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Cillian Murphy Birthday & Fun Facts

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Cillian Murphy Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Cillian Murphy
Place Of Birth
Cork City, Ireland
47 years old
Birth Date
May 25 1976

Cillian Murphy Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Presentation Brothers College, University College Cork
Net Worth
Current Partner
Yvonne McGuinness
Malachy Murphy, Aran Murphy
Brendan Murphy
Paidi Murphy, Sile Murphy, Orla Murphy

About Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy was born in Douglas, Cork City, Ireland, on May 25, 1976. 
The Irish actor was born and raised in Baillentemple, County Cork, along with his siblings. Most of the members of his family like his aunts, and uncles, including his grandfather, were teachers in Ireland. 
He was raised as a Catholic and went to Presentation Brothers College to complete his schooling. But, he wasn’t interested in studying and thus, got suspended many times. Later, he went on to pursue law but then dropped out of college to pursue acting as a career.
Cillian Murphy started his acting career in the drama ‘A Clockwork Orange' and after that there was no looking back for him. In his later years, he got to work alongside Christopher Nolan in movies such as 'Inception,' 'Dunkirk,' 'Batman Begins,' 'The Dark Knight,' and 'The Dark Knight Rises.' His other notable works include 'Cold Mountain.' 'Disco Pigs,' '28 Days Later,' 'A Quiet Place Part II,' 'Sunshine,' and 'Misterman.' He has also done a few independent films but, he rose to fame in 2013 when he was cast as the lead character in the BBC series, 'Peaky Blinders.' His character hit off with the audiences and also earned him the Best Actor award along with international fame and recognition. 
In his personal life, he married Yvonne McGuinness, who was his long-time girlfriend, in 2004. They both live in Dublin and have two sons together, Malachy Murphy and Aran Murphy.

Cillian Murphy Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Cillian Murphy’s net worth?

Cillian Murphy has an estimated net worth of $20 million. He has starred in many movies which have turned out to be blockbusters and the highest-grossing films of the year. Not only that, movies like 'The Dark Knight' did a business of $1 billion.

How much does Cillian Murphy earn per year?

Not much is known about how much Cillian Murphy earns in a year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Cillian Murphy?

Being in the acting profession, Cillian Murphy is 5 ft 10 in (180 cm) tall.

How old is Cillian Murphy?

Born in 1976 to Irish parents, Murphy is 46 years old as of 2022. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

Childhood And Education

Cillian Murphy was born and brought up in Cork, Ireland and most of his family members including his mother, aunts, and grandparents were teachers.
Cillian Murphy was brought up with a younger brother, Paidi, and two younger sisters, Sile Murphy and Orla Murphy. His family was Catholic and he too was raised in the same belief. He went to Presentation Brothers College, which was a Catholic school.
Cillian had no interest in studies and was more inclined toward arts. He started leaning toward acting more when he participated in the drama 'A Clockwork Orange' in his secondary school. His English teacher, William Wall, played an instrumental role in his acting career as he was the one who tried to encourage Cillian Murphy to pursue acting, although he wanted to be a rock musician.
In 1996, he also tried to pursue law at University College Cork but realized that he was not interested and dropped out. 

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who are Cillian Murphy's parents?

Cillian Murphy is an actor of Irish descent. He was born in County Cork, Ireland, and raised there along with his siblings. His mother used to teach French while his father, Brendan Murphy, used to work in the Department of Skills and Education. 

Does Cillian Murphy have siblings?

Cillian Murphy is the eldest of all three siblings. He has a brother named, Paidi Murphy, and two younger sisters, Sile Murphy and Orla Murphy. 

Who is Cillian Murphy’s partner?

Cillian Murphy is married to his longtime girlfriend, Yvonne McGuinness, whom he met at one of his band shows in 1996. They got married in 2004. Earlier, they used to live in London but they moved to Dublin in 2015. Yvonne is a visual artist and they have two sons together, Malachy, born in 2005, and Aran, born in 2007. 

