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Chris Stokes Birthday & Fun Facts

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Chris Stokes Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Christopher Brian Stokes
Place Of Birth
Los Angeles, USA
54 years old
Birth Date
July 21 1969

Chris Stokes Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Chrissy Stokes, Stinky Stokes, Milo Stokes, Miko Stokes
Irene Stokes
Juanita Stokes

About Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes, originally Christopher Brian Stokes, was born on July 21, 1969, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Chris Stokes is widely known as the son of Irene Mama Stokes and as the elder brother of vocalist Juanita Stokes. Chris is a popular American film producer who formerly served as a record producer and talent executive.

Chris Stokes is certainly renowned as the initiator of The Ultimate Group record Label founded in 2000, whose list included Jhené Aiko, B2K, IMx, Seven Streeter, Mila J, Omarion, Marques Houston, NLT, and Kevin McHale ('Glee'), out of another roster.

Chris Stokes Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Chris Stokes’s net worth?

Chris Stokes is an American film producer, talent manager, and record executive. Chris has amassed a great sum of net worth from his career. As of 2022, Chris' net worth is estimated to be $3 million approximately.

How much does Chris Stokes earn per year?

As of 2022, not much is known about his earnings and spending habits.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Chris Stokes?

Chris Stokes's height is 5 ft 10 in (178 cm). There is not much information available about his physical attributes.

How old is Chris Stokes?

Chris Stokes came to the world in Los Angeles, California, the United States, on July 21, 1969. As of 2022, he is 53 years old.

Childhood And Education

The film director and record producer Christopher Brian Stokes, well known as Chris Stokes, is a renowned entrepreneur, film director, and music producer who was born on July 21, 1969, in Los Angeles, California, United States. He is the son of Irene Stokes, also known as Mama Stokes. His mother was an actress and comedian. His younger sister Juanita Stokes popularly goes by the name Need S., and formerly she was known as Smooth. Juanita Stokes is a hip-hop singer and rapper better known in the entertainment industry. However, Chris Stokes's educational background and childhood history are not known yet. Chris seems to keep his personal life low-key and doesn’t publicize much information.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Chris Stokes’s partner?

Chris Stokes prefers to keep his personal life out of the limelight; therefore, his marital or relationship status is yet to be revealed. In order to that, there isn’t much personal information available about whether he has a wife or partner. Although, he has four children named Chrissy Stokes, Milo Stokes, Miko Stokes, and Stinky Stokes as of 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Chris Stokes started his career in the music industry at the young age of 12. He used to perform at various talent shows and groups. Irene Mama Stokes, his mother, was the main reason for his driven interest in the entertainment industry. Initially, Stokes became engaged in the television and film sector as a talent manager. As he moved further with his career, In 1992, Marques Houston made his first ever appearance in the comedy-animated movie ‘Bébé’s Kids’ and gained huge success after that. In 1994, he finally got his big hit as a regular in the film ‘Sister, Sister’. In the '90s, Stokes discovered a sensational boy group, Immature. During the working course with Immature, Stokes got in touch with a vocalist, dancer, and rapper, Mila J. In 1994, Mila J and two Immature party members made an appearance in the film 'House Party 3’. Later, in 1995, Mila J and the other two members signed a deal with the MCA label under the name Gyrl. Stokes received his first film credit in 2001 as the film director and writer of ‘House Party 4’, starring Immature, which by then had transformed their name to IMx.

Back in 2001, Stokes discovered Kevin at the age of 13. Stokes guided him and made him into an eminent performer. Later, Kevin joined NLT, which was a great head start to his career. Kevin led the major role on ‘Glee’, the hit TV show, as Artie Abrams. Along with being a creative director, Stokes is a skilled songwriter too. Stokes is certainly most renowned as the director and writer of the 2004 dangle film ‘You Got Served’, which starred his TUG record, label members. The film’s cast included Lil’ Kim and Marques Houston. The movie was ranked number one at the box office during its first week with a gross worth $16 million, and it continued to dominate theaters even in its second week.

Stokes also wrote and directed two horror films, ‘Somebody Help Me’ and ‘Somebody Help Me 2’. The first horror film, ‘Somebody Help Me’, got released on November 13, 2007, on DVD, and it made a television premiere on BET on Halloween 2007. Both movies were dispersed by Vivendi. Another horror movie, ‘No Vacancy', was completed in 2011 and was issued by Grindstone/ Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Further in 2011, Stokes made his return to the dance battle style association with Battlefield America, which starred Lynn Whitfield, Marques Houston, and Gary Anthony Sturgis. In 2018, it was declared that Chris Stokes marked a three-picture deal with Viacom, namely ‘Fall Girls’, ‘We Belong Together', and ‘Running Out Of Time’. In August 2019, Chris Stokes wrote, directed, and produced a new legal thriller ‘Sacrifice’, which starred Paula Patton. In May 2020, Stokes launched his new musical series, ‘Howard High’, which starred Marques Houston.

It was featured on UrbanflixTV. In 2020, a film directed by Chris Stokes named ‘Trigger’ was acquired by BET+ and was released that summer. In September of 2020, BET+ announced that the film ‘Sacrifice’ would be turned into a series featuring 10 episodes, which was to be written, directed, and produced by Chris Stokes. In 2021, Chris declared that Footage Films were to produce a new series called ‘Foster Law’ on the emerging platform UrbanflixTV.

Regarding Christopher Brian Collection, In 2007, Chris introduced a new clothing line and fashion apparel, the Christopher Brian Collection. In February 2007, the brand was featured at a trade show in Las Vegas. The clothing line featured Kim Kardashian as its leading spokesmodel.

Other Interesting Chris Stokes Facts And Trivia

  • Chris Stokes is a great film producer, writer, and director who has done several movies, such as ‘The Helpers' and ‘Boogie Town’ in 2012.
  • Besides being a great film producer, Chris Stokes has written and directed many films, including ‘Til Death Do Us Apart’ in 2017, ‘Always & 4Ever’, ‘We Belong Together’, ‘Running Out Of Time’ in 2018.
  • Chris Stokes has directed around 150 music videos for his label as well as for another artist’s label.

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