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Christian X Birthday & Fun Facts

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Christian X Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Christian X
Place Of Birth
Charlottenlund, Denmark
153 years old
Birth Date
September 26 1870

Christian X Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Current Partner
Alexandrine of Mecklenburg Schwerin
Frederick IX, Knud

About Christian X 

Christian X was born on September 26, 1870, and died on April 20, 1947.

His place of birth was Charlottenlund, which is situated in Denmark. King Christian X was originally named as Carl Frederik Albert Alexander Wilhelm von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg.

Christian X was crowned as the King of Denmark (1912-1947); during this period, the nation's resistance was symbolized by the German occupation during World War ii. Christian was the eldest son of Frederick VIII and the Louise of Sweden and Norway. Later, King Christian X became the chief of the Royal Guard in 1898. In 1906, He crowned the Prince. King Christian X opposed the sale of the Danish West Indies to the United States of America; the following incident occurred in 1917. Christian X took the throne of Denmark after the death of his father.

Childhood And Education

King Christian X was born at the Charlottenlund Palace in Copenhagen on September 26, 1870. The ruling power was under Christian IX, King Christian's parental grandfather. Prince Frederick of Denmark and Louise of Sweden were his parents who were the only child of King Charles XV of Sweden to survive. During this month of September, people celebrate it as a light in dark.

At the Chapel of Christiansborg Palace, king Christian X was baptized on October 31, 1870. The baptism was conducted by the bishop of Zealand, Hans Lassen Martensen.

In 1889, he passed the entrance examination for universities in Denmark, studenter-eksamen. He was the first Danish monarch to do so. Later, Christian X began his military education, a mandatory custom followed by all the princes of that period. He also served in the fifth Dragoon Regiment. He also went on to study further at the Officers Academy in Randers.

Family and Relationship

King Christian X married Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin on April 26, 1898 in Cannes. She was the daughter of Schwerin Frederick Francis III, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg. Her mother was a Grand Duchess from Russia, Anastasia Mikhailovna.

King Christian X and Queen Alexandrine were blessed with – Prince Frederick, who was born in 1899, and Prince Knud was born in 1900. The royal family lived at their primary residence in Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, while the Sorgenfri Palace, situated in the north of Copenhagen, became their summer residence.

Their other residences included the Marselisborg Palace in Aarhus, which the residents of Denmark gifted as a token of happiness at their wedding in 1898. King Christian X also build the villa Klitgarden at Skagen.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

When Christian X's father, King Frederick VIII, suddenly died on May 14, 1912, Christian was on vacation in France. As soon as he got this news, he rushed over and took control by ascending the throne.

Easter Crisis of 1920 is among the very incidents related to King Christian X, where he removed the democratically elected Prime Minister Zahle and other cabinet members forcibly. He took this step because Zahle did not listen to his request to include Flensburg in Denmark; instead, this was given to the Central Schleswig, who wanted germans to take over the entire region.

The dismissal of the cabinet members resulted in various demonstrations across the country opposing the king's decision. In fear of the monarchy being wholly destroyed, King Christian X changed by dismissing the following government he had formed; he replaced it with a group of cabinet members to create a compromise government.

The following major incident happened in 1940 when the Germans invaded Denmark in a surprise attack. The attack occurred at four in the morning of April 9th. King Christian X of Denmark and the entire government ceased the German invasion as he knew that the Danish army would be incapable of facing the German army. Five and a half months after Germany's occupation of Denmark on April 9, 1940, the nation united in celebrating the old king's 70th birthday. However, he negotiated with the German authorities that political independence should be given to domestic issues.

Christian X was unlike other kings and queens from nearby European countries; King Christian X of Denmark did not go outside the country even after the Germans did the capitulation. Instead, he preferred to stay back with the people of his empire and was able to become a symbol of a national issue.

During the initial years of german occupancy, Christians traveled across the streets of Copenhagen without security. These incidents resulted in showcasing the power that Germans were able to cast.

The Telegram Crisis of 1942 was also a vital incident during King Christian X's reign. In this instance, Christian replied quickly to a message that Hitler published; not having a polite tone of Christian resulted in chaos in the German camps. In response, Hitler was enraged by this and sacked the Danish ambassador from Berlin, Germany.

King Christian X of Denmark was also crowned as the king of Iceland and was the only monarch to have ever established rule over the Area of Iceland. As King Christian X owned the accession of the Danish-Icelandic Act of Union in 1918, Christian automatically became the king of Iceland since he was positioned as the ruler of Denmark then. This rule ended in 1944 when Iceland decided to become a republic and finalized to complete all the ties with Denmark.

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