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Chingo Bling’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Chingo Bling

Eye Color


Place Of Birth

Houston, USA


42 years old

Birth Date

August 22, 1979

Star Sign


Chingo Bling Facts

Child Star?




Education & Qualifications

Trinity University

Net Worth

$2 million

Current Partner

Marisol Herrera


Penelope, Mikaela


Dalila Aguilar


1.8m (6"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Sheep

About Chingo Bling

Chingo Bling, born Pedro Herrera III on August 23, 1979, is a rapper and actor from Texas, USA.
Learn all about this famous American actor, singer, producer, and sounding artist Pedro Herrera III, widely known by his stage name, Chingo Bling. Also, find his birthday, height, age, net worth, annual income, personal life, family life, best appearances, solo debut, album, credited performances, and other interesting facts about him.

Chingo Bling Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Chingo Bling's net worth?

Chingo Bling, a Mexican-American music producer and rapper, has an estimated net worth of $2 million. This includes assets, income, and savings.

How much does Chingo Bling earn per year?

Chingo Bling's annual net worth is not disclosed. However, his primary net worth source is through his career as a rapper.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Chingo Bling?

Chingo Bling is 6 ft (183 cm) tall.

How old is Chingo Bling?

Chingo Bling was born in Houston, Texas, USA, in August 1979. He is 42 years old and will turn 43 in August 2022. Chingo Bling celebrates his birthday on August 23.

Childhood And Education

Chingo Bling was born Pedro Herrera III on August 23, 1979, in Houston, Texas, USA. He attended a private college preparatory boarding school, Peddie School. The school is located in Hightstown, New Jersey, USA. He has a sibling named Dalila Aguilar.
Chingo Bling attended Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, USA. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Marketing from Trinity University in 2001.
Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding Chingo Bling's father, mother, siblings, or other family members.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Chingo Bling's partner?

Pedro Herrera III, known famously by his stage name Chingo Bling, is married to Marisol Herrera. The couple has a daughter together, Penelope. Penelope was born in 2018. Also, Chingo Bling and Marisol Herrera share the parenting of Bling's daughter from a previous relationship, Mikaela.
Chingo Bling currently lives in Houston, Texas, USA.

Career And Professional Highlights

Chingo Bling began his music career through his first mixtape release, 'Duro en la Pintura', 'Air Chingo: The Mixtape', and 'El Mero Chingon' in 2004. These mixtapes were under the label, Big Chile Enterprises. Later in 2006, Chingo Bling was recruited by the Bad Boy Latino record company.
Keep reading to find more about Chingo Bling's career.

Best Known For

Pedro Herrera III, commonly known by his stage name, Chingo Bling, is an American actor, singer, stand-up comedian, and recording artist. He is well-known for his unique style of skewering Mexican stereotypes and Tejano culture. He is also known for 'Masa and the Power' (2014), 'Filly Brown' (2012), and 'Gun Hill Road' (2011).
Chingo Bling was first recognized and gained fame through his mixtape release. It was named 'Hard In The Paint', following which he also released mixtapes 'The Air Chingo Mixtape' and 'El Mero Chingon'.
In 2004, under Big Chile Enterprises, an independent record label, Chingo Bling released his first album, 'The Tamale Kingpin'. Following its victory in 2005, Chingo Bling released his second album 'Running 4 President'. The fourth hit album from Chingo Bling was 'Me Vale Madre' (2009).
Chingo Bling's first album 'The Tamale Kingpin', featured rappers Mike Jones and Paul Wall. The album featured hit records 'Walk like Cleto' and 'Colombian Pie'.On August 14, 2007, Chingo Bling released his awaited album after some controversy. The album was named 'They Can't Deport Us All' and it was released under the record label Asylum Records. The album featured artists Pitbull, Baby Bash, Stunta, Paul Wall, Lucky Luciano, Fat Pat, Coast, and Big Pokey.
Chingo Bling currently performs under the labels Big Chile Enterprises and Asylum Records. Other recognized albums from Chingo Bling are 'Undaground's Most Wanted', 'They All Want Him But Who Can Afford Him', 'Super Throwed', 'World Star Wetbacks', 'Back To The Border', and 'Chingaveli'.
Being a stand-up comedian, Chingo Bling has also launched an active YouTube channel to share his comedy content while utilizing the power of social media. The name of his YouTube channel is 'CBTV Chingo Bling TV', with over 16,800 subscribers. He launched his channel on October 22, 2019, and has posted over 400 videos. The first video he uploaded was 'Chingo Bling As Jose Altuve Answers Fan Questions'.

Chingo Bling Movie Career

Chingo Bling's credited movies and TV series are as Angel in 'The Cause of Death' (2021), Spider in 'Maul Dogs' (2015), Chingo Bling in 'KOVAS' Hollywood' (2014), Felipe Fernando Fernandez in the TV series 'Masa & the Power', Rayborn in 'Filly Brown' (2021), and Botas in 'Perfect Sunday' (2010).
Chingo Bling's credited music videos are 'Baby Bash Feat. Low G, Chingo Bling, Juan Gotti: El Pinche' (2016) and 'Chamillionaire: Ridin' ft. Krayzie Bone' (2006).


Chingo Bling faced various controversies for the release of his hit 'They Can't Deport Us All'. He faced racism threats from nationalist groups, but he still didn't change the album's title. As his music was primarily associated with violent street gangs, he gained conservative criticism. Chingo Bling also mentioned on CW39 News that he was refused the opportunity to appear at a Dallas shopping mall for an in-store album signing.

What awards has Chingo Bling won?

Chingo Bling has eight IMDb credits as an actor and singer. The self credited performances are in 'HA Festival: The Art of Comedy' (TV series), 'What's Good In Your Hood?' (TV series), 'Chingo Bling: They Can't Deport Us All' (TV special documentary), 'Arts in Context' (TV series documentary), and 'They Can't Deport Us All' (short).
Chingo Bling twice appeared on MTV before releasing his album under the label, Big Chile Enterprises.

Other Interesting Chingo Bling Facts And Trivia

  • Chingo Bling, an American rapper, record producer, and stand-up comedian, was born in America. His nationality is American with Mexican ethnicity.
  • Chingo Bling's associated acts include South Park Mexican, Stunt, Lucky Luciano, Paul Wall, Pitbull, Trae, and Akwiddropped.
  • Chingo Bling specializes in genres of hip hop, southern hip hop, Chicano rap, and gangster rap. He has been active in the entertainment industry since 2000 and has over 20 years of experience.
  • Chingo Bling attended the Peddie School on a scholarship. He was a fan of Armando Perez.
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