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Christina Lynne Cimorelli Birthday & Fun Facts

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Christina Lynne Cimorelli Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Christina Lynne Cimorelli
Place Of Birth
Sacramento, USA
33 years old
Birth Date
August 12 1990

Christina Lynne Cimorelli Facts

Child Star?
Singer, YouTuber, Social Media Influencer
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Nick Reali
Barrett Reali
Mike Cimorelli Sr., Lynne Cimorelli

About Christina Cimorelli 

Christina Cimorelli is a popular American singer, YouTuber, and social media influencer, who presently lives in California with her family.

Christina Cimorelli is homeschooled and is the second oldest of the group of sisters. She is a singer, music arranger, and head of the pop group, Cimorelli.

Christina Cimorelli started her career at the age of 17. She has since earned herself a significant social media following.

Christina Cimorelli is active in the band's business and artistic aspects.

Keep reading to learn more about the singer, YouTuber, and influencer, Christina Cimorelli!

Christina Cimorelli Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Christina Cimorelli’s net worth?

The net worth of Christina Cimorelli is estimated to be around $2 million.

How much does Christina Cimorelli earn per year?

The exact annual income of Christina Cimorelli is not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Christina Cimorelli?

Christina Cimorelli is 5 ft 6 in (167.6 cm) tall.

How old is Christina Cimorelli?

Christina Cimorelli was born on August 12, 1990. She is currently 31 years old and will celebrate her 32nd birthday in August 2022.

Childhood And Education

Christine Cimorelli was born on August 12, 1990. She has 10 siblings. She has one elder brother, Mike Cimorelli Jr., and is the older sister to nine younger siblings. She started her career as a singer at the age of 17. Some of the Cimorelli siblings formed the band, Cimorelli, which now consists of Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, and Lauren, who continue to produce new music. Christina Cimorelli is the oldest member of the group.

The siblings were all homeschooled, in El Dorado Hills, California.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Christina Cimorelli’s partner?

Christina Cimorelli is married to Nick Reali. They started a relationship in 2009 and have been together ever since. Their first date took place at the movies, where they saw the film, 'Avatar'. On December 16, 2017, after being in a relationship for over 8 years, they got engaged and then the couple tied the knot on October 6, 2018. Their first child, Barrett James, was born in August 2020. Christina Cimorelli and her husband are welcoming their second child in August 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Christina Cimorelli began arranging music for her pop group at the age of 17. She is best known as the oldest member of the pop ensemble Cimorelli, as the main vocalist, songwriter, and music arranger.

Christina Cimorelli is also an influencer, with over 382,000 followers on Instagram. She also posts videos to her YouTube channel, where she has over 70,000 subscribers. She shares videos of her pregnancy journey with her second child.

Christina Cimorelli and her sister's group won a contest called 'The Bieber-Off', in May 2012, where they performed Justin Bieber's song, 'Boyfriend'.

Pop group, Cimorelli, released their first album, 'Up At Night', on May 18, 2016, which featured several hit songs and debuted at number 24 on the Top Country Albums list.

Christina Cimorelli’s Hobbies And Interests

Christina Cimorelli is a talented singer with a love for music and psychology. She is also a skilled dancer, pianist, gymnast, and swimmer.

Other Interesting Christina Cimorelli Facts And Trivia

  • Christina Cimorelli's favorite meals and beverages are sandwiches, gingerbread, ice cream, and coffee.
  • Christina Cimorelli enjoys making pickled onions, ketchup, and granola at home.
  • Christina Cimorelli has produced or co-produced, 'Sunsets And Heartbreak', 'You're Worth It', 'Up At Night', and 'Before October's Gone'.
  • Christina Cimorelli has said that pink is her favorite color.
  • Christina Cimorelli is the older sister of her bandmates.
  • She has a child named Barrett James, with her husband, Nick Reali, and they are expecting a second child in August 2022.

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