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Chris Roberts Birthday & Fun Facts

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Chris Roberts Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Chris Roberts
Place Of Birth
Redwood City, USA
55 years old
Birth Date
May 27 1968

Chris Roberts Facts

Child Star?
Video Game Developer
Education & Qualifications
University of Manchester
Net Worth
Current Partner
Sandy Gardiner
Erin Roberts

About Chris Roberts 

Chris Roberts is a British-American, born in Redwood City, California, United States, and is the CEO of Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries.
Chris Roberts' family moved across the Atlantic to Manchester, United Kingdom when he was just an infant. A true Manchester United fan, Chris Roberts considers himself a true Mancunian.
Chris gained interest in space and the galaxies for the first time when his father took him to watch 'Star Wars' as a child. He was hooked and started trying to code and produce games on his home and university computers even before he was 15.
After gaining his degrees in England, Chris Roberts moved back to the United States to start his career. He joined Origin Systems in 1986 and in 1988 created 'Times Of Lore', which became a strong influence on other Origin products, including their popular 'Ultima' series.
Chris gained real fame when he released 'Wing Commander' in 1990, along with 'Bad Blood.' 'Wing Commander' immediately became Origin's most successful product. He then went on to become the designer of the game 'Strike Commander' and then again went off to develop spin-off sequels of 'Wing Commander'.
His contribution to the industry made 'Next Generation', the gaming magazine, name him as one of their 75 Most Important People in the Games Industry of 1995.
Chris left Origin in 1996 and founded Digital Anvil along with Tony Zurovec and his brother, Erin Roberts. The company eventually released its first game called 'Starlancer' in 2000 and ultimately was acquired by Microsoft. Chris stayed on as a consultant for a while but finally decided to leave.
After Digital Anvil, Chris Roberts founded Ascendant Pictures, which was a gateway for him to develop Hollywood movies and television series. He was now a producer of several Hollywood productions like 'Outlander' and 'Timber Falls'. The company, however, was caught up in litigation and later on acquired by Bigfoot Entertainment in 2010.
Before launching his own gaming company, Chris had founded Point of No Return Entertainment, which was not a huge success and was later revamped into Ascendant Pictures, which Big Foot Entertainment eventually acquired.
Chris Roberts did not stop here and founded Cloud Imperium Games in 2011 along with his wife, Sandi Gardiner, and longtime business partner, Ortin Freyermuth, who was also the company's media attorney.
The company launched its first crowdfunding campaign in October 2012 to produce a space simulator game called 'Star Citizen'. This, by far, was one of the most successful ideas for Chris Roberts. As of 2022, 'Star Citizen' has raised over $430 million. The company is working on a single-player set within the game's universe and is planning on releasing it soon.

Chris Roberts' Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Chris Roberts' net worth?

Chris Roberts is known to have a net worth of approximately $20 million.

How much does Chris Roberts earn per year?

Much information about Chris Roberts' annual income is not available. However, his enterprise has raised hundreds of millions of dollars, as of February 2022, especially from its game 'Star Citizen', making the company and Chris Roberts pretty rich.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Chris Roberts?

Chris Roberts is known to stand at 5 ft 8 in (173 cm).

How old is Chris Roberts?

Born on May 27, 1968, Chris Roberts is 53 years old as of May 2021.

Childhood And Education

Chris Roberts was born in Redwood City, California, to a British father and American mother. The family eventually moved to England, where much of Chris' formative years took place.
Chris Roberts attended Parrs Wood High School, the same school where computer music composer Martin Galway studied. He eventually enrolled in Manchester College to study maths, physics, and electrical engineering, after which he went on to the University of Manchester, where he enhanced his computer skills even further.
Though a brilliant student, Chris was never much interested in his classes. He enjoyed writing codes and designing action games. The teachers at his university encouraged him to develop a game that was later attached to the university's Game of the Month magazine. This gave Chris the first opportunity that would ultimately make him a successful game developer, among other things.
Chris then moved back to the United States in the mid-'80s and joined Origin Systems, starting his career in the games industry.
Chris also has a brother named Erin Roberts, with whom he co-founded Digital Anvil and designed several video games.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Chris Roberts' partner?

Chris Roberts is married to Sandi Gardiner. She is also the vice-president and co-founder of Cloud Imperium Games. The couple has two daughters together. Since Chris is a private individual when it comes to family life, the names of his daughters are unknown.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For

The exact year Roberts started his career is not known. However, he is a designer of 'Star Citizen', a new crowdfunded space simulation game that has raised hundreds of millions of dollars as of 2022 and is still going pretty strong. Chris Roberts is also best known as the designer of 'Wing Commander', an Origin game.

Chris Roberts' Hobbies And Interests

Chris has transformed his interest in designing games into a successful career. As a game designer, he has been able to fulfill his love for space and fantasy more so than he did as a child. With his company's new games gaining popularity, the idea of turning your interest into your profession has done well for him.

Other Interesting Chris Roberts Facts And Trivia

Chris was born in California on May 27 and is a Gemini.
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