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Christy Wright Birthday & Fun Facts

Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography & More

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Christy Wright Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Christy Wright
Place Of Birth
40 years old
Birth Date
July 20 1983

Christy Wright Facts

Child Star?
Writer, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Wellness Consultant
Education & Qualifications
Univerity of Tennessee
Net Worth
Current Partner
Conley, Carter, Mary Grace

About Christy Wright 

Christy Wright is a motivational speaker, wellness consultant, and business coach, helping women to learn more about their potential and use it to their fullest to reap financial benefits.

American writer Christy Wright has published bestselling non-fiction works created to inspire women aiming to chase their dream through financial independence. The author 'Business Boutique' also provides life lessons through her words that act as a woman's guide to become a better version of themselves.

Born and raised in Tennessee, United States, motivational speaker Christy Wright is the author of motivational books teaching business, health, life, and wellness. The Tennessee University graduate is known for hosting 'The Christy Wright Show', which helped people across the world to move towards financial literacy and learn to make and manage their own funds. In addition, her motivational speeches have led many people to attend her conferences.

Christy Wright Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Christy Wright’s net worth?

The net worth of bestselling author Christy Wright is around $4 million that she earns through her show, books, speeches, and various other consultation services.

How much does Christy Wright earn per year?

According to reports, Christy Wright earns around $80,000 –$100,000 annually. The amount is subject to change and depends upon the number of consultations, conferences, and shows she has been a part of.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Christy Wright?

Christy Wright has a height of 5 ft 9 in (175 cm.).

How old is Christy Wright?

Miss Wright was born on July 20, 1983, and hence, author Christy Wright turned 39 years old in 2022.

Childhood And Education

Hailing from the US state of Tennessee, author Christy Wright was born on July 20, 1983. Christy Wright completed her basic education in Tennessee from the University of Tennessee, where she attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising. She started working with Ramsey Solutions in 2009, where she started her own channel 'The Christy Wright Show' and published several non-fiction books as an author.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Christy Wright’s partner?

Author Christy Wright is happily married to her husband, Matt. Her husband Matt and Christy have two sons and a daughter named Conley, Carter, and Mary Grace.

Career And Professional Highlights

Author Christy Wright started her career as an author with Ramsey Solutions. Her book 'Business Boutique' is her most popular work. Christy is a wellness consultant besides writing non-fiction, self-help, and motivational books. She helps women as a business coach, and her skills of being an influential motivational speaker have led her to create a strong fan base of people influenced by her and seeing improvement in their lives.

Best Known For…

Christy Wright is best known for her non-fiction work created under Ramsey Solutions. She wrote books like 'Business Boutique : A Woman's Guide For Making Money Doing What She Loves', Take Back Your Time', The Christy Wright Goal Planner' and 'Living True' are some of her published non-fiction works that have gained great prominence among audiences. The non-fiction writer is also known for giving motivational speeches, health tips, and business guides to empower women to make their own financial decisions.

Charity Work

Christy Wright has offered wellness and business advice to people all over the world. Her charitable endeavors are yet to be unveiled, though the author sharing her knowledge and ideas is her own way to help people.

What awards has Christy Wright won?

Christy Wright's influence on people and her growing popularity led various organizations to reach out to her to invite her for podcasts and conferences. Appreciation from people is a form of an award as well that Christy has won widely, though she is working hard to get actual awards too someday.

Christy Wright’s Hobbies And Interests

Christy Wright is driven to turn hobbies into business and help women do the same, which is why she, herself, has turned her hobby of helping others into her career.

Other Interesting Christy Wright Facts And Trivia

  • Author Christy Wright left Ramsey Solutions in 2022 after working for more than 12 years with the brand name.

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