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Murphy is well-known for his roles in 'Inception,' 'Dunkirk,' 'Batman Begins,' and 'A Quiet Place II' among others. 
His dream of becoming a rock musician instantly faded away when he participated in a drama in his secondary school, ‘A Clockwork Orange’ which was presented by Corcadorca Theatre Company and directed by Pat Kiernan. 
But, his acting career actually started in 1996 when he got his first role in the University College Cork drama society’s production known as 'Observe The Sons Of Ulster Marching Towards The Somme.' He acted alongside Des Bishop, an Irish-American actor, and comedian. He also got to play a lead role in another production, 'Little Shop Of Horrors,' which was performed in Cork Opera House.  In 2004, he joined Druid Theatre Company and toured Ireland with them.
Soon he could be seen acting in many movies such as 'Disco Pigs,' '28 Days Later,' 'Intermission,' 'Red Eye,' 'Dark Knight,' Dark Knight Rises,' 'Wildest Ocean,' and 'Breakfast On Pluto.' His film roles include Jackson Rippner in ‘Red Eye’, Darren in ‘Disco Pigs’, Jim in ‘28 Days Later’, and Patrick Braden in 'Breakfast on Pluto' amongst others. He has also worked with the award-winning director, Christopher Nolan in many movies such as 'Inception,'  'The Dark Knight Trilogy,' and 'Dunkirk,' and is also cast as a lead character in Nolan's next movie, 'Oppenheimer' set to release in the year 2023.
His movies like 'The Dark Knight', and 'Red Eye' are known for breaking box office records as they each did a business of $1 billion in the show business. But, major records were broken when his movie, 'Intermission' released in 2003, which became the highest-grossing film in Irish box office history. This record was again broken by his movie in 2006, ‘The Wind That Shakes The Barley.’
He was internationally recognized for his work in his role as Thomas Shelby for the BBC show 'Peaky Blinders' in 2013. He also starred in the movie, 'A Quiet Place II' for which he received the supporting actor award. 

Charity Work

Cillian Murphy had participated in the political campaign, 'Rock The Vote Ireland,' in 2007 to target the young generation of voters to vote in the upcoming general elections. He also campaigned with the organization 'Focus Ireland' in the same year for the rights of homeless people.
He was made the patron of the UNESCO Child And Family Research Center at the National University Of Ireland in 2011. He was quite vocal about his support for the Vita cortex workers when they had a sit-in protest at their plant.

What awards has Cillian Murphy won?

Cillian Murphy won his first award for his role in 'Disco Pigs,' which was directed by Enda Walsh, in 2002. His award for Best Newcomer and Breakthrough Male Performance in the movie '28 Days Later' made people realize his work. He has also won awards for Best Supporting Actor in 'A Quiet Place II,' and Best Actor in ‘Misterman.’
His show 'Peaky Blinders' was nominated for the Emmy Awards twice. He also won the Best Actor Award and Best Drama Performance
Award for his role as 'Thomas Shelby' in the TV series in 2018 and 2020 respectively. 'Peaky Blinders' won the BAFTA Award for Best Drama Series but was unable to win any Golden Globe Award.

Cillian Murphy’s Hobbies And Interests

Besides acting, Cillian Murphy likes spending time with his family. In his personal life, he considers himself to be a homely man. He is also a fitness freak and loves running and working out to keep himself in shape.
Cillian Murphy is not present on any social media platforms but, he has multiple fan pages. Due to his short stint as a band member, music has a special place in his heart and he has also presented programs on BBC's digital radio station.

Other Interesting Cillian Murphy Facts And Trivia

  • Cillian Murphy plays the lead in 'Peaky Blinders' for which he was paid $ 100,000.
  • He also has started shooting for Christopher Nolan's next movie, 'Oppenheimer' along with Emily Blunt and Robert Downey Jr. which is releasing in 2023. He is playing the lead there as well.
  • The Irish Times listed Cillian Murphy as one of the greatest Irish film actors in 2020.
  • GQ Magazine also named him one of the best-dressed men in 2015.
  • Cillian Murphy had pressurized Pat Kiernan to let him audition for his Corcadorca Theatre Company and the rest is history!
  • Cillian Murphy used to write songs and he also played the guitar with his brother for many bands. They both formed a band of their own and named it ‘ The Sons Of Mr. Green Genes.' 

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