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Chuck Aaron Birthday & Fun Facts

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Chuck Aaron Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Charles Aaron
Place Of Birth
San Antonio, USA
75 years old
Birth Date
November 21 1948

Chuck Aaron Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications

About Chuck Aaron 

Chuck Aaron is the chief pilot of the Red Bull Air Force and director of A&P Maintenance and has performed at many air shows.

Aaron is a talented test pilot who has flown an infrared vision system and a tracking system for the Boeing AH-64 Apache. He was the first helicopter pilot to fly into a brownout intentionally.

He joined the Society of Experimental Test Pilots as a member in 2011.

Chuck Aaron Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Chuck Aaron’s net worth?

Chuck Aaron has an estimated net worth of $100,000. His primary source of basic income is his successful career as a pilot.

How much does Chuck Aaron earn per year?

Chuck Aaron earns $400,000 per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Chuck Aaron?

Chuck Aaron stands at the height of 5 ft 6 in (167 cm).

How old is Chuck Aaron?

Charles Chuck Aaron was born in the United States. He celebrates his birthday every year on November 21. He will be 72 years old in 2022.

Childhood And Education

Charles Chuck Aaron was born on November 21, 1948, in San Antonio, Texas, and is currently living there.

After finishing his official schooling, Chuck Charles began his early pilot career.

Charles Chuck Aaron has kept his personal and family life private. Therefore there is no information regarding his parents and siblings.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Chuck Aaron dating?

There is no publicly available information on his dating history, but a source has stated that his wife is Wendi.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Chuck Aaron started his own business, FX Helicopters, in Westlake Village, California, in 1997 after working on the air rescue program for NASA's Space Shuttle in 1980.

Chuck Aaron is well-known for his work as stunts for the films Shooter in 2007, Spectre in 2015, Set It Off in 1996, and The Rock in 1996 as a miscellaneous crew.

Chuck Aaron is a skilled test pilot who has flown a TADS/PNVS Missile tracking System for the Boeing AH-64 Apache and an infrared vision system as the first helicopter pilot to purposefully fly into known brownout circumstances to test the MAX VIZ IR camera.

Chuck Aaron is an FAA qualification in airframe and powerplant mechanic and has put together several helicopters from spare parts, including TAH-1F Cobras.

Chuck Chuck Aaron was once the Chief Pilot of Red Bull N.A.'s and Director of A&P Maintenance.

In an MBB Bo 105 equipped with exclusive modifications created by Aaron, which enable it to perform maneuvers previously unattainable for helicopters, including vertical climb, Aaron performed aerobatic maneuvers, loop, roll, Cuban Eight, Immelman, Split S, and Chuckcevak, a modified LomcovaK, at air shows and other demonstrations. This was shown in the opening of the James Bond film 'Spectre'.

The only college helicopter upset recovery, and advanced instrument flying instruction in the whole world will be provided by helicopter pilot Chuck Aaron, a living legend of aviation, and his advanced flight academy, which will merge with Southern Utah University.

The arrival of Chuck Aaron to SUU Aerospace by making donations and training a selected few marks a major event.

The Flying Bulls fly a TAH-1F Cobra that belongs to Aaron on the European air show circuit. In a crash in May 2017, the R.B. European pilot severely damaged or destroyed it.

At Concord Regional Airport, Aaron established a flight school for helicopter aerobatics.

With over five decades of expertise, chuck has worked on projects such as the NASA Space Shuttle, the US Army's Apache test pilot targeting system, several films, and a helicopter pilot.

In November 2015, during the Red Bull Air Race World Championship in Las Vegas, Chuck Aaron gave his final performance and retired after announcing his resignation from the airshow circuit.

What awards has Chuck Aaron won?

Charles Chuck Aaron has won many accolades. He won an award for saving a life called the 'Sikorsky Rescue' while operating a Sikorsky helicopter as a civilian.

Chuck Aaron built the first aerobatic helicopter to be FAA certified and received the agency's first-ever airworthiness certificate in 2006.

Received 'Art Scholl Showmanship Award' in 2009.

Charles Aaron became a Living Legends of Aviation Inductee in 2013.

He was awarded the Helicopter Association International's Pilot of the Year Award in 2014.

 In 2016 he Joined the HAI Board of Directors and was awarded 'Lifetime Member in the same year.

Chuck Aaron’s Hobbies And Interests

He continues to ride helicopters and invests some time in art.

Other Interesting Chuck Aaron Facts And Trivia

  • In West Lake Village, California, he established FX Helicopters.
  • In 1980, Aaron started working on the air rescue system for NASA's Space Shuttle.
  • Charles Chuck Aaron's zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • He is well-known on social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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