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Chris Matthews’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Chris Matthews

Eye Color


Place Of Birth

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


76 years old

Birth Date

December 16, 1945

Star Sign


Chris Matthews Facts

Child Star?



Journalist, Author, Actor, Commentator, Television Presenter, Talk Show Host

Education & Qualifications

University of North Carolina

Net Worth

$22 million

Current Partner

Kathleen Matthews


Michael Matthews, Thomas Matthews, Caroline Matthews


Mary Teresa Matthews, Herb Matthews


Jim Matthews, Herb Matthews Jr., Bruce Matthews, Charlie Matthews


1.9m (6'3"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Cock

About Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews, born in December 1945, is an American news anchor, author, actor, television presenter, and politician commentator, best known as the talk show host of 'Hardball With Chris Matthews' hosted on MSNBC on weekends.
Chris Matthews' media career began in 1987 as a print journalist. He was a chief examiner and syndicated column journalist for San Fransisco Chronicle.
Chris Matthews' hit show 'Hardball With Chris Matthews' was first launched in 1997, with Matthews as the permanent host. However, he also appeared as a commentator for other programs on the National Broadcasting Company and MSNBC television network. He has had a flourishing career as an anchor, TV presenter, journalist, actor, and author.
Continue reading this article to learn some interesting facts about Christopher John Matthews, including his net worth, height, family life, and career highlights.

Chris Matthews Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Chris Matthews' net worth?

Chris Matthews' net worth is estimated to be $22 million. His primary source of income is his career as an American television presenter, talk show host, commentator, journalist, actor, and author.

How much does Chris Matthews earn per year?

Chris Matthews' annual earnings haven't been disclosed to the public. However, he was paid $3 million annually for hosting the American talk show 'Hardball With Chris Matthews'.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Chris Matthews?

Christopher John Matthews stands at the height of 6 ft 3 in (191 cm).

How old is Chris Matthews?

Christopher Matthews was born on December 17, 1945, in Tioga, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is 76 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Chris Matthews was born Christopher John Matthews on December 17, 1945, in Nicetown-Tioga, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. His parents are Mary Teresa Matthews and Herb Matthews. Chris Matthews has four siblings, Jim Matthews, Herb Matthews Jr., Bruce Matthews, and Charlie Matthews.
Matthews' father, Herb Matthews, was a court reporter. Christopher Matthews graduated from La Salle College High School. Soon after high school, he attended the College of Holy Cross, Massachusetts. Following this, he continued to pursue economics at the University of North Carolina. Chris Matthews graduated with a doctorate in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Chris Matthews's partner?

Christopher John Matthews has been married to Kathleen Matthews since June 21, 1980. They have three children together, Michael Matthews, Thomas Matthews, and Caroline Matthews.
Kathleen Matthews was a news anchor at WJLA-TV and later accepted a position as the executive vice president of Marriott International. In 2015, Kathleen Matthews also launched an unsuccessful campaign for democratic nomination representing a House seat in Maryland's eighth congressional district along with representative Jamie Raskin in 2016.
Chris Matthews' second-born son Thomas Matthews is a regular cast member of the national news show, 'The Newsroom', which began airing in 2012. Chris Matthews and his family lived in Montgomery County, Philadelphia, during his childhood, and he currently lives in the town of Chevy Chase, Montgomery County.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For...

Chris Matthews is an American commentator, actor, author, television presenter, talk show host, and journalist well-known as the host of the MSNBC show 'Hardball With Chris Matthews' and 'The Chris Matthews Show'. He is also well-recognized as a syndicated national columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and an author of two political books, 'Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit' and 'Hardball: How Politics Is Played Told By One Who Knows The Game'.
Matthews began his career as a trade development advisor in Swaziland's United States Peace Corps. He served from 1968-1970. Later, he also served as a presidential speechwriter for the then-president, Jimmy Carter, and senior aide for the then-speaker, Tip O'Neill, for six years. Matthews worked in the print media industry for over 15 years and spent 13 years in Washington DC as the bureau chief for the San Francisco Examiner from 1987-2000.
As an actor, Chris Matthews is well recognized for his roles as Chris Matthews in 'The Campaign' (2012), MSNBC reporter in 'State Of Play' (2009), Chris Matthews in 'Dave' (1993), Chris Matthews in 'House Of Cards' (2014 TV series), Chris Matthews in 'The Good Wife' (2011-2016 TV series), and Chris Matthews in 'Alpha House' (2013-2014 TV series).
Chris Matthews' best-selling books are 'Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero', 'Tip And The Gipper: When Politics Worked', 'The Rivalry That Shaped Postwar America', 'This Country: My Life In Politics And History', 'The Hardball Handbook: How To Win At Life', 'Life's A Campaign: What Politics Has Taught', and 'The Imagination Challenge: Strategic Foresight'.
Chris Matthews is best known for comparing political situations to television shows and movies. He works with NBCUniversal and Comcast. The first episode of 'The Chris Matthews Show' was aired on weekends in 2003 and ended in 2013. The show was formatted as a political roundtable where Matthews gained popularity for comparing political situations to television shows. He earned over $5 million a year through 'The Chris Matthews Show'.
On June 21, 2013, the final episode of 'The Chris Matthew Show' was aired. Matthews revealed that the show was canceled as he wanted to focus his efforts on 'Hardball With Chris Matthews', producing documents, and writing books.
On March 2, 2020, Chris Matthews announced his retirement while hosting his weeknight hour-long talk show, 'Hardball With Chris Matthews'. The show ran on America's Talking (1994-1996), CNBC (1997-1999), and MSNBC (1999-2020).
Christopher John Matthews has been awarded 30 honorary doctorate degrees from various universities. The doctorate degrees are Doctor of Humane Letters (DHL), Doctor of Laws (LL.D.), and Doctor of Communication. The universities he has a doctorate from include Drexel University, Quinnipiac University, Fordham University, Old Dominion University, Temple University, Washington University in St. Louis, Saint Joseph's University, Howard University, Ohio State University, and La Salle University.

What awards has Chris Matthews won?

Chris Matthews has won several awards and recognitions. Some of the awards include the Abraham Lincoln Award, David Brinkley Award, Kennedy Memorial Award, and Pennsylvania Society's Gold Medal.
Chris Matthews won the Pennsylvania Society's Gold Medal for Distinguished Achievement in 2005, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Award, Abraham Lincoln Award for Union League of Philadelphia, Tip O'Neill Irish Diaspora Award, and David Brinkley Award for Excellence In Broadcast Journalism.

Chris Matthews's Hobbies And Interests

Chris Matthews has always had an interest in national politics, and he is the greatest fan of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Other Interesting Chris Matthews Facts And Trivia

  • Chris Matthews appeared as a commencement speaker at Merrimack College on May 15, 2015, and Ohio State University on May 4, 2014.
  • Chris Matthews' zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • Matthews, an American television personality known for 'The Chris Matthews Show', served on the staff of four Democratic Members of Congress.
  • Chris Matthews ran for Pennsylvania's fourth congressional district seat in the US House of Representatives in 1974 under the Democratic Party. He got 24% of the votes during the primary.

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