Kyriss is also an owner of a Bentley.
  • Chelsie Kyriss does not post much on her Instagram account but has a loyal fan following of 100,000 followers as of 2022. Most of her posts feature her children.
  • Unlike her Instagram account, Chelsie Kyriss keeps her Twitter account private and has only 314 followers on the platform.
  • Chelsie Kyriss currently resides in Antonio's house in Miami, Florida with her children.
  • Chelsie Kyriss' boyfriend, Antonio Brown, is an NFL player. He started his career as a professional football player with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010. Following his selection by the Pittsburgh Steelers, he played with several teams and currently plays for the Oakland Raiders. 

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